About This Vehicle
  • Odometer: 250
  • Engine:  350 V8 4bbl
  • Body Style: Convertible
  • Transmission:  Manual
  • Exterior Color:  Turquoise
  • Interior Color: Black
  • VIN:  223678U613786
Price:  SOLD

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About 4 years ago I purchased a Classic Ford Bronco from a gentleman in the Atlanta, GA area about an hour away from me. When I went to pick it up he gave me the tour of the rest of his classic car collection. He had about 8 other classics, all gorgeous, professionally restored cars that he had owned for quite a few years. The last car he showed me was at his law office inside a garage. It was a beautiful, Turquoise ’68 Pontiac Firebird Convertible that he had just finished having restored. He indicated that he was down sizing his collection so I asked how much he wanted for this beautiful Firebird. He told me that he would sell the others but was not interested in selling the Firebird as he just finished spending a lot of money on it and wanted to enjoy it a bit.I remember driving the Bronco back to my shop thinking how nice that Firebird looked. Well, 4 years later he was ready to sell it and I jumped at the chance to get it.  His law practice and travel schedule kept him quite busy leaving him little time to enjoy his classic cars so he decided to let this Firebird go to the next lucky owner to enjoy…maybe you!!!? I will do my best to provide enough large images, a video of the car running and an honest description to help you decide if this rare bird should be in your garage. 
As with all of my classics I do have this ’68 Firebird Convertible advertised on my website and several others. If you decide this is the one you have been searching for and want to scoop it up before the next car guy or gal does feel free to call me to discuss how we can make that happen I am also a licensed transport broker and can assist in getting you great rates on Enclosed Transport anywhere in the US. I also welcome overseas buyers and can assist in making transport arrangements to the port of your choice. Sit back and enjoy!!
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The paint and body on this ’68 Firebird convertible are absolutely beautiful. The gentleman I purchased it from had traded another one of his classics for this car about 6 years ago right after the previous owner had completely the restoration of the body. It is believed that the car spent most of its life in the Georgia area so the body was pretty much rust free prior to restoration. It was treated to a very high quality repaint in the original color called Meridian Turquoise. This color really pops and has a light metallic in it that glimmers in the bright sunshine and takes on a darker tone in the shade. The body is super straight and body panel fit is excellent. It may have all of its original body panels, or if any were replaced they did a very professional job.  All of the chrome and trim appears to have been replaced at the time the body was restored and look like new. Front spoiler was added for a sportier look. You will notice that this Firebird has a nice stance thanks in part to the Year One 17″ Rally II wheels. I was tempted to lower the car an inch or two since the lower profile tires leave a little more room in the rear wheel wells but will leave this up to the next owner if they desire. All of the glass looks great and windows operate smoothly. Weatherstripping was all replaced as well. The paint and body are really near flawless but to be safe lets assume there might be a tiny rock chip or two I may have missed. There is a really tiny scratch in the center area behind the convertible top in front of the trunk that is barely noticeable. The original Cocktail Shaker harmonic dampeners are still in place in the trunk and up front.  There is no doubt this Firebird will win its share of trophies at the local shows and events if that is what you enjoy. I think the walk around photo tour of the body below will show you just how nice it is.
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I always prefer to drive my classic convertibles with the top down as often as possible but it is also nice to know that this ’68 Firebird Convertible also received a brand new White convertible power top that looks like new and operates smoothly. The power top frame was also restored and painted at the time of restoration.  The white top really provides a great contrast to the Meridian Turquoise color so this Firebird actually looks really sweet with the top up too. When you are enjoying the sun in your face and wind in your hair there is a brand new boot cover giving the car a more finished look. Here are some pics with the top up:
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Complimenting the Meridian Turquoise exterior is a completely restored black interior. The original interior color was actually white according to the trim tag but I think it is hard to argue that the black looks just as good. Everything looks like new from the door panels to the dash pad, seat covers, carpeting, and trim.  Seats are very comfortable with new foam put in at time of restoration. Nice aftermarket center console with cup holders sits behind the new Hurst 4-speed shifter. Beautiful set of Dakota analog and digital gauges sit in the original gauge pods and provide all of the critical info when driving this beauty plus all kinds of date if desired like your 0-60 times and other fun data. Gorgeous replica Pontiac Wood Rim steering wheel from Classic Industries was installed. New Vintage Air Conditioning and Heat was installed and works great. Nice tunes from the updated Kenwood AM/FM/CD stereo neatly mounted in the dash with speakers in the front kick panels. Factory seats belts for front and rear passengers. The interior looks close to brand new with the only item missing that I noted being the air vent levers in the lower front kick panels. A nice set of Pontiac carpeted floor mats finish out the interior.  Check out how nice the interior of this Firebird is:
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At this point you might be wondering if this ’68 runs and drives as good as it looks? ABSOLUTELY!! In fact the drivetrain is even fresher than the body and interior restoration. While the car looked fantastic when the previous owner got it in the trade 6 years ago, the motor was weak and the suspension was older so he spent a ton of $$$ making sure this Firebird ran and handled as good as it looked. He started with a GM Performance Crate 350/290 hp V8 with all kinds of polished goodies on the motor including a polished Edelbrock Performer intake, Holley 4bbl, Ceramic Coated Headers and more. This motor has barely been broken in with just under 250 miles on it. Power steering makes handling a breeze and front and rear suspension are all new with new shocks, have duty front and rear springs, spindles, wheel bearings, tie rods, and more.  Stopping is also easy as can be with a new power front disc brake set up. Driving is not just easy but fun thanks to the rebuilt 4-speed transmission and Hurst shifter. To make sure this car runs cool in any climate a Be Cool Aluminum Radiator was added and an electric fan was added in addition to the stock clutch fan. This Bird fires up right away with the electronic ignition and brand new Interstate battery. Of course she also sounds as good as she looks breathing through the ceramic coated headers and out the turbo mufflers for a great muscle car tone. 10 bolt GM rear end was also gone through with a nice set of highway friendly gears that also provide plenty of stop light to stop light fun if desired.  As I mentioned previously she sits on a brand new set of Year One 17″ Rally II wheels wrapped in Michelins with under 200 miles on them. I drove this car back to my shop about an hour and she drives fantastic!!!Engine bay is nicely detailed and clean so you can proudly pop the hood at any show or cruise-in event.  Inside of the trunk has been finished off nicely with the correct mat and spatter paint. The undercarriage has also been nicely detailed and is clean as a whistle. Floorpans look great and are rock solid with no rust issues. 
Make sure you watch and listen to the video below to hear her start up and running. 



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At this point hopefully you can see that this ’68 Firebird Convertible is truly an investment quality classic that was professionally restored and built to be driven and enjoyed. I am confident that the next lucky owner is going to be absolutely thrilled when this beauty arrives to their driveway.  Since I do have it advertised on several other sites in addition to my own, serious buyers can feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 with any questions or to discuss how they can scoop it up before the next car guy or gal does. I welcome overseas buyers and can assist in getting great rate on Enclosed Transport anywhere in the US or to the port of your choice. 


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