About This Vehicle
  • Odometer: 2,650
  • Engine: 289 V8
  • Body Style:  Convertible
  • Transmission:  Manual
  • Exterior Color:  Yellow
  • Interior Color: Silver
  • VIN:  U15NL837411
Price:  SOLD
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If you have been searching for a high quality, very original, professionally restored, uncut early Ford Bronco classic then get comfortable because this Springtime Yellow ’66 is truly a rare find that will plant a smile on the face of its lucky new owner the minute it arrives.  Chances are you know how hot these Ford Broncos are in the collector car market and in my experience the hardest to find are the really high quality original, unmolested, uncut ones. Amazingly, I had an almost identical Bronco to this one about 6 months ago that sold within a week and quite frankly this one is even nicer than that one was and has some of the really hard to find one year 1966 parts on it that the previous one lacked.  This ’66 started life in Phoenix, AZ before making its way up to Montana where it spent the majority of its life. In 2010 it was treated to a frame-off, showroom stock original restoration with great time and care going in to finding original and NOS parts to bring this beauty back to its original glory. Restoration was performed by a Bronco specialist, Big Sky Broncos.With a March, 1966 build date this Bronco was one of the earliest 289 V8 equipped Broncos and the original motor was completely rebuilt. In fact, every component of the drive train was rebuilt or replaced and this Bronco is like turning back time and driving one just the way it did in 1966. After the restoration it was primarily used as a show truck and on sunny day joy rides, accumulating plenty of trophies and awards. A gentleman from Tennessee who used to live in Montana and knew about this Bronco was able to track it down and purchase it about 3 years ago. He was a real Bronco enthusiast and took it to the Bronco Round-up events in Townsend, TN and a variety of shows and events. He also had a vintage trailer and used to go camping occasionally and the Bronco was photographed and featured in a TN State Park brochure that will be included with the sale. The point is that while it is certainly a high end, investment quality Bronco, it is also set up to drive and enjoy! The gentleman in TN retired and decided he was going to shift gears and travel quite a bit and it was time for the Bronco to be enjoyed by its next lucky owner…maybe you!!!? 
I will do my best to provide you with enough large image, a video so you can hear it start up and running, and an honest description to help you decide if this is the one you have been searching for.  I do have this Bronco listed on my website and several others so if you want to scoop it up before the next car guy or gal does feel free to call me to discuss how we can make that happen. I am also a transport broker and can assist in getting you a great rate on transport anywhere in the country open or enclosed.  Sit back and enjoy!!!



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As mentioned this ’66 underwent a professional frame off restoration. The chassis was sand blasted and painted. All of the metal work was done to a very high level to bring this beauty back to its original uncut glory. Paint quality is very high and the original Springtime yellow color was applied with Dupont Nason Acrylic Urethane and this Bronco is definitely show worthy and will take home more than its share of trophies if that is what you enjoy. Body panels are extremely straight and overall body panel fit is excellent. It’s a 1966 Bronco which means body fit was not perfect when it was new but I would venture to think it is better now then it was back then. The original hard top was restored at the same time in the correct Wimbledon White color and looks great. The top has not been off since the restoration but could be removed for some convertible fun. Rear tailgate and rear window of the hard top function perfectly and as you will see this ’66 has the original spare tire mount inside the tailgate. The original jack is mounted in the rear as it was in ’66. All of the weatherstripping was replaced. The only thing I have done was to add the wimbledon white sport stripes down low which were optional. Those of you who are experts on the ’66 model year might notice that this Bronco does have the correct original ’66 style bumpers which is rare to find. I really did not notice any chips or flaws in the body to mention but to be safe lets assume there may be a minor paint chip or two I missed given the restoration was done 8 years ago.The body is still near flawless and I am confident the next lucky owner is going to be extremely pleased when this ’66 Bronco arrives in their driveway. Here is a walk around tour of the body:
 photo 100_1355_zpsivr7fcwz.jpg
 photo 100_1359_zps8nhimgpy.jpg
 photo 100_1358_zpsrkwm0k9u.jpg
 photo 100_1387_zpsaqwefjri.jpg
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Open the door and you will feel like you are back on the showroom floor in 1966.The ’66 Bronco had a very unique Silver interior color and during the restoration front and rear seats were recovered in correct reproduction material which gives the interior the correct look and the seats are near perfect. The rear seat of the ’66 is also slightly different than other years with different arm rests and this Bronco has the correct, original rear seat. Dash and door panels were repainted in the correct gray color which was also unique to the ’66. Correct, thinner styled dash pad is like new. Very hard to find NOS rubber floor mat was located and installed. Window cranks arm rests and door handles are correct for the ’66 model. The original, vacuum operated windshield wiper motors were sent out and restored. Knobs on the dash are correct and original wiring harness was all completely gone through and reconditioned and all gauges and lights work correctly. Odometer was reset to zero at the time of restoration and there are currently just over 2600 miles on it.  Windows go up and down nicely and all of the glass is in great condition. Steering column was restored and steering wheel looks great. A great looking, period correct Stewart Warner Tachometer was mounted on the steering column. Seat belts for front and rear passengers. The interior was painted body color at the time of restoration and still looks great.  I think you will see the interior is also show quality and looks amazing. Check it out:
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This Bronco was produced in March, 1966 and is one of the earliest 289 V8 trucks that were produced and the original 289 was completely rebuilt to stock spec and has just under 2650 miles on it since it was rebuilt and runs fantastic. Original 3-speed manual transmission was rebuilt and shifts beautifully from the column just like it came. Stock original manifolds breathe out correct original style single exhaust that was replaced from front to back. Original distributor was rebuilt. Original valve covers were used. Correct fuel pump with vacuum regulator. Original oil bath air cleaner was restored. New heavy duty 31 spline axles with detroit truetrac limited slip differential in the Ford 9″ rear and detroit truetrac limited slip up front in the Dana 30. Rebuit steering box and the steering is nice and tight. New Drive shafts front to rear. The entire braking system was restored with all new lines, brake cylinders and hardware. Front hubs completely restored. Rubber body mounts, C-bushings and other suspension components were all replaced or restored. The 3 on the tree shifter is a blast to drive and shifts smooth as butter. This ’66 Starts right up, runs super strong, and brakes and handles as well, if not better, than it did brand new. Original Radiator was recored and this Bronco runs nice and cool. It is ready to drive and enjoy!! Engine bay is nicely detailed for show and you will be proud to drive this ’66 to any show or cruise in and pop the hood. 

This Bronco is riding on stock wheels and has a great set of the one year only, very hard to find 1966 Hub caps that were beautifully restored.. These can sell for up to $2000 for a set. The undercarriage also looks fantastic and is nicely detailed. Floorpans were sprayed in red oxide primer and inner fenders sprayed in body color. Original vin tag is mounted correctly on the drivers side kick panel and the matching vin # is stamped on the frame. I have a binder full of documentation from the build and it is also documented on Big Sky Broncos website. I also have a full custom cover for this Bronco that will be included as well. 

Make sure you watch and listen to the video below the pics to hear this ’66 Bronco start up and running!!

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At this point hopefully you can see that this first year, 1966 Ford Bronco is truly in exceptional condition and was properly restored to maintain originality and be a super fun Bronco to drive and enjoy.  As with all of my classics I do have this Bronco listed on my website and several others so I encourage serious buyers to call me at 770-359-8400 if you want to scoop it up before the next Bronco enthusiast beats you to it. I can also assist in getting you a great rate on Enclosed transport anywhere in the country and I welcome overseas buyers and can assist in getting the Bronco to the port of your choice. 


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