About This Vehicle
  • Odometer: 134,995
  • Engine: 350 V8 Original Match # Rebuilt
  • Body Style: Convertible
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Exterior Color: Blue
  • Interior Color: Blue
  • VIN:  1Z67J3S407324
Price: $29,900
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If you’ve wanted a Vette since you were a kid, you’ve waited long enough!
Looking for a truly gorgeous 1973 Corvette Convertible that has been beautifully restored and runs and drives as good as it looks?
Do you recognize the value of having a Matching # motor when making an investment in a classic Corvette? How about a matching # 350 V8 that was professionally rebuilt and upgraded to offer quite a bit more horsepower than stock?
Would you like your Vette to be an absolute blast to drive and have a smooth shifting 4-speed plus Power steering and Power front disc brakes?
Are you hoping to buy one that truly stands out in a crowd with an outstanding color combination with paint that dances in the sun and will win its share of trophies at the local shows?
Well, if you have been shaking your head yes, this Blue Metallic Beauty might very well be the one you have been searching for!!
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About a month ago a gentleman stopped by my showroom to see my operation and also talk to me about a 1973 Corvette Convertible he had been restoring over the past year.  He had sunk way too much money in to the car and had way too many cars in his collection so he decided he would pass this stunningly restored ’73 Vette Convertible to someone who will truly cherish it….maybe you???!! He was a Porsche enthusiast at heart but had come across this beautiful Corvette about a year ago and decided to add it to his collection. One of the things that attracted him to this car was the great history and the fact that it was a Matching #, original motor that had already been professionally rebuilt.  Also, the car has spent practically its entire life in Georgia documented by an original Title dated in September, 1976. The original owner purchased it in New York in November, 1972 and then moved to Georgia in 1976.  We believe the car only had 4 owners and there is a good bit of receipt history and paperwork to document this.  Well, he never does things half way so he proceeded to have the car professionally restored so that it would not only be an enjoyable investment classic to look at, but also a car that could be driven and enjoyed with no worries.  The result is a jaw-dropping, eye-catching iconic 1973 Corvette Convertible that is ready for the next lucky owner to drive and enjoy, take to the shows and cruise-ins, or simply add to their collection.  Occasionally I will take a car on consignment when it makes the most sense for everyone. I am very selective and the car has to be a very high quality car from a reputable owner. This car definitely met these criteria and the owner dropped the car off to me a few days ago to put on the market for him.  I will do my best to provide enough large images, a video of the car running, and  an honest description to help you decide if this Corvette should be in your garage. As with all of my classics I do have this car advertised on several other websites in addition to my own. Therefore, if you want to scoop it up before the next car guy or gal does feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 to talk about how we can make that happen.  I have sold cars to enthusiasts all over the world and welcome overseas buyers. Sit back and enjoy!!
The 1973 Corvette Stingray was a true production sports car made in the USA at a time when no other sports car could say that. The 1973 year model is unique in several ways, one of which is the introduction of the front rubber bumper and was the only year that the rubber front bumper and chrome rear bumper were used at the same time. The introduction of the cold air induction styled hood was another styling cue and 1973 was the first year that radial tires were offered on the Corvette. Production numbers for the convertible were relatively low at 4943 and of course even fewer with a 4-speed transmission.  There are quite a few more features that make the 1973 Corvette stand out among C-3 Corvettes! 
Lets talk about this specific 1973 Metallic Blue beauty and then have a walk around photo tour of the body.  As you will see the curves and lines on this Vette are highlighted by the glistening Blue Metallic color that truly dances in the sunshine! The original paint color code is 927 on the trim tag which was called Dark Blue or Targa Blue.  This car had received a repaint many years ago before the current buyer bought it and the color was what you see on the car now. The paint was showing its age but the body itself was in fantastic condition.  He had the car professionally repainted in base/clear in the same color the car was when he got it and I believe it is a slightly brighter color of blue than stock but is jaw-dropping gorgeous! The paint work was finished about 7 months ago and I really did not see a chip or scratch anywhere but to be safe lets assume there might be something very small I missed.  There is a very small imperfection in the front nose under the paint but not very noticeable. The chrome bumpers, windshield moldings and lower body moldings look fantastic. Body panels are extremely straight and appear all original and this is believed to be a no hit, all original body panel car although I believe the front bumper was replaced at some point. Headlight doors operate smoothly. All of the glass is in great condition and windows roll up and down nicely.  The body and paint are beautiful and this car will win its share of trophies at the local shows if that is what you enjoy! I think the pics will show you what you want to see:
 photo 100_7402_zpsl9kaidwv.jpg
 photo 100_7400_zpscjvw0mdi.jpg
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As you can see this ’73 Convertible looks amazing with the top down which is how I hope the future owner will enjoy the car most of the time but it is also nice to know that the White soft top is also in excellent condition, rear window is crystal clear and the car looks almost as good with the soft top up. All new weatherstripping.  The soft top operates with ease and and seals up very nicely.  Check it out:
 photo 100_7460_zps2gkwacz5.jpg
 photo 100_7457_zpslej6ukid.jpg
 photo 100_7459_zpskevf8zav.jpg
 photo 100_7458_zpsw8pjylyo.jpg
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For those of you in the colder climates who might want to enjoy this car year round and have the benefit of a hard top, you are in luck. This ’73 Convertible does have the optional matching hard top that was repainted at the same time as the rest of the car and matches beautifully.  Again this car looks awesome even with the hard top on….take a look:
 photo 100_7621_zpsfsx5gcqj.jpg
 photo 100_7624_zpsudxgqngh.jpg
 photo 100_7606_zpsyzjyldhf.jpg
 photo 100_7605_zpsyrzec5sj.jpg
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 photo 100_7604_zpsk8dsmbwg.jpg
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Complimenting the glistening blue metallic exterior is an equally beautiful blue interior.  According to the trim tag this car came with a color 413 dark blue interior which it still has although the seats have been recovered in a super comfortable combination of original leather and a suede-like cloth insert that looks great and is super comfortable and cool to sit on even in the summer heat. The seats feel like they have had new seat foams as well.  Door panels, carpeting, dash, and center console all look amazing. Carpets were replaced with correct  new sound deadener. Quite a few knobs and handles were also recently replaced so that the interior looks close to brand new! All of the weatherstripping was completely replaced.  All of the gauges and lights  appear to be working correctly INCLUDING the clock!  Original FM radio still in place and still works. Tilt steering works nicely.  Overall the interior is as nice as the exterior and ready for the shows and those summer cruises!! Have a look inside:
 photo 100_7473_zpslmykbrrn.jpg
 photo 100_7489_zpsiszeyxql.jpg
 photo 100_7490_zpsqpuu4bz7.jpg
 photo 100_7491_zpshjl2t8qu.jpg
 photo 100_7493_zps5veggzuz.jpg
 photo 100_7494_zpsbpahmdvj.jpg
 photo 100_7495_zpswzrclody.jpg
 photo 100_7480_zpsuzr3hpku.jpg
 photo 100_7481_zpsihg2dubb.jpg
 photo 100_7498_zpsm7akyrm7.jpg
 photo 100_7485_zpse1mrtvdi.jpg
 photo 100_7499_zpsercvptw8.jpg
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While this ’73 Vette Convertible stands out cosmetically, perhaps even more importantly it stands heads and shoulders above most 1973 Corvettes on the market when it comes to the drivetrain and suspension!!  Under the hood sits the original, Matching # 350 V8 that was originally rated at just 190hp. Thanks to the thoughtfulness of the 2nd owner who was a GM employee the original motor received a complete professional rebuild with some add-on goodies to make this 350 perform the way most Corvette buyers wanted it to. Total mileage on this car is just under 135,00o miles and the rebuild is believed to have about 20,000 miles on it and it truly performs like a new motor!!! Some of the performance add on goodies that boosted horsepower to an estimated 275 to 300 hp were the addition of a set of 327 Camel hump heads, a nice street cam, ceramic coated headers and more!! It s absolutely the original matching # block and I have pics of the stampings below. Topped off with an Edelbrock Performer intake and Rochester Quadrajet 4bbl that could be original. Just about every component under the hood has been rebuilt or replaced I believe and there is quite a bit of receipt history to document much of this. I have owned a stock 350/190hp 1973 Corvette before and I can tell you that this motor is definitely putting out much more horsepower than stock and is a real thrill to drive! Brand new exhaust from the headers back with a great throaty sound and new correct tips in the rear. 
So, you have a super strong matching # 350 under the hood….WAIT, it gets better….this Corvette also handles and stops like new or better!! This was accomplished by completely replacing or rebuilding the complete suspension and 4 wheel disc brake system. These Corvettes were known for their great handling thanks to the  four wheel independent suspension and stop on a dime thanks to the four wheel disc brakes. Well, this baby has all new suspension components from the new trailing arm assemblies, new bushings, struts, springs, rear 7 leaf Gymkhana spring,  etc…you name it and it was probably replaced. Power steering makes handling a breeze and the entire power steering system was gone through as well.  Power 4 wheel disc brakes operate perfectly and were also completely redone. You should not have to do anything but turn the key and enjoy!!!!  The 4-speed transmission goes through the gears smooth as silk and clutch feels great. Tons of tread life left on the Tiger Paw GTS white letter radials. Great set of Rally wheels with spinner center caps. As you will see the engine bay and undercarriage are nicely detailed as well. Undercarriage shows no sigh of rust issues or accident history and is super clean and solid.  Make sure you listen to the video that follows to hear this Vette start up and run.
 photo 100_7502_zpszv2uinlj.jpg
 photo 100_7503_zpssvtxkava.jpg
 photo 100_7505_zpsgvmzbfjg.jpg
 photo 100_7506_zpsddow9wgr.jpg
 photo 100_7507_zpsojcejtzv.jpg
 photo 100_7176_zpsmizhmuvc.jpg
 photo 100_7500_zpsqyvz9znx.jpg
 photo 100_7501_zpsvas9mdt2.jpg
 photo 100_7607_zpsagckajzp.jpg
 photo 100_7608_zpsyefo4qrn.jpg
 photo 100_7609_zpszbyijjri.jpg
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 photo 100_7617_zpstmmhqovr.jpg
 photo 100_7618_zpsitatapt7.jpg
 photo 100_7619_zpsslv2cwv4.jpg
 photo 100_7627_zpsrx09fd97.jpg
 photo 100_7445_zps4p44hcff.jpg


Hopefully at this point you can see that this Matching #’s ’73 Corvette Convertible is in absolutely gorgeous condition and I am certain that the next lucky owner will be absolutely thrilled when this classic arrives.  Not only does it look amazing but it runs and drives even better!!!  As with all of my classics I do have this Corvette advertised on my website and several others. Therefore, if you want to scoop it up before the next car guy or gal does please give me a call at 770-359-8400 to discuss how we can make that happen.  I have sold cars to Classic Car Enthusiasts all over the world and I welcome overseas buyers. I am also a licensed transport broker (www.transporttime.com) so I can get my buyers great rates on Open or Enclosed Transport anywhere in the country. 


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