About This Vehicle
  • Mileage: 88,346
  • Engine: V8
  • Body Style: Truck
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Exterior Color: Blue
  • Interior Color: Black
  • VIN:  CS148B141754
Price: SOLD
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 photo 100_4112_zps82927585.jpg
If you have been searching for a great Chevy C-10 SWB Short Bed Pick that has an absolutely gorgeous, rust free body and a super strong 350 V8 that is ready to drive, enjoy and even show then this may be the one!!!  This ’68 C-10 has lived in the Atlanta, Georgia area all its life and never saw the tough winters, or salt roads that so many pick-ups are subjected to. We recently acquired this great truck from a local gentleman in partial trade on a Chevy SSR. He has owned many classic cars and trucks over the years and loves the restoration process but once the project is done seems to lose interest. Well, this is great for the next lucky owner who will have a truck that is turn-key with and ready to go!!  As you will see in the pictures that follow this C-10 is in exceptional condition inside and out and has a fresh small block 350 V8 that was rebuilt less then 1000 miles ago that has plenty of horsepower and drives fantastic.  This truck can be driven, shown and enjoyed just as it sits or would be the perfect candidate for someone who has a vision of taking one of these trucks to the next level.  If you have watched any of the Collector Auctions I am sure you have seen the popularity and attention these trucks are getting. I will do my best to provide enough pictures, an honest description and a video of the truck running so you can decide if this is the one you should be driving this summer to the local shows and cruise-ins. Sit back and enjoy!
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As I mentioned this truck has been a Georgia truck its whole life and the previous owner told us that when he bought the truck the body was in amazing condition with all of its original body panels.  He had developed a relationship with a great paint and body guy over the years who stripped the truck down and treated this C-10 to a beautiful medium Blue Metallic bast coat/clear coat paint job about 8 months ago. Body panels are extremely straight and show no signs of body filler.  Body panel fitment is awesome and is probably better then how they came out of the factory.  There were a few dents in the tail gate so that was replaced. Front and rear bumpers were replaced with new chrome bumpers and most all of the chrome trim and mirrors were replaced at the time of restoration.  The paint truly glistens in the sun as you will see in some of the pics that were taken on a bright, sunny, Atlanta afternoon.  Doors open and shut great. There are no bubbles or flaws in the paint that I have noticed. While the paint has great shine and reflection a good wet sand and buff would take it to an even higher level if desired. The only flaw I noticed was a very tiny ding on the top of the passenger front fender that could be easily removed and there may possibly be an extremely small rock chip or two that I may have missed. The original bed liner was in rock solid condition and was sprayed with a  bed liner that looks very nice. A few small spots where the bed liner is peeling but overall excellent.  Overall, the body an paint are awesome and ready to show. Here is a walk around tour of the body on this C-10 Short Bed:
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 photo 100_4042_zpsf8516db8.jpg
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The black interior of this ’68 C-10 looks as good as the exterior!! The Bench seat received new springs and was recovered and basically looks like it did off the showroom.  Door panels, dash pad, visors, and carpeting were all replaced and look great.  A great looking Lecarra Steering wheel was added as were some after-market gauges neatly mounted under the dash to provide oil pressure and temperature readings that the original gauges did not offer.  Windows roll up and down well and glass all looks excellent. Door weatherstripping was replaced at time of restoration as well. The 3-speed floor shifter looks great and shifts very smoothly.  Aftermarket radio was installed many years ago without cutting the dash but I would recommend adding a new unit.  Original emergency brake handle works great. All of the lights, gauges, turn signals,  speedometer, etc all seem to be functioning correctly.  The simplistic interior on this C-10 is in fantastic condition overall! Have a look:
 photo 100_4170_zps56ae0f17.jpg
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The odometer  on this ’68 C-10 reads 68,350 which we were told is believed to be the original mileage. However, the previous owner said the motor that was in the car when he got it seemed a little tired so he had a small block 350 V8 built and dropped in. I was told the block was bored .30 over  There are less then 1000 miles on this motor since it was built and this motor has great horsepower and torque!! I would estimate the horsepower at about 270-290hp and this truck will get up and go!!  Edelbrock performer intake and Edlelbrock 4bbl nicely tuned deliver the fuel. This strong 350 is mated to a smooth, strong shifting 3-speed manual transmission with the shifter mounted in the floor. Breathing out a stock set of GM manifolds through a new dual exhaust  this C-10 has a great rumble. Be sure to listen to the video of the truck running below. The engine bay is nicely detailed with chrome valve covers, polished aluminum air cleaner, new hoses, clamps and hardware.  You will be proud to lift the hood at any show or cruise-in.  This truck fires right up every time we have driven it and is easy to drive. Manual steering tracks straight and true and manual drum brakes were redone and stop quite easily.  Brand new set of Pacer 15×8 Aluminum wheels wrapped in brand new Cooper Cobra GT Radial tires offer a nice stance.  For those of you who prefer more of a resto-mod look it is quite easy to go with 17-18″ wheels and lower these trucks for a more aggressive stance. The undercarriage is rock solid and rust free!  Springs and shocks were replaced and the undercarriage was nicely detailed as well.  Right now this truck looks awesome with an aggressive yet stock appearance.  Check out the pics and make sure you listen to the truck running in the video that follows. 
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Well guys and gals, hopefully you can see that this 1968 C-10 is a beautiful truck, nicely restored and ready to go. We have this truck priced very fairly so if it looks like the one you have been waiting for feel free to bid or pick up the phone and call me to discuss a price that can get it in your garage before someone beats you to it!!
As always, I will be more then happy to speak directly with serious buyers who would like to call me and possibly negotiate a deal to get this in to your garage before someone beats you to it. 
 PLEASE Do not email me asking what the reserve is!  Serious buyers can reach me at 770-359-8400.


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 If you have any questions feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 and I will do my best to answer them.  If you are a serious buyer lets talk on the phone and discuss it. I will be happy to negotiate a deal so we can get this beautiful car in to your garage as soon as possible.  In addition to being a licensed Classic Car Dealer I am also a Transport Broker and will be happy to assist the buyer with a great rate on Enclosed or Open Transport anywhere in the US at the buyers expense or to any port for overseas buyers.