About This Vehicle
  • Odometer: 200
  • Engine:  Original Flat Head 4 Cyl
  • Body Style: Conv
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Exterior Color: Green
  • Interior Color: Brown
  • VIN:  A4668537
Price SOLD
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 photo 100_1984_zpsetme9nqn.jpg
Let me start off by admitting that my knowledge of these Model A’s is limited, however I am sure that if you have visited this listing that you are probably already well versed in these iconic classics.  If you spend some time to read the history of the Model A it truly is amazing.  Following the sale of more then 15 million Model T’s, or “Tin Lizzies” as they were affectionately nick named, Ford closed his Assembly plants to retool his assembly lines for the production of his next legend, the Model A.  No new automobile has ever been as highly expected as the Model A and in December, 1927 when the new Model A was unveiled roots actually occurred in some cities as 25 million Americans flooded the showrooms over the course of one week. A fresh jaunty look, sparkling performances, easy drivability, and a low price all contribute to half a million in sales on the spot!  Ford easily retakes first place in sales but loses it in 1931. 
When I got in to this hobby, that became my business I never thought about driving a 1931 Model A but how cool is that I have had the pleasure and opportunity to do so!  We located this gem from a gentleman just south of Atlanta, GA who purchased it 13 years ago in 2002.  It had been restored a few years before he bought it and he had a professional appraisal done at that time. In the description, the appraiser summarized the car by saying, ” Absolutely new front to rear, no short cuts, nothing spared, Show Quality!”  It has been 13 years since this appraisal but I think if the same appraiser came to look at it he would think it was kept in a bubble as the condition cannot be far from how it was in 2002.  This Model A Deluxe Roadster is in near flawless condition and would still do quite well at the shows. I will do my best to provide enough large images and an honest description to help you decide if this piece of automotive history belongs in your garage. As with all of our classics we do have it advertised on several websites including our own. If tis is the one for you do not hesitate to contact me directly to discuss securing it before the next car guy or gal does.  Sit back and enjoy!
I believe this ’31 Model A Deluxe Roadster has been repainted in its original and correct paint color combination of  Kewanee Green and Elkpoint Green with Black fenders and Apple green pin striping and wheels.  It is a stunning color combination and the paint quality is outstanding overall.  I will not call the car flawless as there is probably a rock chip or two that have accumulated over the years. I also noticed a very small chip in the paint and the center of where the convertible top would fold down in front of the rumble seat area.  The body is all Henry Ford Steel and body panels are extremely straight and everything lines up probably as well if not better then it did in 1931.  We do have a chrome rock guard shield for the grill that was not installed but will come with the car.  The previous owner believes that this car spent most if not all of its life in Georgia and as a result the body and undercarriage are in amazing condition and free of rust or rust repairs that you will find on so many of these. The rumble seat is awesome and opens and locks closed easily.  Wing windows and windshield are in great condition with no issues.  Original Spoke wheels were restored and look fantastic overall.  You have to love the luggage carrier and black trunk! Of course this particular car has the 2 spare wheels and tires mounted as part of the deluxe package.  Bumpers and other chrome all look excellent.  Overall, I believe this Model A is still in show condition and will be sure to please most buyers and certainly will attract all the attention you can handle when out for a sunny day drive. I think the pictures will tell the rest of the story. 
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My preference was to drop the top on this Roadster but of course the top is also in like new condition and functions correctly and easily.  It actually looks quite impressive with the top up as well.  Take a look:
 photo 100_1959_zps4loxstky.jpg
 photo 100_1958_zpsjlsqj1sb.jpg
 photo 100_1957_zpskevdnlnr.jpg
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Open the drivers side door and you are welcomed by the simplistic, functional interior that looks just as it would have in 1931 in the showroom. The leather seats and door panels are in perfect condition as is the leather rumble seat.  Original steering wheel, dash and controls all function correctly. The only item that I do not believe is currently working is the odometer.  I had to get a lesson on the starting procedure but after you have down it a couple of times it is simple.  Again, I think the pictures will tell the story in side this ’31.
 photo 100_1964_zpswp3n7z1n.jpg
 photo 100_1965_zps45aqsdfg.jpg
 photo 100_1966_zpsh9glodur.jpg
 photo 100_1967_zpsbekv096x.jpg
 photo 100_1968_zpswycepqop.jpg
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We were told that this Model A has probably been driven less then 200 miles since the restoration which is not hard to believe based on the  condition and the fact that if you have driven one of these you know it is not a car you drive long distance if you can help it. With that said, it is still in top notch mechanical condition and was always started and run on a regular basis.  We have never had an issue starting it and it hits the road running….well jogging….okay, okay more like fast walking. Here is some info I found online :
The engine is a 4 cylinder affair of 200.5 cubic inch, producing 40 horsepower. A comfortable cruising speed is 40-45 miles an hour and a top speed of 65 miles an hour can be reached. Compression ratio has been expressely kept low (4:22 / 1). Of course, this low ratio lowers horsepower output and speed but, on the other hand, allows the use of lower grade fuels even if de-carbonization of cylinder heads isn’t performed regularly. Longevity, dependability and simplicity were more important to Ford than performances.”
We date coded the motor and we are quite sure this is the original motor for this car. We were told it was  completely rebuilt at time of restoration. We do not have paperwork or documentation on the restoration but everything falls in to place. The original mechanical brakes stop this ’31 easily and steering is also quite nice.  The Garfield White wall  tires are in great condition.  The undercarriage pics came out a little dark but as you will see it is also nicely detailed underneath and extremely solid and original. 
 photo 100_2005_zpsc8e2twy5.jpg
 photo 100_2001_zpsid5bbuow.jpg
 photo 100_2002_zpsh3v7da9o.jpg
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 photo 100_1992_zpsgr29zio9.jpg
 photo 100_1993_zpsmh6e1rbl.jpg
 photo 100_1918_zpsoqfgvdtd.jpg
Hopefully you can see that this is a very high quality 1931 Model A Deluxe Roadster and if you have been searching for one I am sure you will be pleased. 
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If you have any questions feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 and I will do my best to answer them.  If you are a serious buyer lets talk on the phone and discuss it. In addition to being a licensed Classic Car Dealer I am also a Transport Broker and will be happy to assist the buyer with a great rate on Enclosed or Open Transport anywhere in the US at the buyers expense or to any port for overseas buyers.
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