About This Vehicle
  • Mileage: 124,100
  • Engine: V8
  • Body Style: Convertible
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Exterior Color: Turquoise
  • Interior Color: Gray
  • VIN:  U15GLG53921
Price: SOLD
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There is no denying that the Early Ford Broncos are becoming highly sought after in the collector car market and rightfully so! These convertible 4-wheel drive rigs are a blast to drive and truly attract all the attention you can handle on the road and at the shows and cruise-ins. Many of you have probably seen the last 4 Early Broncos we listed for sale over the last 6 weeks and noticed that each one of them sold very quickly. I am pretty certain this gorgeous ’70 Bronco will also draw quite a bit of interest an will sell quickly so do not hesitate if it catches your eye!!!  This Bronco received a complete restoration about 4 years ago and is begging to be driven and enjoyed.
 If you have been searching for an amazing Early Bronco Classic that is ready to cruise to the beach, mountains, kids sporting event,  or the next car show then get ready because “BIG TURQ” might just be the one you have been waiting for!! 
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The gentleman we acquired this ’70 Bronco from as a true car enthusiast who had a summer home on Cape Cod. He thought this would be an awesome 4wd SUV to enjoy with his family in the summer time but when it arrived to him 3 years ago it was even nicer then he expected it to be and he treated it more like a show car then something he would just cruise around in.  In fact he only put about 400 miles on this Bronco in the 3 years he owned it and, with several other toys in the garage, he could no longer justify keeping it so he decided it was time to pass it along to the next lucky owner…. maybe you!!  This Bronco received an extensive restoration about 4 years ago that was done by a company in Oregon that specializes in Early Broncos.  They had purchased this Bronco in New Mexico where it spent its whole life in a dry, rust free environment.  It had all of its original body panels and was simply in need of a thorough cosmetic and mechanical restoration.  A ton of money was poured in to the restoration and the end result is an amazing looking and driving 1970 Bronco that the next owner is going to be extremely pleased and proud to own. This is a Bronco you will be proud to take to any show or cruise-in and will surely win your share of trophies if that is something you enjoy. The entire drivetrain was completely rebuilt so this is also a Bronco you can get in, drive and enjoy!! I will do my best to provide enough large images, a video of the Bronco running, and an honest description to help you determine if this is the one to add to your stable!!! If you think it is I highly recommend you call me to see if we can negotiate a price to get it in to your garage before the next car guy or gal does!!  Sit back and enjoy!
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“Big Turq’s” body is in near flawless condition and the paint quality is fantastic and I would call it show quality although everyone in the hobby seems to have a different opinion on what constitutes show quality so I will simply say it is extremely nice and let you judge for yourself.  This Bronco clearly lived in a dry rust-free climate and I was told it spent most, if not all its life in New Mexico prior to the restoration.  The original paint was stripped down, body was etch primed and a two-stage professional paint job was performed.  The restoration shop indicated that the Bronco had its original body panels with no sign of damage or accidents once the paint was stripped off and the body was disassembled for paint.  Keep in mind this restoration was done 4 years ago, however, you would think it was just completed judging by the condition. The only flaws I noticed were a few small chips that were touched up on the top of the tailgate which most likely occurred when the hard top was removed.  Body panels align extremely well and doors open and close easily and line up great.  Bumpers, emblems and chrome trim look new.  A very nice 4-point Family style roll bar was installed and the top rails were nicely padded. Custom Stainless trim pieces bolt of the bed rails for when the hard top is not being used which provides a nice finished look. 
This Bronco has a perfect, aggressive stance and look, and will definitely catch all the attention you can handle wherever you take it. Here is a walk around photo tour of the body:
 photo 100_3984_zpse841fd72.jpg
 photo 100_3911_zps137b7f7c.jpg
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I personally think these Early Bronco Classics are best enjoyed with the hard top off but it is also nice to know that this sweet ’70 does come with an original hard top that is in excellent condition if needed. As you will notice this hard top also has what is believed to be a rare, optional, factory luggage rack that is in great condition. We will ship the Bronco with the hard top on the truck for out of state buyers. We will also be including a White Bikini top that the new owner can use if desired as well.  The windows in the hard top are a special glass called azuria which is supposed to keep out 95% of the direct heat and let in 65% of the visible light. The color also accents the color of the Bronco really nicely.  Most people who buy these Broncos tend to remove the hard top and never use it. If that sounds like you just let us know and we will be glad to keep the hard top so it will not end up taking up space in your garage. Here is a look with the hard top installed.
 photo 100_3864_zpsb40d4998.jpg
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Complimenting the beautiful Turquoise exterior is a custom light grey interior. Original front seats, door panels, and rear interior quarter panels are all covered in matching custom light grey color.  The rear seat is an updated fold and tumble seat with seats belts. The front seats have three point seat belts installed for added safety. THe interior floors were painted at the time of restoration with factory type insulation on the floor boards.  Sounds mat was laid down in the rest of the interior and then a custom grey carpeting was installed. Great sounding Kenwood AM/FM/CD i-pod/mp3 stereo with remote was neatly installed in the dash and 4 Kenwood speakers were professionally installed in the rear quarter panels. There is also a CB located in the Tuffy Lock box center console although I am not sure if that works. There is also a new dash pad and the sun visors were dyed to match the interior. Custom Bronco steering wheel and Toms Bronco floor mats finish the interior off nicely.  The dash was painted to match the interior and all of the gauges and lights appear to be working correctly.  Overall the interior is in fantastic condition and ready for the shows.  Here is a look inside:
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The engine bay hs been nicely detailed out as well and just about everything in the drivetrain of this sweet Bronco is new or rebuilt. The 302 was completely rebuilt and has a RV Cam for good low end power. There are less then 500 miles on the motor since it was rebuilt.  Motor is topped off with a Holley off-road 390cfm 4bbl carburetor. All new distributor, cap, ignition, wires, belts, hoses, radiator and billet pulleys were installed at time of restoration as well.  Nice dress up kit with Ford Racing Valve covers and original air cleaner. Great tone from the Magnaflow exhaust  exiting the dual pipes that was done at restoration. Steering is a breeze thanks to the brand new delphi steering box and saginaw power steering pump. New Power brake system from Toms Bronco Parts was installed making stopping a breeze as well. The E-brake assembly was redone and works well.  This Bronco pulls nicely though the gears thanks to brand new clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing and the rebuilt NP 435 4-speed Transmission. Dana 20 front transfer case and 9″ rear end were also rebuilt.  First gear is pretty much a granny gear which is great in those steep hill situations. This Bronco is fun to drive at all speeds and handles extremely well at highway speeds as well as on local roads. Suspension front and rear is tight and right thanks to all new components including tie-rods, knuckles and ball joints, 11-pack rear leaf springs, spring bushings, shocks all around and much more! This Bronco also has a great stance thanks to the 3 1/2 inch lift kit from Toms Bronco Parts and Pro Comp.  This Bronco rides great thanks in part to the almost brand new set of Ultra Eagle II Alloy wheels wrapped in Wild Country 33×12.5×15 All Terrain Rubber.  The spare is the same and mounted on the original spare tire holder.  Undercarriage was highly detailed and painted to match and shows very nicely. Floorpans are all rock solid. This Bronco drives and handles beautifully and is ready to hit the roads, beach, or wherever you want to go… “Big Turq” is ready to go!!! Take a look and then be sure to listen to the short video to hear Big Turq start up and running. 
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If you follow any of the Classic Car auctions that run across the country you have probably noticed how hot these Early Broncos have gotten.  Rightfully so as they are really a blast to drive and certainly draw a crowd wherever they go. The challenge is finding one that has been well taken care of, professionally restored, and is turn-key ready to be enjoyed.  This particular Bronco is a very high quality truck, with a lot of $$$$ spent on it and will make it’s next owner smile from ear to ear when it arrives at their driveway…..shouldn’t that be you?? If you would like to discuss a price that can put this Bronco in your garage before the next guy or gal gets it then feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 to discuss it.  Many of my auctions end early as I will happy to negotiate a deal with serious buyers and reserve the right to end the auction early if this happens.  I will not reveal my reserve price by phone or email so please do not ask.


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 If you have any questions feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 and I will do my best to answer them.  If you are a serious buyer lets talk on the phone and discuss it. I will be happy to negotiate a deal so we can get this beautiful car in to your garage as soon as possible.  In addition to being a licensed Classic Car Dealer I am also a Transport Broker and will be happy to assist the buyer with a great rate on Enclosed or Open Transport anywhere in the US at the buyers expense or to any port for overseas buyers.