About This Vehicle
  • Odometer: 65,450
  • Engine: 400 V8 with Tri-Power
  • Body Style:  Convertible
  • Transmission:  Automatic
  • Exterior Color:  Red
  • Interior Color: Red
  • VIN:   860K6501
Price: $59,500

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This gorgeous 1960 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible came out of a museum collection here in Georgia and we have affectionately called her “Big Bonnie”. Truly a rolling work of art and at 19 foot long she catches all the looks. Beautifully restored about 12 years ago she still looks great!! A gentleman in Georgia acquired her several years ago to add to his collection of over 200 cars that he displayed in a museum. The car was always maintained and taken out to stretch her legs on occasion. The owners health was deteriorating and he decided it was time to liquidate the collection. Unfortunate for him but lucky for the next owner of this sweet ’60 Bonneville Convertible! I will do my best to provide you with enough large images, and honest description, and a video so you can hear her start up and running. As with all of my classics I do have this car advertised on several other websites in addition to my own. If you decide this car should be in your garage or collection feel free to give me a call to discuss how we can make that happen before the next car guy or gal scoops her up. I am also a licensed transport broker and can get you a great rate on enclosed transport anywhere in the country. I welcome overseas buyers and can assist in getting the car to the port of your choice. Sit back and enjoy!!! 
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This long and sleek 2 door Pontiac Bonneville convertible is truly an amazing piece of automotive history. Elegant styling cues with just the right amount of chrome from front to rear. From what we understand this big girl received a very nice, professional, frame-on restoration about 12 years ago. Body lines are extremely straight and body panel gap is excellent.  Finished in an original color of Coronado Red which to me is like a cinnamon color…very unique and suits this car perfectly. Overall the paint and body still look fantastic. I noticed a few small spots where an overzealous detailer may buffed a little too hard causing minor discoloration in the paint but most people would not notice this. There is a minor rock chip or two but there is no doubt that she is still very show worthy. All of the Chrome and trim looks excellent. Glass is all in very nice condition and power windows all work. Weatherstripping appears to have been replaced at time of restoration. This girl was ordered with the hard to find Continental kit which looks great and works correctly, tilting back  to allow you access to the trunk and fuel filler when needed. Check out the styling on top of the rear quarter panels back to the tail lights!!! I think the walk around photo tour of the body will show you just how nice the paint and body are on this classic!



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This baby should be enjoyed with the top down as often as possible but when needed it is nice to know that the off-white power convertible top is in very nice condition. Power top control works as it should and the top seals up nicely. Rear window is quite clear. There is a minor separation about 4″ along the driver side tack strip that could be easily repaired but is minor and does not leak.  Convertible top frame looks nice.  When the top is down there is a nice matching boot cover that installs easily. Check it out:
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The styling continues to the interior of this classic and a stunning Tri-color red leather interior compliments the Coronado red exterior beautifully.  Overall, the interior is in similar condition to the exterior…ready to show off!! Door panels look great and seats show pretty much no wear. The carpeting is the only area I think I can pick just a bit with some minor fading and discoloration but a brand new set of matching floor mats was just added. Drivers seat is power and works well. Front windows are power and work well. Check out the ivory colored steering wheel that really sets off the dash area and looks close to brand new. The dash and gauge bezels look great. Wood looking trim is a nice accent and everything down to the passenger grab handle is in great condition. A nice set of gauges was added under dash to provide you with more accurate temp., oil pressure and voltage readings. Gauges and lights all appear to be working correctly. Original radio seems to power on but may not be working correctly. Overall, as you will see in the photo tour below the interior looks fantastic!!
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Big Bonnie would not be complete with out a smooth running big block Pontiac under the hood. Powering this 19 ft long land yacht nicely is a rebuilt Pontiac 400 V8 believed to be putting out about 365 hp. Fuel is provided by a period correct Tai-Power Carburetor set up and engine bay is nicely dressed out with finned Offenhauser Valve covers. You will be proud to pop the hood at the local shows and cruise-ins. A smooth shifting turbo hydramatic 400 automatic transmission moves this beauty smoothly down the road. Milage on odometer is a little under 65,500 but I am not sure how many niles are on the car since the restoration and engine rebuild. I Would estimate it is quite low given the cars history. 1960 marked the second year of the “wide track” design creating amazing cornering for these big-bodied cars. The Bonneville also rode on an x-braced chassis with an unequal length A-arm front suspension and live rear axle. These cars are the ultimate cruisers with a great combination of road comfort and handling. The power steering operates smoothly for easy handling and power brakes stop this big girl straight with ease. As you have probably noticed this ’60 Bonneville was lowered an inch or two giving her an elegant look. It is a static drop and not on air bags.  You need to be aware over speed bumps but ordinary driving is no issue with this girl. In addition to the stock clutch fan, an electric fan was added as well which is nice on those hot day or parade rides to keep this baby running nice and cool.  Nice soft tone from the dual exhaust that runs out below the rear bumper. Inside of trunk is nice and solid with room for all your luggage and then some! Undercarriage looks very good with some light undercoating but very solid. I also have some pretty cool original dealer brochures, owners, manual and advertising goodies. There was even a pretty informational fact sheet done that feature this exact car from years ago. Make sure you also watch and listen to the video that follows the pics below.  
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At this point hopefully you can see how nice this 1960 Bonneville convertible is. As with all of my classics I do have this car listed on my website and several others. If you would like to discuss how we can put this baby in your garage before the next car guy or gal scoops it up, feel free to call me at 770-359-8400. I can also assist in getting the buyer a great rate on Enclosed Transport (www.transporttime.com) and I welcome overseas buyers. 


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