About This Vehicle
  • Odometer: 2,500
  • Engine:  1915cc dual carb
  • Body Style: Convertible
  • Transmission: 3.88 Freeway Flyer 4-speed
  • Exterior Color:  Black
  • Interior Color: Black
  • VIN: 1102410931
Price:  SOLD

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This gorgeous triple black 1957 Porsche 356 Outlaw Style Speedster replica looks practically brand new as it should with just under 2500 miles on it. It was originally built specifically for the first owner from Arizona in 2012 who ended up getting transferred overseas after the car was completed so he only put about 30 miles on it before needing to sell it.  He sold it to a great guy from Tennessee who decided to make an adventure out of the purchase. He actually flew to Arizona and then drove the car back along Route 66 over the course of several days. He said the car performed beautifully and he did stop along the way at an air cooled VW specialist to have a valve adjustment done. Well, fast forward about 6 years later and he simply ha not been driving the car very much and recently retired and is living on his yacht so it was time to let this awesome toy go the next lucky owner…maybe you??! I recently purchased this Speedster from him and had it transported in an enclosed trailer to my showroom in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  I have owned over a dozen of these awesome little cars and the quality of the Vintage Speedster built cars is really top notch and most people cannot discern this car from an original. This Outlaw Styled 356 Speedster was pampered and kept covered in a garage when not in use. You will not be disappointed with the condition or performance of this beauty!!!!
You may have noticed the other Black Vintage speedster with the Red interior in the pic above. It is also available. Feel free to call me to discuss.
I will do my best to provide enough large images, a video so you can hear it running, and an honest description to help you decide if this is the one you should be enjoying this Spring. As with all of my classic I do have it listed on my website and several others so if you decide you want to scoop it up before the next car guy or gal does feel free to cal me to discuss how we can make that happen. I welcome overseas buyers and I am also a licensed transport broker and can get the buyer a great rate on Enclosed Transport anywhere in the US or to the port of your choice. Sit back and enjoy!
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This car was hand built by Vintage Speedster out of California and is not a kit car. Vintage Speedster is the #1 builder of these cars producing more of them than any other builder and their quality and fit and finish is top notch. They use a custom built, jig welded 2″x4″ 11 gauge steel frame. This rigid structure retains the original VW floorpan designed by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche and integrates the largest frame possible. In addition the steering is slightly offset just like in the originals. While the original 356 Speedsters are very rare to find, these Vintage Speedster built replicas are also rare with only a little over 3000 built.  I have owned over a dozen of these and with the prices of the real ones going through the roof can definitely say that these are a tremendous value that offer all of the fun factor of the real deal at a fraction of the price. Even avid Porsche enthusiasts have a difficult time telling these from the real ones. Making this one even more unique is that it was built with the Outlaw Styling which was a race influenced look on these giving them a more aggressive appearance. 
Body and paint are truly near flawless. I found a few really tiny rock chips but otherwise this 356 Speedster is really in showroom conditiion. Black is a truly authentic color on these Speedsters and suits the car perfectly. The Outlaw look eliminates front and rear bumpers as well as the chrome side body trim. Vented engine bay lid, fender mounted sideview mirrors and front fog lights help finish out the look. All of the chrome, badging, trim etc. look like new. You will be very impressed by the fit and finish of this one!! Doors open and shut with a solid feel and body panel gaps are outstanding. A great set of Cruisin’ window inserts help set this one apart. I think the photo walk around tour of the body will show you what you want to see:

 photo 100_6402_zpsli0thibv.jpg
 photo 100_6440_zpsxzjodprp.jpg
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 photo 100_6425_zpsvphqkdqq.jpg photo 100_6427_zpsyykwwwf9.jpg

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I beleive these cars should be enjoyed top down whenever possible but it is nice to know that the black convertible top also looks close to new and fits very nicely. The original door window inserts come in a nice storage bag and do not look like they were ever used. It also comes with the extra set of clear side window inserts as well. When the top is down the boot cover gives the car a very clean look. Take a look:
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The black Speedster interior looks like new as well. Beautiful Porsche badged banjo style steering wheel and Porsche emblemed seat belts.  Simplistic gauges in the dash all work correctly. Speedometer currently reads just under 2500 miles. Lights and turn signals all function correctly. Matching shifter boot, e-brake cover and dash all in near flawless condition.  Rear seating area is padded to match and lets face it is really more of a storage area then a seat. Charging port for your phone installed under the dash. Nice upgraded shifter that you pull up to shit in to reverse versus most which require you push down.  Small fire extinguisher neatly mounted is a smart idea for any classic car. Great looking set of Red/Black Coco mats finish out the interior. If needed this Speedster also has heat for those cool fall drives through the mountains. Just a beautifully designed interior that looks just like the real deal and in close to new condition. Take a look:


I have owned quite a few of these Vintage Speedsters so I knew what to expect when this one arrived. However, when I got my first one I have to admit I was a little skeptical about how much fun it would be to drive. Well, after driving the first one we owned I was immediately a fan…after enjoying this beautiful stone gray Speedster on a nice ride today I am still a huge fan!!! I have driven plenty of high horsepower muscle cars, newer Corvettes, BMW’s and Porsches but these little Speedsters have truly won me over!! It has a serious fun factor to it unlike anything else.


This one has the dual carbureted 1915cc dual carbureted motor which pulls super strong and will keep up in highway traffic no problem. This particular speedster also has the upgraded 3:88 freeway flyer 4-speed transmission which shifts smoothly and takes this little roadster up to speed quickly with no problem and sounds great doing it thanks to the high performance exhaust! This one also has front disc brakes making stopping a breeze. This little roadster really handles the road well and to me feels like a Porsche 911 on the road. Maintenance is cheap and easy on this car and any foreign car mechanic should be able to do a valve adjustment and tune up every 3-4,000 Miles to keep it running great. This Outlaw Styled speedster also has the Aluminum wide 5 rims wrapped in set of Nexen 165/80/15 radials that are close to new. We put the Porsche emblemed hub caps on because we prefer that look but you can certainly remove them for a more vintage racer look if you prefer.

There is nothing this car needs but you in the drivers seat!!! Undercarriage looks great! Plenty of storage in the front trunk area so go ahead and take that weekend trip to the mountains or the beach…this will be the ride of your life. Make sure you leave a little extra time for all the questions and conversations you will have with folks who stop you. This Speedster Replica is titled as a 1970 Volkswagen making insurance and registration cheap and easy. 

Check it out and also be sure to listen to the video that follows the pics below to hear this baby start up and running. 

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1957 Porsche 356 Outlaw Style speedster by Vintage Speedster FOR SALE NOW – YouTube

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At this point hopefully you can see how showroom new this 356 Outlaw Speedster Replica is and what a unique and awesome car it is. I am extremely confident that the next lucky owner will be smiling from ear to ear when it arrives. If you want to scoop this gorgeous roadster up before the next guy or gal does feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 to discuss how to make that happen. 
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