About This Vehicle
  • Odometer: 6,100
  • Engine:  Original Match # Flat Head 4 Cylinder
  • Body Style: Tudor
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Exterior Color: Chopra & Chicle Drab
  • Interior Color: Tan
  • VIN:  A3395100
Price: SOLD
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Searching for a super high quality, fully restored piece of Americana Car History to add to your collection or relive memories in?
Have you been waiting for the right 1930 Model A Tudor Sedan to go up for sale??
Do you appreciate a classic car that has an amazing ownership history and was truly loved and restored to show winning standards??
Would you like your Model A to be turn key ready so you can actually get in and drive it and not just store it in your garage??
Well, if you have been shaking your head yes then sit back and get ready because the car of your dreams is now available!!!
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Shortly after moving to the Atlanta, GA area 13 years ago I bought a muscle car. The rumble from the exhaust could be heard from blocks away and caught the ear of one of my new neighbors just up the street who stopped by to introduce himself.  He invited me to come see his cars which of course I immediately did. He was a true car guy, capable of turning wrenches and restoring a classic from the ground up.  The daily driver cars were on the driveway and tucked inside his 3-car garage were his babies. He had a 1973 VW Bus that he owned since new, a 1950 Chevy 3100 that he was in the process of restoring and planned on using as a weekend driver when he went to the farmers market to sell his home grown honey, and in the 3rd stall was a 1930 Model A Tudor that he went on to explain he had owned since 1968. The passion was obvious and as I learned in years to come, Mike is a talented and knowledgeable car guy who can handle just about any repair or restoration on his own. He had purchased this Model A Tudor while he was in college. It was an Alabama car and was completely original and rust free.  He and his brother did an amateur restoration in 1968 and drove and enjoyed it.  It would follow him every where he moved during his adult life and in 1990 he decided it was time to give the old girl the nut and bolt, frame-off restoration she deserved. This car is a matching # car with its original matching number drivetrain. He made sure he restored the car to Model A Judging Standards and when he was finally finished he entered the car in 2 AACA events. He won first place in both of those events….mission accomplished! Mike is one of those guys that enjoys the build as much, if not more then enjoying the car once it is finished. He continued to drive the car occasionally and always made sure it was properly maintained.  Fast forward to 2016 and Mike has just finished building a home in the mountains of North Carolina where he has decided to move. The time has come for someone else to enjoy this fantastic Model A. Mike has asked me to locate the next lucky owner…maybe you!!!? I assure you this car is truly special and stands heads and shoulders above the others in the market.  It is the perfect car for someone who would love to reminisce on sunny day drives, take the kids or grandkids for ice cream, or enter in the local shows and cruise-ins.
I will do my best to provide enough large images, several videos, and an honest description to help you decide if this is the classic you have been searching for.  As with all my classics I do have this car advertised on my website and several other national sites. Therefore, if you determine this is the one for you, feel free to call me to discuss how we can make that happen before the next car guy or gal scoops it up. I welcome overseas buyers and I will also store the car in my indoor showroom for up to 2 months after it is paid for if needed. Sit back and enjoy this amazing piece of American Car History!
As I mentioned, the current owner has been the steward of this Model A Tudor for almost 50 years. He located the car in Alabama and it has been a southern rust free car its whole life. He treated it to a complete frame-off restoration in 1990 consulting with Model A experts and utilizing the Ford Model A Judging manual throughout the process. While the body was off the frame he sandblasted it down to bare metal and painted the frame in Dupont Imron enamel. The body, fenders, splash guards, and running boards were drenched in Dupont acrylic laquer. The color is absolutely beautiful and the colors are Copra and Chicle Drab, black fenders and Straw color painted wheels and pinstripe. The car features all of its original stainless steel exterior trim first introduced in 1930. The car was shown in 2 AACA events and won first prize in both. I believe this car would still win in its class at many events if desired as it has stood the test of time and continues to be properly cared for and maintained. The body panels are straight as an arrow and the fit is perfect, or at least as perfect as it was in 1930. The paint has held up beautifully. The body is truly close to flawless, however lets just say near flawless as there is probably a rock chip or two, or a blem I may have missed.  Glass all looks beautiful and is original Ford glass. The roll out windshield functions perfectly.  The roof is in the correct material and looks like new. Bumpers and stainless look fantastic. The original Spartan Ah-ooga horn has the original date stamped correct plate and works perfectly. I think the photo tour of the body below will tell the rest of the story:
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Open the drivers side door and take a step back to 1930. Absolutely stunning and correct interior from Labarron Bonney was professionally installed.  Everything from the brushed nickel interior trim, door panels, headliner, seat covers, steering wheel and controls is either original or restored to the highest of Model A judging standards. The rear window has the correct roll up shade.  Optional rear view mirror.  The only added item inside this car are seat belts for added safety.  The interior is also near flawless with the only noticeable flaw being a slight separation int he fabric on the inside edge of the front passenger seat which could be repaired if desired.  It is barely noticeable. The gauges in the dash are all functioning correctly. The speedometer had recently stopped working so a correct replacement was used. The old unit had 6000 miles on it since the restoration and the new one currently reads just under 80 miles. There is just under 6100 miles on this fabulous restoration.  Come take a tour of the interior:
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This show-winning Model A still has its matching number original drivetrain and was verified to be matching to the frame numbers, produced in May, 1930. At the time of the frame-off restoration the original motor was rebuilt with new poured main bearings, align bored and then disassembled and balanced at a racing speed shop. The car was built not only to be a show winner, but to be a car that could be driven to the show.  It is still a car that can be driven and enjoyed and Mike drove the car to my showroom and we took a nice test drive together. Everything has been properly maintained over the years and should be ready for the next lucky owner to enjoy. All gauges and lights work properly. The undercarriage still looks fantastic and with an afternoons time could be cleaned up and ready to win shows again. Be sure to watch the videos to follow to hear from the owner himself and hear this Model A start up and running. 
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Aside from the amazing condition and high level restoration this Model A also comes with some great items and history to enhance its value as well.  It has the original tool kit along with original jack,  tire pressure gauge and tire pump and a brand new inner tube.  All of the restoration manuals will also be included and an original 1930 owners manual is also included! Below are some pics of Mike in 1968 pulling the original motor during his initial amateur restoration.  I also did a short interview video with Mike so you can hear from the man himself. Please excuse the poor video and sound quality. 

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Hopefully at this point you can see that this Model A Tudor is truly an exceptional classic. It stands heads and shoulders above most on the market and is still a very affordable car that is truly ready to be driven and enjoyed.  Of course it will also still plenty of awards at the shows if desired. I am confident that the next lucky owner is going to be absolutely thrilled when this Model A arrives!  Since I do have this car advertised on my website and several others I encourage serious buyers to call me to discuss the possibility of getting this car in your garage before the next lucky car guy or gal does. I am also always open to answering any questions you may have.  Serious buyers can call me at 770-359-8400.
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If you have any questions feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 and I will do my best to answer them.  If you are a serious buyer lets talk on the phone and discuss it. In addition to being a licensed Classic Car Dealer I am also a Transport Broker (www.transporttime.com) and will be happy to assist the buyer with a great rate on Enclosed or Open Transport anywhere in the US at the buyers expense or to any port for overseas buyers.
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