About This Vehicle
  • Odometer: 76,300
  • Engine:  302 V8 4bbl
  • Body Style: Convertible
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Exterior Color: Black
  • Interior Color: Black
  • VIN:  8T03J128993
Price: SOLD
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Searching for a beautiful 1968 Mustang Convertible?
Is black your color of choice??
Would you love to own a Classic Mustang Convertible that truly stands out in a crowd and has some unique options and features??
Are you looking for one that has the rumble to match its beauty?
How about a powerful J-code 302 V8 4bbl that is easy to drive with Power Steering and  Power disc brakes?
Well, if you have been shaking your head YES then this Triple Black ’68 Pony Convertible could very well be the one you have been waiting for!
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Lets get right down to it! This Triple Black, ’68 Mustang Convertible looks amazing, sounds amazing, and drives out beautifully!!  I bought this classic Pony from a gentleman in Oklahoma who enjoys restoring classic Mustangs and located this one close to his home. He was told it was originally from Washington State but made its way to Oklahoma in the 70’s and spent most of its life there.  This is a highly desirable J-Code 302 V8 4bbl car and was very well cared for over the years.  It is believed to have just under 76,500 original miles, however the original 302 motor was rebuilt before the gentleman I bought it from acquired it.  When he got the car it was basically rust free, extremely straight and solid but had not been restored and was showing its age. This was right up his alley and he proceeded to do a thorough cosmetic restoration and updated the suspension, transmission, and other mechanical components. While he was fully capable of performing all of this work on his own, he was not a professional painter and as a result the paint job he did was simply not nice enough by our standards so we had this super straight, rust free body repainted about a month ago in a gorgeous raven black base coat/clear coat.  This Mustang actually started life as a Sunlit Gold color and had a rare optioned blacked out hood according to the paint code. I did not order a Marti Report but I have a feeling that this car is extremely rare based on its original paint color and options.  While Sunlit Gold is a beautiful color, the color had already been changed previously and  we felt that this Pony deserved to be drenched in black because it had such a straight and solid body. The previous owner had added a Shelby style padded Roll Bar which adds to the muscle car look.  This Mustang is nicely loaded and easy to drive thanks to the Automatic transmission, power steering and power front disc brakes. Other options include power top and  tilt-a-way steering column which is quite rare and functions nicely making it a bit easier to get in this sweet convertible.  There has been quite a bit of money spent on the restoration and the result is a head-turning,  gorgeous, show and go ’68 Stang Convertible that you will be very proud to own. I will do my best to provide enough large images, a video of it running, and an honest description to help you decide if this Pony belongs in your stable. As with all of my classics I do have this Mustang listed on my website and several others. Therefore, if you do not want to miss out on it, you may want to give me a call to discuss how we can make that happen before the next car guy or gal scoops it up. Sit back and enjoy!!!
By the way, as you will see in the pics below I will also be listing a gorgeous Sunlit Gold ’68 Mustang Convertible and an awesome ’65 Silver Blue Mustang Convertible. Feel free to call me to get info on these cars as well. 
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The body on this Triple Black ’68 Convertible is outstanding!! We decided to have it professionally painted black because the body was so straight and rust free. Overall body panel fit is excellent and gaps are great. I believe this Mustang is wearing most of its original sheet metal. The previous owner was told that the passenger rear quarter panel had been replaced many years ago due to a small dent.  I had quite a hard time photographing this car because it was glistening in the Atlanta Sunshine and all of the chrome trim was causing glare every angle I tried. Ultimately I think I was able to capture its beauty though.  It has the decor package of added chrome trim along the rockers, wheel wells, and trunk.  All of the trim, bumpers, emblems and chrome was replaced by the previous owner. He also replaced all of the weather-stripping.  The addition of the Shelby style padded Roll bar is a nice touch that helps set this Pony apart from others. This ’68 also has the upgraded hood with built in turn signals that function properly.  All of the glass looks excellent and windows roll up and down nicely. While this Mustang is in fantastic condition I will not go so afar as calling it perfect or flawless. Upon close inspection the pickiest of buyers may detect a very minor paint flaw or two but overall it is pretty close to flawless. As you will see the paint is very reflective and smooth and does not have that orange peel look that todays new cars have.  I will let the pics do the talking. Check out the photo walk around tour below:
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While I hope the next owner enjoys this Pony with the top down as much as possible it also nice to know that this Black beauty has a brand new, power convertible top and looks equally as awesome with the top up.  Not only is the top brand new but we also relaxed the power top pump motor which was a bit slow and replaced all of the hydraulic lines so that the top functions as good as new. It seals up very nicely with new seals and latches down easily.  Here is a look with the top up:
 photo 100_5218_zpsmqzrkadm.jpg
 photo 100_5386_zpshy2izx9w.jpg
 photo 100_5212_zpszcc1gahg.jpg
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To complete the “Triple Black Combo”, this ’68 has a beautiful black interior that was also completely restored and is pretty much new everywhere you look. Seats were professionally recovered, new dash pad, new door panels, new carpeting, pony carpeted floor mats, all new dash lenses, and the list goes on. Very nicely appointed inside with a very rare, tilt a way steering wheel. When you open the door the steering wheel swings away from the driver making it easier to get it. Close the door and pull the wheel in to position….a really smart option! Remote drivers side view mirror and optional passenger side view mirror. Seat belts front and rear appear to be original. A tachometer was installed in the center of the dash bezel and all of the a gauges and lights appear to be working correctly.  Nice, original center console. A very nice custom auto sound stereo was added. These look like an original radio but when you turn it on it is a digital am/fm stereo.  Overall the interior looks practically brand new and is very comfortable…..take a look inside:
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1968 was the first year for the J-Code 302 V8 4bbl and it was a very nice upgrade from the tried and true 289 V8 motor. This triple black has its original 302 motor that I was told has just under 76,500 original miles. However, I do not have supporting documentation to prove this. Regardless, this Pony runs fantastic and the previous owner was also told the motor had been rebuilt a few years ago and has very low mileage since the rebuild.  I find this to be very believable based on how strong this car runs.  It is pretty much a stock 302 4bbl with stock manifolds that breathe out a great sounding dual flow master exhaust. It definitely has the rumble to match its look and sounds great going down the road or just idling at a red light. The previous owner resealed the C-4 automatic transmission and I have not noticed any oil or tranny leaks under this car when it sits.  The suspension was completely gone through with new A-arms, shocks, springs, bushings etc. The rear shocks are air shocks allowing you to change the ride height if desired.  This Mustang fires right up, and is a joy to drive. It shifts very nicely and handling is a breeze thanks to the power steering and braking is straight and easy thanks to the power front disc brakes. The stance is accentuated with a brand new set of 15″ Magnum 500 wheels wrapped in brand new BFG radial TA radials.  Engine bay has been nicely detailed and dressed up a bit with upgraded valve covers and chrome air cleaner. Monte Carlo bar was added as well.  This Pony is truly turn key and ready to be driven and enjoyed. It will win its share of trophies and awards at the local shows if that is what you enjoy. Be sure to listen to the video that follow the pics below to hear this Mustang start up and running!!
The inside of the trunk is rock solid and nicely detailed with correct funk mat. Undercarriage is also nicely detailed and rock solid with no rust issues. Floorpans and torque boxes are rock solid and look great. Frame rails are very straight and no signs of damage.  This car wears all of its original body and vin tags. As you can see it has the original buck tag mounted on the passenger side inner fender which also lists some of the original options and original color.  Original door tag and vin tag in the dash. I also have a stack of receipts documenting over $7500 spent by the previous owner in parts alone. This is one sweet Pony!!!!
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Hopefully at this point you can see that this is a truly awesome, investment quality, and rare, Classic Mustang Convertible.  I am confident that the next lucky owner is going to be absolutely thrilled when this car arrives!  Since we do have this car advertised on our website and several others I encourage serious buyers to call me to discuss the possibility of getting this car in your garage before the next lucky car guy or gal does. I am also always open to answering any questions you may have. Serious buyers can call me at 770-359-8400!
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If you have any questions feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 and I will do my best to answer them.  If you are a serious buyer lets talk on the phone and discuss it. In addition to being a licensed Classic Car Dealer I am also a Transport Broker and will be happy to assist the buyer with a great rate on Enclosed or Open Transport anywhere in the US at the buyers expense or to any port for overseas buyers.
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