About This Vehicle
  • Mileage: 500
  • Engine: V8
  • Body Style: SUV
  • Transmission:  Manual
  • Exterior Color: Copper
  • Interior Color: Black
  • VIN:  U15GLE13230
Price: SOLD
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As some of you may know we listed 3 Early ford Bronco Classics For Sale on Ebay last month and all 3 were sold during the 7 day auction period and are in the hands of 3 lucky new owners across the country. We received many emails and phone calls from disappointed guys and gals who missed out on them. Well, this month we have 3 more fantastic first generation Broncos that we will be listing. This 1969 Copper Metallic beauty is the first and is in amazing condition, completely restored and ready to show and go!! Pictured below are the other 2 Broncos that we will also be listing. We will be listing a 2-tone Rangoon Red and Wimbledon White ’76  that has a ground pounding 351 V8 and a really sweet Turquoise 1970 Bronco. All 3 of these Broncos are investment quality, professionally restored Classics.  If either of the others catch your eye feel free to call me to get more information.  This auction is only for the ’69 Copper Bronco!
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If you have been searching for an amazing Early Bronco Classic that is ready to cruise to the beach, mountains, kids sporting event,  or the next car show then get ready because this Copper Metallic beauty might just be the one you have been waiting for!! The gentleman we purchased this Bronco from had owned several Early Broncos over the years and located this one in Florida from a guy who had started a full frame off restoration but due to some financial issues could not quite complete the project.  The Bronco was then completed to a very high level by the gentleman in Georgia who we purchased it from.  As he was completing the Bronco a friend offered him the opportunity to buy a very high end H2 Hummer so he needed to sell the Bronco.  Lucky us, and now….Lucky you!!! There has been a ton of time and money spent to bring this sweet rig to the condition and look you will see here.  This is a Bronco you will be proud to take to any show or cruise-in and will surely win your share of trophies if that is something you enjoy. The entire drivetrain was completely rebuilt so this is also a Bronco you can get in, drive and enjoy!! I will do my best to provide enough large images, a video of the Bronco running, and an honest description to help you determine if this is the one to add to your stable!!! If you think it is I highly recommend you call me to see if we can negotiate a price to get it in to your garage before the next car guy or gal does!!  Sit back and enjoy!
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As I mentioned I was told that the owner in Florida had begun a full frame off restoration and the paint and body work was completed about a year ago.  I was told that there was some rust in the rockers which is common on these so they were professionally replaced with the correct metal rockers.  Otherwise the body was extremely solid and was stripped and then treated to a very nice quality paint job in an absolutely gorgeous Copper Metallic color that truly stands out!!  Body panels are very straight and overall body panel fit is excellent. Side body chrome trim was completely replaced as well as all emblems, bumpers, side mirrors and other exterior trim.  The hood was accented with a great looking black out treatment that was painted on giving the Bronco the aggressive look it deserves. Brand new, high quality black fender flares were also installed.  Rather then using the typical plain jane gas cap the owner installed a really cool flip open gas cap.  He also decided to give the rear quarter panels a cleaner look by eliminating the body lines where the rear quarter meets the rear taillight bezels. While this gives this truck a very clean look I want to mention that the weight of the spare tire holder has caused a slight hairline crack in the paint on the passenger side. Other then that there are barely any other flaws on the body that I have seen other then maybe a tiny rock chip or two that have been touched up and one small along the top edge where the hard top gets installed that was touched up. Roll bar looks great and was powered coated black for extra durability. Glass is all in great condition and front windows have been tinted and there is a tint along the top portion of the windshield as well.  
This Bronco has a perfect, aggressive stance and look, and will definitely catch all the attention you can handle wherever you take it.  I personally love the combination of the updated color combination and lift kit paired with the original style wheels with upgraded BFG All-terrain tires…..just a great Classic Bronco look! Here is a walk around photo tour of the body:
 photo 100_3419_zps37554745.jpg
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I personally think these Early Bronco Classics are best enjoyed with the hard top off but it is also nice to know that this sweet ’69 does come with an original hard top that is in excellent condition if needed. The paint quality on the hard top is not as nice as the truck itself but still looks great. We will ship the Bronco with the hard top on the truck for out of state buyers. We will also be including a brand new black Bikini top that the new owner can use if desired as well.  The windows in the hard top have also been tinted like the other windows. Most people who buy these Broncos tend to remove the hard top and never use it. If that sounds like you just let us know and we will be glad to keep the hard top so it will not end up taking up space in your garage. Here is a look with the hard top installed.
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The high quality restoration certainly did not stop at the exterior. Almost every component of the interior of this Bronco is new or restored. Again, what I particularly like is the highly original look with original style seats and dash but with some very nice upgrades like the Tuffy lock box center console, rear interior panels, and upgraded stereo. Seats front and rear are brand new. Carpeting is all brand new and there is a great set of matching Bronco floor mats. Hurst 3-speed shifter, 4wd shifter lever, and aftermarket tach neatly mounted, all new and look great. Dash pad is new. Great looking aftermarket steering wheel and Bronco scripted trim along the dash. The Tuffy locking center console looks great and hides the Kenwood CD Stereo system. There are 6 JL speakers neatly mounted throughout the truck for some great tunes on those sunny day drives. All of the gauges, controls, lights appear to be working properly inside this Bronco. The entire interior was professionally rhino lined prior to the carpet kit and interior panels being installed. New, new, new….that is the best way to describe the interior on this awesome ’69 Bronco. Original Vin# identification tag still mounted on the glove box door. Take a look inside:
 photo 100_3394_zpsfbc1141c.jpg
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Wait, the fun doesn’t stop with just good looks!! How about a completely rebuilt drive train including what is believed to be the original 302 that we were told was professionally rebuilt a little over a year ago with less then 1000 miles since the rebuild. We also have a receipt for over $1500 showing the transmission and transfer case were completely rebuilt and a new clutch was installed just 600 miles ago. New plugs, wires,alternator, belts and electronic ignition also recently installed. Completely new wiring harnesses. Gauge cluster was rebuilt and set to zero and now shows just over 800 miles since the drivetrain was rebuilt. Edelbrock 4bbl carb feeds the fuel and this 302 pulls strong and hard. Breathing out a nice set of headers and great sounding dual exhaust this Bronco is fairly quiet at idle and sounds great under acceleration as you can hear in the video that follows. As you will see the engine bay has been very nicely detailed for show purposes and a great set of hood lift supports have been installed which are great to have with these big heavy hoods. The only thing that was not done was to replace the heater box as the previous owner was going to install a Vintage A/c system but decided to sell it before he got to doing that.   Suspension is all new and a 3.5 inch lift kit was recently installed. New springs front and rear and new bushings and bolts every where. Manual steering but this is a relatively easy Bronco to drive and handle but remember it is a 1969 Bronco and not a brand new SUV.  Stopping this Bronco is a breeze with the newly installed Power brakes with all new drums, shoes, wheels cylinders and brake lines. Close to brand new set of 33×12.5×15 BFG All Terrain tires mounted on Original Bronco wheels offers a great ride on or off road and the look is awesome!! New Fuel tank. The undercarriage looks as good as the rest of this Bronco is in absolutely beautiful condition with no rust issues!!!! This Bronco drives awesome and runs cool…..ready for Spring and summer driving fun!!! Take a look and be sure to also listen to the video that follows to hear it running. 
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 photo 100_3330_zps9307db8a.jpg
 photo 100_3331_zps18cd6fdd.jpg
 photo 100_3332_zpsf5058a60.jpg
 photo 100_3333_zps4982b13a.jpg
 photo 100_3334_zps87cf77cc.jpg
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 photo 100_2948_zpsc925452b.jpg
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As I am sure you can tell this Bronco has definitely undergone a professional, high level restoration with tons of $$$ spent to get it to the condition you see here. I have many receipts totaling over $11,000 and these receipts do not include the engine rebuild, original cost of the Bronco, Paint and body work, suspension work, etc…..The receipts are primarily for all of the parts that were ordered during the course of restoration and give you an idea of what it costs to get one to this condition. If you have been thinning about buying one that needs restoration, think again!!!! 
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If you follow any of the Classic Car auctions that run across the country you have probably noticed how hot these Early Broncos have gotten.  Rightfully so as they are really a blast to drive and certainly draw a crowd wherever they go. What I  love is that you can put your family or friends in this rig and get out and drive and enjoy it!! The challenge is finding one that has been well taken care of, professionally restored, and is turn-key ready to be enjoyed.  This particular Bronco is a very high quality truck, with a lot of $$$$ spent on it and will make it’s next owner smile from ear to ear when it arrives at their driveway…..shouldn’t that be you?? If you would like to discuss a price that can put this Bronco in your garage before the next guy or gal gets it then feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 to discuss it.  Many of my auctions end early as I will happy to negotiate a deal with serious buyers and reserve the right to end the auction early if this happens.  I will not reveal my reserve price by phone or email so please do not ask.


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If you have any questions feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 and I will do my best to answer them.  If you are a serious buyer lets talk on the phone and discuss it. I will be happy to negotiate a deal so we can get this beautiful car in to your garage as soon as possible.  In addition to being a licensed Classic Car Dealer I am also a Transport Broker and will be happy to assist the buyer with a great rate on Enclosed or Open Transport anywhere in the US at the buyers expense or to any port for overseas buyers.