About This Vehicle
  • Odometer: 86,450
  • Engine:  289 4bbl V8
  • Body Style: Convertible
  • Transmission:  Automatic
  • Exterior Color: Blue
  • Interior Color: Blue
  • VIN:  8F03C185033
Price:  SOLD
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Have you been searching for a really awesome, investment quality, Classic Mustang Convertible in its original color that stands out from the crowd?
Would you love to own a ’68 Mustang Convertible that has a great ownership history, with low original mileage,  was nicely restored, and is ready to be driven and enjoyed?
Are you looking for a 289 V8 with plenty of Giddy Up, with Power Steering, Power Brakes, and Power Top that is a joy to drive and sounds as good as it looks?
Would you like to be able to turn the key, drop the top and enjoy your Classic Mustang the day it arrives?
Do you enjoy going to the local cruise-ins and shows and want a car that you can be proud of to show off and drive home with the sun in your face and wind in your hair?
Well, if you have been shaking your head yes then sit back and enjoy because this beautiful Acapulco Blue ’68 Pony Convertible may be the one you have been searching for!!!
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This gorgeous Acapulco Blue ’68 Mustang Convertible has a very simple history which is pretty rare when buying a 50 year old classic.  The gentleman I purchased this car from had owned it since 1988.  His family owned a Ford Dealership and he and his brother became avid collectors of Shelbys and Mustangs. Another local dealership received this beauty on a trade back in 1988 from what they believed to be the original owners.  Since they knew he loved the Mustangs from the 60’s they contacted him and he ran over and bought it on the spot. The Mustang had just 69,900 miles on it back in 1988 and today has just over 86,000 miles. Aside from the great color combination this Pony also had some pretty cool GT options added supposedly at the dealership when the car was bought new. These include GT fog lights, GT rear valence, and GT wheels. It joined his collection and about 10 years later, or 18 years ago, he decided to treat it to a fresh paint job which was done at his dealership in the original Acapulco Blue paint color.  They lived in Wisconsin so of course he never drove his classics during the winter months but he would get it out to the local shows and cruise-ins when possible in the nice weather. This car won its share of trophies and ribbons over the years. At some point he decided to upgrade the C-code 289 to a 4bbl and dressed it up with a Cobra Dress up kit. Well, with kids entering College it was time to thin the herd and cash out on some of the cars to invest in his kids future. I was lucky enough to scoop up this beauty and bring it to my showroom here in Alpharetta, GA.  It had been sitting more then it was getting driven in the past 5 years or so and the 18 year old paint job was showing its age and the original interior also had some signs of age. We treated this classic Pony to  a fresh paint job, completely redid the interior, added fresh new dual exhaust and she is now close to showroom fresh and ready for the next lucky owner to enjoy….maybe you!!!?  I will do my best to provide you with enough large images, a video of the car running, and an honest description to help you decide if this ’68 Stang is the one you have been searching for. As with all of my classics I do have this mustang listed on several other websites in addition to my own. Therefore, if you decide you want to put this Pony in your stable before the next car guy or gal scoops it up, feel free to call me to discuss how we can make that happen! I am also a transport broker and can assist in getting you a great rate on enclosed transport anywhere in the country. I also welcome overseas buyers and can assist in getting this car to the port of your choice. Sit back and enjoy!!!
This ’68 Pony appears to be wearing all of its original sheet metal and with the ownership history that would make sense. The body panels are extremely straight and overall body gaps and fit are excellent. As mentioned previously, we treated this Mustang to a fresh paint job a few months ago and it truly glistens in the sunlight. It is a base coat/clear coat and looks great! We had it wet sanded and buffed out and the body is near flawless. Keep in mind we expect these to get driven so it is not a trailer queen, although it will certainly win its share of trophies at the local shows and would probably even do very well at some of the regional Mustang events. We added the white C-stripe which really accents the Acapulco blue color and white convertible top beautifully.  Front and rear bumpers look like new. All of the stainless, chrome trim and badges look great. There are a few minor dings on some of the wheel well trim but these are inexpensive to replace if desired. All of your glass looks excellent and there are some old Mustang Club decals on the rear side window glass. Windows all roll up and down nicely and seal up well. As you can see the rear valance is a GT style for the GT styled dual exhaust that we were told was dealer added at the time the car was purchased new.  Front grille also has the GT fog light set up again done at dealership we believe when the car was sold new.  To be clear, this is not an original GT car, it just has some of the nice features of the GT package. This Mustang also was ordered with the deluxe hood which has the dual lovers with turn signals built in which do work correctly.  Overall the body and paint are fantastic as you will see in the walk around photo tour below:
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Although I hope the next lucky owner enjoys this gorgeous Mustang with the top down as often as possible it is also nice to know that the power convertible top is in fantastic condition and operates smoothly. In fact, I think it is fair to say that this Mustang convertible looks almost as sweet with the top up as it does with it down. The color combination is simply outstanding! The top was replaced by the previous owner about 10 years ago and still looks great. The rear window is still crystal clear. When the top is down there is also a matching boot cover with pads for a neat finished look for the shows. Check it out:
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Complimenting the original Acapulco exterior color on this Mustang is the original 2 tone blue interior that was completely redone. We had brand new seat covers installed front and rear. New door panels, and rear interior panels. We puled the original carpeting and installed all new jute sound deadener padding and laid in brand new blue carpeting and finished it off with a great set of matching Pony Floor mats. Dash pad looks excellent. Center console looks fantastic and as you will see all of the courtesy lights in the console, rear panels, and under dash are working correctly. Gauge bezel looks great and all of the gauges appear to working correctly.  Original factory seat belts front and rear still look great. The original factory steering wheel also still looks great and is not separating like so many. I noticed one small crack developing and it is faded from 50 years but overall looks great. Original AM/FM radio I believe works as well.  Weatherstripping was replaced and looks great.  Overall, the interior also looks fantastic and is ready for the show season….check it out:
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So at this point hopefully you agree that this ’68 Pony Convertible looks amazing and you are wondering if it runs and drives as good as it looks. Well, the answer is yes!!! Keep in mind that this car has just under 86,450 original miles on it. Now, also keep in mind it was owned for the past 28 years by a gentleman whos family owned a Ford Dealership so needless to say it was serviced when needed and always extremely well maintained. This car is a C-code 289 V-8 which originally came with a 2bbl Carburetor. However, the previous owner liked a little more horsepower and added the 4bbl intake and carburetor to give this Mustang a few more ponies under the hood. At the same time he added a Cobra dress up kit to the engine bay.  This 289 fire right up and pulls super strong!!! The dual exhaust was starting to show its age so we recently ran all new pipes from the manifold back and used a great set of Magna Flow Mufflers so that this Pony sounds the way ti should under acceleration while rumbling softly at idle. This mustang is also easy and a joy to drive thanks to the smooth shifting C-4 automatic transmission and the Power Steering and Power brakes. It tracks straight and stops with ease. Rear end is the original with 2.79 gears for easy highway driving. It also runs nice and cool with no overheating issues. The engine bay has been nicely detailed so you will be proud to pop the hood at any of the local shows. 
One area of concern that should never be overlooked when purchasing a classic Mustang is the undercarriage/floorpans and trunk area. Well, no worries here!!! Wait until you see the pics of the undercarriage. Floorpans and torque boxes are rock solid and the undercarriage has been detailed in red oxide primer to maintain the rust free condition as well as looking great. Inside of trunk is also rock solid with no signs of rust. Nice trunk mat with an original spare finish out the trunk area. Original door trim tag and vin Plate on the dash. GT styled Fuel cap and original set of GT Wheels were also added at the dealership when this baby sold new. Very fresh set of BFG Radial TA’s with plenty of tread. 
Be sure to check out the video of this Mustang starting up and running after the pics below:
 photo 100_1580_zpsmqm4mwkp.jpg
 photo 100_1581_zpsqxlbicbg.jpg
 photo 100_1582_zpsjfuzdzhu.jpg
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Hopefully you can see that this Acapulco Blue ’68 Mustang convertible is truly a beautiful classic that will not only be a great investment but is also ready to drive and enjoy. As with all of my classics it is advertised on several other websites in addition to my own. I encourage serious buyers to call me at 770-359-8400 to discuss any questions you may have.  In addition to being a licensed classic car dealer I am also a transport broker (http://www.transporttime.com) and can assist in getting you great rates on enclosed transport anywhere in the country. I also welcome overseas buyers and can assist in getting this car to the port of your choice. 
 I will gladly answer any questions. If you are a serious buyer give me a call and I would be happy to discuss with you over the phone.
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