About This Vehicle
  • Odometer: 1,500
  • Engine:  454 V8
  • Body Style: Truck
  • Transmission: Auto
  • Exterior Color: Black
  • Interior Color: Black
  • VIN:  136800L155705
Price: SOLD
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One of the great things about living in the South is not only the great weather but also the number of great car folks who have lived here most of their life.  I recently purchased a beautiful classic Mustang convertible from a guy in Jasper, GA and we started talking a bit and he told me about a fe guys he knew that have accumulated some beautiful car collections. He offered to set up some meetings so I could take a look at what they had. Sure enough, one of the gentleman had a fantastic collection of high end 30’s Street Rods and a few other classics.  He started to tell me about all of the events and shows he went to and then pointed to a sweet 1970 Black El Camino and said, ” this is the one I like to drive when I go to any of the events”.  I started walking around it as he told me that it was a California car all its life until about 5 years go when he had shipped here to Georgia. We talked a bit longer and I learned more about his life and how his wife has passed years ago. His enjoyment for the events had dwindled since then and he decided it might be time to thin the herd a little bit.  I have always admired El Caminos but never owned one so I made him an offer and the next day drove it 40 miles back to our showroom. It was 90+ degrees the day I drove it home and this 1970 big block 454 V8 thundered down the road with ease running nice and cool and drawing smiles and thumbs up the whole way.  Now granted, this is not a true SS car from the factory, but other then dash gauges not being converted I do no think you would ever know. Regardless, the condition of this car stands out, the rebuilt 454 runs out beautifully and the car is loaded up with Automatic, Power Steering, Power brakes , Air conditioning, Buckets, center console, etc. It also has a very high end custom tonneau cover and nice stereo system so it is car/truck that you can truly get in and drive and enjoy.  It will win its share of trophies at the local shows if that is what you enjoy.  I will do my best to provide enough large images, a video of it running and an honest description to help you determine if this ground pounding El Camino belongs in your stable. As with all of our classics, we do have this car on our website and several others. So, if you want to make sure it heads to your garage before the next car guy or gal scoops it up feel free to give me a call to discuss how we can make that happen. Sit back and enjoy!!
As I mentioned this was a California car all of its life until it arrived here in Sunny Georgia 5 years ago. It was produced in the Los Angeles facility and has obviously lived a rust free, pampered life.  The previous owner bought the car pretty much exactly as you will see it here. The owner before him had the car repainted in Tuxedo Black base/clear approximately 10 years ago but as you will see the paint shines like it was done yesterday!! I will again state that this car was born an El Camino and not a SS car. The SS badges were added by a previous owner and the car has a correct 454 V8, correct suspension and other components found on an original SS car.  The body is super straight and I have a few pics that will show you just how nice the body gaps are.  The white stripes on the hood are painted on and cleared over.  This El Camino does have a correct Cowl hood with a functional cowl induction that appears to only need a few lines and correct breather to be made functional. As it sits the flap is set up in the open position for air flow and cool looks. The paint is outstanding!!! I will not say flawless, but I would consider it show quality for the local show groups and any imperfections will not show up in pics and are very hard to see even upon close inspection. There may be a few really tiny rock chips but I did not notice anything that stood out. The black vinyl roof looks like new with no signs of bubbling or issues underneath it. I did not see any bubbles or signs of rust or previous rust repair and I believe this car is wearing all of its original sheet metal. Chrome and stainless trim all look excellent. Glass all looks excellent and windows roll up and down nicely.  I think the walk around tour of photos below will show you how awesome this El Camino is….take a look:
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Complimenting the tuxedo black exterior is an equally sharp black interior. Bucket seats with center console for the look you would expect in this muscle car/truck. Seats appear to have been redone and are super comfortable. Door panels, dash pad, carpeting, headliner, all look fantastic! Nice tilt steering column with a nice aftermarket steering wheel. As you can see the only real giveaway item that tells the experts that this is not a true SS car is the rectangular speedometer that is original to the car. It would have been easy and still is easy to convert this to the round gauge pod dash that a true SS car would have but at the end of the day this car is so nice who really cares. All of the gauges and electronics appear to be functioning correctly. A nice set of gauges are mounted under the dash to give you the crucial info on oil pressure, and temperature. Factory Air conditioning was converted to R134 refrigerant and is currently blowing cool but needs a charge to be blowing really cold. The previous owner said it always worked but that he charged it up each season so there must be a slow leak somewhere. A nice aftermarket cd stereo was added and they did a good job but there is a small piece of plastic under the head unit that is missing.  Speakers are mounted in the dash and then an amp and larger speakers sit behind the front seats. I think you will see that the interior pretty much looks as good as the exterior. The El Camino is an awesome blend of muscle car and truck. This El Camino was treat to a really sweet custom tonnea cover that seals up very nicely.  The material is a heavy canvas and it is solid…not some cheap snap on cover!! The bed area was lined with bead liner that is durable and functional. No signs of rust in the bed area! Here is a look inside:
 photo 100_3729_zpsgdwlrhjs.jpg
 photo 100_3718_zpso6bhdnuj.jpg
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Lets get under the hood for a second. This El Camino has 454 badges on it because that is exactly what lies beneath the Cowl Induction hood!! We do not have all kinds of details on the motor as it was rebuilt by the guy in California prior to arriving in Georgia. It was running great but the previous owner wanted a slightly more aggressive cam and had one installed in 2011. He gave us the Comp Cams card with the specs and said that when they replaced the cam it was obvious that the motor was very fresh. Edelbrock performer intake and 4bbl carburetor supply the fuel.  As you will see the air cleaner has a 400hp sticker on it which I think may be a bit of an exaggeration. I would guess the actual hp at closer to 350 which is certainly plenty!!! Better yet, this black beauty is capable of cruising at 80 mph without turning high rpms so it is a pleasure to drive any distance. It stills has plenty of off the line giddy up but the previous owner loved it for its reliability and smoothness on the road. It is a breeze to drive thanks to the turbo 400 automatic transmission, the power steering and power front disc brakes.  This El Camino glides along the road but with the F41 suspension and front sway bar still handles the curves with ease. Nice set of headers breathing out a sweet sounding set of dual pipes that exit behind the rear wheels.   MSD electronic ignition and Optima Red Top battery keep this baby firing up reliably. As I stated earlier it has a correct cowl induction hood and most of the components appear to be in place to make it functional if desired. The engine bay is clean and nicely detailed so you can proudly pop the hood at the shows and cruise-ins.  This cars life in California is further evidenced by the original, rock solid floorpans. The underside of the doors also is in amazing condition.  Great stance from the polished 17″ wheels wrapped in staggered set of radials, 275/40/17 in back and 235/45/17 up front with plenty of tread life left. I have driven this car to several cruise-ins and it really drives fantastic. I can understand why this was the car in the previous owners collection that he chose when he went to the Pigeon Forge Rod Run in TN, or Dayton Turkey Run in FL.  I added a video below so you can hear this baby start up and running!
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 photo 100_3745_zpswwhow76l.jpg
 photo 100_3746_zpsbxjuxeyk.jpg
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Hopefully, at this point you can see just how awesome this 1970 El Camino is! It is certainly rare to find one this nice set up with all the goodies and it is a classic you can get in to at a reasonable price now that you can also drive and enjoy…I like to think of it is a 401k that you can actually enjoy!!

We welcome serious buyers to call us to discuss a price that will put this awesome classic in your garage before the next car guy or gal scoops it up. 
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If you have any questions feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 and I will do my best to answer them.  If you are a serious buyer lets talk on the phone and discuss it. In addition to being a licensed Classic Car Dealer I am also a Transport Broker and will be happy to assist the buyer with a great rate on Enclosed or Open Transport anywhere in the US at the buyers expense or to any port for overseas buyers.
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