About This Vehicle
  • Odometer:   4,425
  • Engine: 460 hp Fuel Injected LS2
  • Body Style:  Coupe
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Exterior Color: Red
  • Interior Color:  White & Red
  • VIN:  VC57J280396
Price: SOLD
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What do you get when you pair together one of the most iconic American Classics, a 1957 Bel Air Hard Top, with a modern C4 Corvette Chassis and suspension, and a ground pounding , professionally built, fuel injected LS2 power plant pushing out 460hp?? Well, keep reading and you will see the result!!! This ’57 is truly an outstanding restomod, built to be driven, taken to the shows, and run on the Hot Rod Power Tour if desired.  A great array of  tasteful, custom touches to make it one of a kind and a professionally built LS2 that will set you back in your seat at will.  This custom build is owned by a local gentleman here in the Atlanta, GA area who purchased it in 2008 after the initial restoration was completed. At that time, the paint and body work were done to a very high level and a nice LT-1 was installed under the hood.  This baby was built on a C4 Corvette frame with C4 Corvette suspension.  Well, while he loved the car, he really was not thrilled by the performance of the rather stock LT-1 that was under the hood.  This car really deserved a stronger power plant and who better to get to build it then local LS Engine experts Vengeance Racing here in Cumming, GA.  He wanted them to build him a fuel injected LS motor that would offer plenty of stop light to stop light fun but was also set up to be driven with his grandkids on the highway.  Mission accomplished as you will see! There has only been about 2500 miles put on this new drive train over the last 8 years and the current owner has found himself spending more weekends traveling the country to watch his grand kids play baseball and less time to enjoy this beautiful ride so he decided it was time to let it go….LUCKY YOU!!!  He kept good documentation of most of the work that has been done which will be included and if you have ever built a high end Hot Rod you can appreciate the fact that he was more $$$$ in this car then he is going to get out of it.  Again, lucky for you!!!! He did not add up everything but needless to say he has over $100k in this gorgeous classic. I will do my best to provide enough large images, a video of this ’57 running, and an honest description to help you decide if this Red Restomod belongs in your garage.  As with all of my classics I do have this car listed on my website and several others so if you do not want another car guy or gal to scoop it up feel free to call me to discuss how we can make sure you are the next driver behind the wheel. Sit back and enjoy!!
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Absolutely gorgeous Matador Red paint and body on this ’57. The frame off restoration of the body was done approximately 10 years ago in North Carolina.  While the unmistakeable 1957 Bel Air Hard Top body lines and rear quarter panel chrome and stainless trim still remain, there are some very nice custom touches as well. Door handles, hood and trunk emblems have all been shaved for a smooth clean look. Front grille was custom done with a 57 Corvette grille insert.  Body panel fit is fantastic, very straight body lines, and overall paint quality is very impressive. The front and rear bumpers and other chrome and stainless trim was all restored and look fantastic.  Just a few minor blems have accumulated over the 10 years since the restoration but this car is still a show winner.  Upon close inspection you will see a few minor blems in the paint and a couple of very tiny rock chips but overall this is a very impressive build that can be driven and not trailered to the shows.  All of the glass looks excellent and you have power windows for front and rear passengers.  The door flappers below the drip rails function properly when the doors are opened.  The Fuel Injection badges let people know there is something special lurking under the hood. I think the photo tour of the body below will show you what you need to know. 
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The cosmetic beauty of this ’57 certainly does not stop with the jaw dropping paint and body as you will see the custom White and Red interior is equally impressive.  This is another area that the current owner decided to upgrade from the original restoration done before him and was done locally by a high end custom interior professional.  With comfort and styling the goal, custom power bucket seats from a late model GTO were wrapped in a beautiful white and red supple material that is either leather or an extremely close imitation. I cannot emphasize enough just how comfortable these seats are for driver and passengers. The cabin of this ’57 is extremely roomy and will accommodate larger drivers easily unlike the original seats. Power seats work smoothly.  Rear seat is also from a late model GTO and offers similar comfort.  Door panels were customized to match, along with a beautiful center console that runs front to back with cup holders, and storage. The power window controls are under the console door as is the plug-in for the computer to run diagnostics on the motor.  Gorgeous deep pile red carpeting drenches the floors from front to back with sound deadener installed underneath. Custom headliner to match the interior theme. Sophisticated white faced gauges from Classic Instruments provide all of the vital info for the driver and a custom billet dash panel surrounds it and runs across the dash.  custom Billet steering wheel to match on a polished title steering column for even more driver comfort.  Lokar shifter sits neatly in the center console and an awesome quartz clock was neatly installed.  Although the awesome tone from the exhaust will be music to most car enthusiasts ears, if you want to hear your favorite tunes a custom Kenwood touch screen entertainment system with Blue Tooth and speakers neatly mounted throughout the interior will provide concert hall sound.  Of course seat belts for front and rear passengers were installed.  Ice Cold Vintage Air conditioning was also neatly mounted and was just serviced and is blowing icy cold. Heat works as well.  All of the gauges and lights appear to working correctly although the speedometer seems to be reading a little fast at higher speeds. When you slide inside this ’57 you will feel like you are in a modern luxury car and you will be extremely comfortable no matter where you decide to go.  Check out the interior of this beauty:
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With all the eye candy the body and interior provide it is only fair that the driver of this gem gets an equal thrill from the drivetrain and suspension that lay inside and underneath this amazing work of art.  As I mentioned previously, the current owner brought this ’57 to local LS experts, Vengeance Racing and told them to build a motor that would pin him back in his seat when he wanted but that would also be tame enough to be driven long distance when desired.  I have attached receipts below that break down the details of the build. The result was a 404 cubic inch stroker LS2 that dyno’d at 460 hp. Approximately 2500 miles have put on this newly built drive train with a total of 4420 miles on the car since the restoration. The LS2 is mated to a smooth shifting, smart FLT Level V 4L60E automatic transmission that puts power down through a stock C4 Corvette Rear differential.  This power plant slides in the ’57 Engine bay nicely and the cold air intake looks right at home. Aluminum radiator keeps this car running cool even in the 95 degree Atlanta heat with the A/C running.  Custom ceramic coated headers were built and run out the x-pipe dual Magnaflow exhaust but wait, what’s that I see underneath….oh yeah, lets not forget the electronic cut outs for some added fun….slide your hand inside the center console and push the button to open up the exhaust and unleash the ground pounding thunder this LS motor has to offer….sounds sweet!!!! Now lets not forget that this ’57 is riding on a C4 Corvette Chassis and C4 Corvette  fully independent suspension on all 4 corners.  This car glides down the road and handles the winding roads amazingly!!! Power steering is tight and true and the 4 wheel disc brakes perform wonderfully.  You will be proud to pop the hood and show off this custom LS2 with the custom valve covers and chrome accessories.  Undercarriage is rock solid and looks very nice.  Classic stance thanks to American Racing Torq Thrust  wheels wrapped in fresh BFG Radials, 255/45/17 in back and 205/50/17 up front.  Trunk was also custom done to match the theme of the interior and amps for the stereo are neatly hidden. Words really cannot describe how much fun this car is to drive but be sure to watch the video that follows to get a taste of the power. 
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Hopefully you can see that this ’57 Bel Air is an amazing build that is ready to be driven and enjoyed.  It will take home plenty of trophies at the shows if that is what you enjoy! I have this car in my showroom on consignment and will be happy to answer any questions. As with all of my classics I do have this Bel Air advertised on several other websites in addition to my own. If you would like to put this beauty in your garage before the next car guy or gal scoops it up feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 to discuss how we can make that happen.  
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 If you have any questions feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 and I will do my best to answer them.  If you are a serious buyer lets talk on the phone and discuss it.  I welcome overseas buyers and I am also a licensed transport broker (www.transporttime.com) and can get you great rates on Enclosed Transport anywhere in the country. 
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