About This Vehicle
  • Mileage: 77,603
  • Engine: V8
  • Body Style: SUV
  • Transmission:  Manual
  • Exterior Color: Black
  • Interior Color: Black
  • VIN: U15FLC88669

Price: SOLD

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It is hard to argue that the Early Ford Broncos from 1967-1977 are extremely hot in the collector car market.  So, if you are out looking for one you are starting to see more and more pop up just like any classic car that gets popular. Now, the challenge is finding “The One”! The one that is the color you dreamed of, the quality you expect, and can be driven and enjoyed the day it arrives on the transporter.  Well, how about this Triple Black Beauty??? We have had quite a few very high quality Early Broncos this past year but have definitely not run in to many Triple Black ones, not to mention one that is built this nicely. We acquired this Black Beauty from a Bronco enthusiast in Pennsylvania who lived in the rural farm part of the state. He was told that this was a very rust free Bronco that had been tucked away in a barn for many years before the owner prior to him purchased it. Over several years a frame off restoration was started and almost ( emphasis on almost) completed.  The gentleman had gotten it to a point where it just needed some finishing touches and re-assembly but unfortunately he was in a situation where he needed to sell it.  The Bronco enthusiast was super impressed with the quality of the truck and scooped it up immediately and then spent about 6 months finishing the details before we were able to purchase it.  When we were buying it we were concerned about buying a Bronco that had spent a fair amount of time in the Northeast but the owner assured us that this was not like most cars from the Northeast. He was amazed with how rust free this truck appeared and he did not see signs of bondo or other rust repair to make him think it lived a tough life. His statements were on the money as this Bronco body is extremely nice!! Mileage reads just under 77,700 on the odometer which might be original however the mileage is listed a s exempt on the title due to age.  This Triple Black beauty has a menacing stance and a few custom modifications that add to the cool factor in my opinion which I will point out in my description below. I will do my best to provide as many large images, a couple of videos so you can hear this baby running and an honest description so you can decide if “Black Beauty” belongs in your stable. As always I will be more then happy to discuss negotiating a price to put this Early Bronco Classic in your garage before it gets scooped up by the next car guy or gal. Sit back and enjoy!!
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Black Beauty, as I will affectionately refer to this rig, has an absolutely beautiful, straight, rust free body. This was a frame-off restoration and was done extremely well.  Paint professionals always mention how good a body needs to be if you are going to paint it black since black will highlight any waves or flaws. You can look down the sides of this Bronco and know that some serious time was spent block sanding and prepping the body for its beautiful black finish. The professional base/clear paint was done approximately 3 years ago and looks like it could have been done last week. We recently wet sanded and buffed it to take it to the next level and it shines beautifully as you will see in the pics. There are 2 Slight modifications on the body that I want to point out in case you do not spot them right away. First, check out the rear wheel wells. Almost all of the Early Bronco’s have had their rear fender wells cut  at some point to accommodate wheel flares and larger wheel and tire set ups. Well, Black Beauty received an even nicer treatment so that it is hard for the non-Bronco guy or gal to tell that it did not come this way from the factory.  Rather then cut the rear wells and rivet fender flares on, the rear quarters were treated to metal sculpted flares that were professionally welded to the original quarters to give the rear quarters a one piece look.  I love this treatment.  Next, check out the tailgate.  The original tailgate was replaced with a tailgate from a 70’s Ford Truck with the larger FORD lettering embossed. The tailgate was custom fitted to be just like the original and it operates perfectly and helps this Black Beauty stand out among other Broncos.   Bumpers, side view mirrors, door handles were all replaced and chrome trim all looks excellent.  The only real blemish on the body that I could find is a small spot on the front edge of the hood that was touched up. I do not think it will show in the pics but it is something you would notice close up so I want to mention. Headlights were updated to Halogen Headlights and the wipers are electric wipers.  You will not see many Bronco’s this straight and slick.  This is definitely a Bronco that you can proudly arrive at any car show and cruise-in and receive trophies and awards with. Have a look around this Triple Black Beauty Bronco Classic:
 photo 100_5474_zpse8cddc32.jpg
 photo 100_5349_zpsefaa1f17.jpg
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I continue to prefer the look and enjoyment of these Early Classic Bronco’s with the top off but for those of you in cooler climates it is nice to know that Black Beauty also comes with a color matched hard top that is in great condition as well. The all Black color scheme with the hard top on gives this Bronco and even more aggressive look as well in my opinion. As you have seen we are also including a brand new Bikini top as well.  Here are some shots of her with the top on:
 photo 100_5544_zps81a34b7b.jpg
 photo 100_5538_zps7972bfa2.jpg
 photo 100_5536_zpsa1c869f6.jpg
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If you haven’t already figured it out, I call it triple black because the exterior, top and Interior are all black. The black interior looks basically showroom new. Original stock seats were recovered at the time of restoration and look awesome.  New dash pad. We installed a new carpet kit over top a nicely lined floor and bed area and then finished out the rear area with custom interior panels. A new set of floor mats from Tom’s Bronco Parts were also just added  A black powder coated roll bar for safety was installed. Weatherstripping was all replaced. You will notice that the dash has been slightly modified to accommodate a great set of Auto Meter Gauges so that you will be able to monitor your RPM’s oil pressure, water temperature and voltage. This is really the only modification to the dash area and the other gauges all appear to be functioning correctly although the speedometer may be reading off slightly. The 3-speed manual shifter was professionally relocated to the floor with an awesome offset Hurst shifter that is curved to making shifting a breeze. Likewise the original 4wd shifter was updated with a really nice James Duff Shifter. The glove box still has the original vin plate and data tag. We do have the wiper motor cover and visors that can be installed when the hard top is on and these will be included. Take a tour of the interior:
 photo 100_5379_zpsd35edb0d.jpg
 photo 100_5385_zpsdaaf3e61.jpg
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Under the hood is as neat and clean as the rest of the Bronco. The 302 V8 runs very strong and we were told that the motor was rebuilt however we do not know if it is the original 302 or not but after driving this Bronco a fair amount the motor is definitely strong and feels very fresh. It is a stock build so nothing high horsepower but it will get the job done locally, on the highway or off-road if you so choose. Fuel flows through the new Edelbrock Carburetor and Edelbrock performer intake and breathes out the stock manifolds and back through a great sounding dual exhaust. I have a video below so you can hear it running.  Electronic ignition fires it up daily. Power is transferred through the Dana 44 front transfer case and 9″ Big Bearing Ford Rear end. Brakes are manual but were completely gone through and stop nicely. Of course a power booster could be added if desired. Steering is also manual and a new steering box and shaft were installed. Great stance and handling thanks to the 21’2″ suspension lift with progressive rate coils, Denver leaf springs, adjustable Pro Comp MX-6 Shocks, rebuilt drive shafts front and rear, new poly bushings all around and adjustable drag link and torsion bar in front to keep everything aligned.  This Bronco handles the road very nicely. The 16″ Mickey Thompson Classic Wheels are wrapped in an awesome set of 305/70/16 Nitto Dune Grappler tires that really help set this Black Beauty off.  Undercarriage is rock solid with no rust issues.  Here is a look under the hood and under this awesome machine. 
 photo 100_5427_zpsa535d5e1.jpg
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Hopefully you can tell from the pics and videos that this Triple Black ’68 Bronco stands heads and shoulders above most. It was built right and has had some serious $$$$ put in to the restoration and build. If you follow any of the Classic Car Auction that run across the country you have probably noticed how hot these Early Broncos have gotten. Rightfully so as they are a blast to drive and draw a crowd wherever they go. This Black Beauty will make it’s next owner smile from ear to ear when it arrives in their driveway….shouldn’t that be you??
If you would like to discuss a price that can put this Bronco in your garage before the next guy or gal gets it then feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 to discuss it.  I will be happy to negotiate a deal with a serious buyer. 
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 If you have any questions feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 and I will do my best to answer them.  If you are a serious buyer lets talk on the phone and discuss it. I will be happy to negotiate a deal so we can get this beautiful car in to your garage as soon as possible.  In addition to being a licensed Classic Car Dealer I am also a Transport Broker and will be happy to assist the buyer with a great rate on Enclosed or Open Transport anywhere in the US at the buyers expense or to any port for overseas buyers.