About This Vehicle
  • Odometer: 49,300
  • Engine:  289 V8 2bbl
  • Body Style: Convertible
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Exterior Color: Gold
  • Interior Color: Black
  • VIN:  8R03C137433
Price: SOLD
 photo 100_5426_zpsuicxpbzt.jpg
 photo 100_5518_zpszebr9oyc.jpg
If you have been searching for a gorgeous classic Mustang Convertible and would love to find one that stands out in the sea of red, white and black ones on the market then this Sunlit Gold 1968 Pony Convertible might just be the one you have been waiting for.  This one year only color is the original color of this car as evidenced by the MARTI report shown later.  Aside from the unique color,  this Mustang is also an original California car that stood the test of time and is in amazing condition and has had just one repaint.  I recently acquired this sweet convertible from a gentleman in Canada who had purchased it about 2 years ago out of California.  He was a serious car guy and this Mustang never saw anything but a sunny, warm day up in Canada which should tell you that he did not drive it much. As a result this Mustang looks like it could have been restored last week.  In addition to the rare color, this Mustang is also very nicely equipped with Automatic transmission, power steering, power front disc brakes, power top, upgraded deluxe interior, and more!! If you have ever seen the undercarriage of a true original California car that has never had any rust issues then you will appreciate the undercarriage of this one! This car shouts quality everywhere you look and I am certain the next owner is going to be thrilled when this Mustang is delivered to his or her garage. I will do my best to provide enough large image, a video so you can hear it running, and an honest description to help you decide if this Pony belongs in your stable. As with all of my classics I do have this Mustang listed on my website and several others. If you want to scoop it up before the next car guy or gal does feel free to give me a call to make that happen. Sit back and enjoy!
As you can see in the picture below I also have a beautiful Silver Blue ’65 Mustang Convertible and a Triple Black ’68 Mustang Convertible available. Feel free to contact me for more info on these as well.
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As mentioned previously this ’68 Mustang lived a dry, rust free life in California almost all its life. The gentleman I bought it from had it transported to Canada in an enclosed carrier about 2 years ago and the car was only taken out on sunny days.  The car was built at the San Jose plant and delivered to the San Jose sales district originally.  It is an original Sunlit Gold car and was treated to a professional repaint a little over 2 years ago. The body is extremely straight and body panels align very well. Doors open and close with ease.  IT has the deluxe hood with turn signals built in which function correctly.  It has  the added chrome rocker panel trim and chrome trim around the trunk.  I added the C-Stripe which I think adds to the look of these ’68 Ponies.  We also had the paint wet sanded and buffed out professionally so this car is easy for the shows and cruise-ins the minute it arrives to your door. The weatherstripping has all been replaced and looks great. All of the glass looks great and windows roll up and down nicely. Chrome all looks excellent although there is some minor signs of age on the bumpers.  Overall the paint and body look amazing and although it is not flawless, it is pretty darn close. I noticed a very small chip on the front edge of the hood that was touched up and a very tiny scratch on the drivers rear quarter panel about 1/4 inch.  Most people would never notice these items but I prefer to mention anything I have seen. This Mustang will win its share of trophies at the local shows and is a definite crowd pleaser. You will be very proud to show up anywhere in this car so leave a little extra time to talk to folks who want to know all about the car.  Best of all, it drives as good as it looks. Here is a photo tour of the body:
 photo 100_5425_zpsprrzx2je.jpg photo 100_5413_zpspsc5q9bu.jpg
 photo 100_5412_zpsk2q4q96i.jpg
 photo 100_5414_zpsqnhg0y6z.jpg
 photo 100_5415_zpsfo0okrt2.jpg
 photo 100_5416_zpsjl0sx8r0.jpg
 photo 100_5417_zpsj1f0q5ow.jpg
 photo 100_5418_zpsvu6gvkfx.jpg
 photo 100_5419_zpshfxntano.jpg
 photo 100_5420_zpsnawd3qei.jpg
 photo 100_5395_zps7ghtltxg.jpg
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While I hope the next owner enjoys this Pony with the top down as much as possible it also nice to know that this Sunlit Gold beauty has a brand new, power convertible top and looks equally as awesome with the top up.  It has the split glass rear window just as it came from the factory and seals up very nicely with new seals and latches down easily. It also comes with a black boot cover to give the car a clean look when the top is down.  Here is a look with the top up:
 photo 100_5451_zpspzx7h337.jpg
 photo 100_5448_zpsopdnursj.jpg
 photo 100_5445_zpsym9sooib.jpg
 photo 100_5444_zpsgd4nb6it.jpg
 photo 100_5438_zps0lgrnrkj.jpg
 photo 100_5439_zpsn7md3agu.jpg
 photo 100_5440_zpsjepqkxaf.jpg
 photo 100_5441_zpstvgazc7l.jpg
 photo 100_5437_zpsk0odyfrj.jpg
 photo 100_5436_zps0wrz2ovw.jpg
 photo 100_5434_zpsrjczfqtt.jpg
 photo 100_5435_zpslylefhgp.jpg
 photo 100_5433_zpsuugvou2k.jpg
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Accenting the Sunlit Gold exterior is a completely restored and upgraded black deluxe interior.  The interior was professionally redone a little over 2 years ago and looks practically brand new!  The upgrade to the deluxe interior was a wise move as the wood grain accents on the door panels and dash really add class to an already awesome car. The center console looks great and the radio looks like an original but was upgraded and is actually a functioning FM radio and has a jack for your mp3/ipod.  Carpeting is new and a nice set of black rubber Pony mats was added.  This car originally had the tilt-away steering wheel, however, it was replaced with a standard steering column with a gorgeous upgraded woodgrain steering wheel. All of the gauges and lights appear to be working correctly.  Original front and rear seat belts. This interior is definitely show quality…have a look:
 photo 100_5458_zpsvrenakpl.jpg
 photo 100_5459_zpsa4gbec6w.jpg
 photo 100_5460_zpsznapxjtp.jpg
 photo 100_5461_zpsazkifi6d.jpg
 photo 100_5462_zpswqhxjqia.jpg
 photo 100_5463_zps0fyeu4c1.jpg
 photo 100_5464_zpsavxzqhq5.jpg
 photo 100_5465_zpsnbum7mhr.jpg
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 photo 100_5468_zpsadqaar7o.jpg
 photo 100_5469_zpslw9vbdpw.jpg
 photo 100_5470_zps6w03uaum.jpg
 photo 100_5471_zpsljdafysu.jpg
 photo 100_5472_zpsridrdskc.jpg
 photo 100_5473_zps4v7cvemf.jpg
 photo 100_5476_zpscuwbphti.jpg
 photo 100_5475_zpsygixcf6e.jpg
 photo 100_5477_zpsaoo1sgr8.jpg
 photo 100_5383_zpsnmgtf9ry.jpg
It is one thing for a car to look great, but the key question is how does it run??? Well, I am sure you will be as thrilled with the way this ’68 runs as you will be with how it looks! The original C-code 289 V8 was pulled out at the time of restoration a little over 2 years ago and completely rebuilt, detailed and reinstalled.  There is probably less then 2000 miles on the motor since it was rebuild and it drives beautifully. The original C-4 Automatic transmission was also rebuilt at the same time.  This Gold beauty cruises the local roads or highways like a dream. Handling is a breeze with the Power Steering and stopping is just as easy with the power front disc brakes. All of the suspension was gone through and freshened up at the same time so this Pony handles the road just like it did back in ’68. This C-code Stang still has the original style single exhaust and sounds great. As you will see the engine bay was completely detailed and is ready for the shows. Great stance with the Magnum 500 wheels wrapped in Michelin radials that have lots of tread life left.  Make sure you listen to the video that follows to hear her start up and running!
Another tell-tale sign of a truly awesome classic Mustang is how original and nice the floorpans and inside of the trunk are. Well, this ’68 shines in these categories as well. The undercarriage looks awesome and the floorpans still show the original drip marks where these cars were dipped at the factory in 1968.  There is still plenty of the original red oxide primer and some areas were freshened up for show purposes.  Rock solid everywhere underneath. Inside of the trunk also looks factory original still wearing its original sunlit gold paint. Padding over the new gas tank, spare tire, and a nice mat to finish it out. This Mustang will also come with a custom fitted car cover. Original Vin plate on the dash and original door trim tag.  I do have a MARTI report that is shown below and will be included. 
 photo 100_5483_zpscykeuj2n.jpg
 photo 100_5484_zpsehnurexr.jpg
 photo 100_5485_zpsc0l3hphj.jpg
 photo 100_5486_zpslfejduxx.jpg
 photo 100_5487_zpsu7q512ph.jpg
 photo 100_5488_zpsxbs5yx6s.jpg
 photo 100_5489_zpsapjzjhwq.jpg
 photo 100_5490_zpsckqabt9s.jpg
 photo engine rebuild pic_zpsq2gge09k.jpg
 photo 100_5493_zps2tin2was.jpg
 photo 100_5495_zps224ac2tv.jpg
 photo Marti report 1968 Mustang Conv Sunlit Gold_zpsudbebmpj.jpg
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 photo 100_5479_zpsjpsh1ljl.jpg
 photo 100_5480_zpskftmcfjz.jpg
 photo 100_5481_zpsu1ywcqxq.jpg
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 photo 100_5501_zpskhnxipld.jpg
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 photo 100_5503_zpst2qctpyn.jpg
 photo 100_5504_zpsi7leofgb.jpg
 photo 100_5505_zpsmonewgm1.jpg
 photo 100_5506_zpsf2vqnefb.jpg
 photo 100_5507_zpspectm4gv.jpg
 photo 100_5508_zpsyzcst2x0.jpg
 photo 100_5509_zpszngtmbpa.jpg
 photo 100_5510_zpsy3b6ppqk.jpg
 photo 100_5511_zpspvd5vqnx.jpg
 photo 100_5512_zps7b7gq9eu.jpg
 photo 100_5514_zpswmqys0qc.jpg
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 photo 100_5516_zpskrsdi0gm.jpg
 photo 100_5496_zpscs55mlnz.jpg
 photo 100_5497_zps84f8ppuk.jpg
 photo 100_5498_zps9jyc7mzl.jpg
 photo 100_5389_zpsb4fd9yky.jpg


 Hopefully at this point you can see that this is a truly awesome, investment quality, and rare, Classic Mustang Convertible.  I am confident that the next lucky owner is going to be absolutely thrilled when this car arrives!  Since we do have this car advertised on our website and several others I encourage serious buyers to call me to discuss the possibility of getting this car in your garage before the next lucky car guy or gal does. I am also always open to answering any questions you may have. Serious buyers can call me at 770-359-8400!
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If you have any questions feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 and I will do my best to answer them.  If you are a serious buyer lets talk on the phone and discuss it. In addition to being a licensed Classic Car Dealer I am also a Transport Broker and will be happy to assist the buyer with a great rate on Enclosed or Open Transport anywhere in the US at the buyers expense or to any port for overseas buyers.
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