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1974 Ford Bronco – SOLD

About This Vehicle
Mileage: 24,200
Engine: V8
Body Style: SUV
Transmission: Auto
Exterior Color: Blue
Interior Color: Black
VIN: U15GLT32286
Price: SOLD
 photo 100_6744_zpsd064070f.jpg
 photo 100_6736_zpse25e7e9a.jpg
 photo 100_6737_zpsbd3cd531.jpg
There is no denying that the Early Ford Broncos are becoming highly sought after in the collector car market and rightfully so! These convertible 4-wheel drive rigs are a blast to drive and truly attract all the attention you can handle on the road and at the shows and cruise-ins. Many of you have probably seen the last few Early Broncos we listed for sale over the last few months and noticed that each one of them sold very quickly. I am pretty certain this gorgeous ’74 Bronco will also draw quite a bit of interest and will sell quickly so do not hesitate if it catches your eye!!!  This Bronco has been nicely restored including rebuilt motor, transmission, professional paint and interior, suspension, wheels and tires etc.. and is begging to be driven and enjoyed.
 If you have been searching for an amazing Early Bronco Classic that is ready to cruise to the beach, mountains, kids sporting event,  or the next car show then get ready because “BLUE BEAUTY” might just be the one you have been waiting for!! 
 photo 100_6862_zpsbbdc4ca5.jpg
 photo 100_6868_zps00c99d79.jpg
If this Light Blue Beauty is not quite the color you were wanting then keep in mind that we are getting ready to list 5 other great Classic Early Bronco’s for sale.  The pictures below show this Light Blue Bronco with 4 of the 5 others we will be listing for sale soon. They are all high quality Broncos and should be on the market in the next few weeks.  This auction is only for the sweet Light Blue ’74!!
 photo 100_6934_zps01095ae4.jpg
 photo 100_6936_zps0a729e33.jpg
 photo 100_6938_zps7e0a4a73.jpg
 photo 100_6937_zps77e7bb67.jpg
 photo 100_6746_zps78f53959.jpg
The gentleman we acquired this ’74 Bronco from has restored many Bronco’s over the years and had purchased this one from a neighbor in the Oregon area who had owned it for the past 13 years. The Bronco had spent its entire life in the Northwest part of the country and appears to have lived a very pampered life. When the gentleman we bought it from first acquired it he had intended on bringing it up to show quality which was going to be easy given the rust free body and amazing drive train.  However, he lost the lease on the facility he was doing restorations at and needed to downsize so he had to let go of a few projects. This Bronco was really already 80% restored and was extremely nice when it arrived to us. We had to scratch our heads a bit as it could have been sold just as it sat. The only issue in our eyes was that the paint was probably 20 years old and had faded in several areas. After taking a good look all around this Bronco and after realizing how fantastic it ran and drove, the decision was easy.  We decided to make an investment in a high quality paint job to bring the exterior up to the level of the rest of this awesome Classic Bronco.  I think you will agree that the result is stunning and this Bronco truly stands heads and shoulders above most. 
I have driven this Light Blue Beauty quite a bit and took it to the farm where we keep my daughters horse.  I could not help but snap a few pics while I was there.  This Bronco drives extremely well and I would not hesitate to get in and drive this one anywhere. As you will also hear in the video later on this Bronco also sounds as good as it looks and drives!!!
 photo 100_6855_zpscdf789c2.jpg
 photo 100_6854_zpscb1d0532.jpg
This is a Bronco you will be proud to take to any show or cruise-in and will surely win your share of trophies if that is something you enjoy. The entire drivetrain was completely rebuilt so this is also a Bronco you can get in, drive and enjoy!! I will do my best to provide enough large images, a video of the Bronco running, and an honest description to help you determine if this is the one to add to your stable!!! If you think it is, I highly recommend you call me to see if we can negotiate a price to get it in to your garage before the next car guy or gal does!!  Sit back and enjoy!
“Blue Beauty’s” body is in near flawless condition and the paint quality is fantastic and I would call it show quality although everyone in the hobby seems to have a different opinion on what constitutes show quality so I will simply say it is extremely nice and let you judge for yourself.  This Bronco clearly lived in a dry rust-free climate and as I stated before when it arrived to us the body was fantastic but the 20+ year old paint job was showing its age and had faded in various areas. We had a beautiful Base coat/clear coat paint job professionally done in the original Light Blue color which is the color it has always been.  Body lines and fit are fantastic. Doors shut nicely and line up very well. Bumpers, emblems and chrome trim look close to new. The tone on tone rear fender flares give this Bronco an aggressive but clean look.   A very nice 6 point Family style roll bar was installed and the black color is a great contrast to the original light blue body. While this Bronco is a very high quality restoration, it may not be absolutely flawless but is pretty darn close especially for one you are going to want to drive and enjoy. If I had to really pick it apart I would say that the stainless trim around the windows could stand to be polished but still looks great. There might be a rock chip somewhere but I really did not see any.  The windows roll up and down great and are tinted. The windshield does have a few very small rock chips that are barely noticeable.  This Bronco also has the original spare tire holder with a brand new matching wheel and tire. Overall, as you will see this Bronco is in fantastic condition!!!!!
This Bronco has a perfect, aggressive stance and look, and will definitely catch all the attention you can handle wherever you take it. Here is a walk around photo tour of the body ( for some reason in the bright sun light some of the pics look much lighter in color then others. The pictures that show the color being a little brighter blue are the most accurate):
 photo 100_6748_zpse4716ac3.jpg
 photo 100_6751_zpsb4cbddca.jpg
 photo 100_6752_zps5f23be65.jpg
 photo 100_6753_zpsb7e8b693.jpg
 photo 100_6755_zps4925a5d2.jpg
 photo 100_6756_zps54adc66b.jpg
 photo 100_6757_zps6828d4f0.jpg
 photo 100_6792_zps04e02c7a.jpg
 photo 100_6794_zps19453399.jpg
 photo 100_6786_zps087f9798.jpg
 photo 100_6780_zpseb305556.jpg
 photo 100_6781_zps0acf3a34.jpg
 photo 100_6782_zps7d78d773.jpg
 photo 100_6762_zps1f910b2c.jpg
 photo 100_6764_zpsaa7e049a.jpg
 photo 100_6788_zps96a45f74.jpg
 photo 100_6789_zps35168f2b.jpg
 photo 100_6777_zps1dcf7f77.jpg
I personally think these Early Bronco Classics are best enjoyed with the top off and just a bikini top on those really hot days but it is also nice to know that this sweet ’74 does come with a full black soft top that is in excellent condition if needed. The nice thing about the full soft top as compared to a hard top is that while you get full coverage from the elements you can also zip out any or all of the windows and can fold the soft top down like a convertible.  The black color also accents the color of the Bronco really nicely and the windows of the soft top are dark tinted. There is minor wear to the soft top where the doors close but overall it is in great shape! We do have a white hard top that we would consider negotiating in to the deal if the buyer has to have a hard top however the auction does not include a hard top unless negotiated. Most people who buy these Broncos with a hard top end up just removing it and storing it away which takes up garage or basement space. The soft tops are a great way to go since they are much easier to install and remove if needed versus the hard top which really takes 4 people to lift it off without damaging the paint. Here is a look with the black soft top installed that is included.
 photo 100_6910_zps208b1fc7.jpg
 photo 100_6908_zpscf1ef989.jpg
 photo 100_6911_zps401d9b01.jpg
 photo 100_6912_zps6490a646.jpg
 photo 100_6913_zps400dc75a.jpg
 photo 100_6915_zps7351d29d.jpg
Complimenting the beautiful Light Blue exterior is a like new Black stock interior. Original stock front and rear seats, door panels, and custom rear interior panels with speakers neatly installed. stock The 6 point family style roll cage is a great safety feature and also houses three point seat belts installed for front and rear passengers for added safety. The interior floors were painted at the time of restoration and I saw a picture of them when I bought the Bronco and they looked fantastic. Proper original type insulation was installed prior to the new black carpeting that was installed on the floor boards.  Great sounding Kenwood AM/FM/CD i-pod/mp3 stereo with remote was neatly installed in the dash and 4 Kenwood speakers were professionally installed in the rear quarter panels.  Great looking, locking center console was also installed. There is also a new dash pad and sun visors.  The wiper motor cover was modified so it can fit with the soft top or Bikini top on. Custom Bronco steering wheel and Toms Bronco floor mats finish the interior off nicely.  The dash was painted to match the interior and has just a few minor chips. All of the gauges and lights appear to be working correctly. As you will see the inside of the glove box still has the original “Ok” factory stamping on it. The complete wire harness was updated with Centech Wiring kit and fuse box.  All new seals and weatherstripping. Overall the interior is in fantastic condition and ready for the shows.  Here is a look inside:
 photo 100_6795_zps452c837f.jpg
 photo 100_6796_zps884c31c4.jpg
 photo 100_6797_zps4a94008f.jpg
 photo 100_6798_zpsd8145233.jpg
 photo 100_6799_zps88bf2c35.jpg
 photo 100_6800_zpsbc219dd4.jpg
 photo 100_6801_zps8f416a3f.jpg
 photo 100_6802_zpsd9e03af6.jpg
 photo 100_6803_zps7e2f400b.jpg
 photo 100_6804_zps9d209288.jpg
 photo 100_6805_zpsa4df1eb7.jpg
 photo 100_6806_zps50199a86.jpg
 photo 100_6807_zps8e6e168d.jpg
 photo 100_6808_zps9678110b.jpg
 photo 100_6813_zps7372c5e2.jpg
 photo 100_6817_zpsdaf686fd.jpg
 photo 100_6814_zps6fc47611.jpg
 photo 100_6816_zps1847711e.jpg
 photo 100_6819_zps4320a2f8.jpg
 photo 100_6821_zps8b7a5134.jpg
 photo 100_6822_zps25b929d5.jpg
 photo 100_6824_zpsc1f11c75.jpg
 photo 100_6825_zps6d4cf907.jpg
 photo 100_6826_zps8a8486d9.jpg
 photo 100_6827_zpsff1c221a.jpg
 photo 100_6860_zpsd6509995.jpg
The engine bay hs been nicely detailed out as well and just about everything in the drivetrain of this sweet Bronco is new or rebuilt. The 302 was completely rebuilt and has a nice RV Cam for great low end power. There are only about 15,000 miles on the motor since it was rebuilt in 2004 when the Bronco had 109,414 miles on it. I am not just guessing that this motor was rebuilt, I have the receipts to prove it was and after your first drive you will confirm how strong this motor is.  The original 302 was bored out .030 over, 9:1 Pistons, RV Cam, roller rockers, and more. More recently quite a bit was added included nice set of headers, new duraspark ignition, water pump, belts, hoses, taylor 9mm wires, heat jackets, Ford Engine dress up kit, and a polished Holley 570 cfm Avenger 4bbl carburetor with electric choke and kick down. Headers breathe out a great sounding dual flow master exhaust that truly has that muscle car rumble these Bronco’s deserve. In fact when I was putting some gas in it a guy in a SVT Cobra Mustang pulled in and was admiring the Bronco and when I fired it up he yelled out ” darn that thing sounds great too!!” You can hear how good it sounds in the video below.  Completely rebuilt C-4 Automatic transmission shifts strong and smooth.  Steering is a breeze thanks to the power steering and this Bronco tracks down the road extremely straight.  Stopping this Stallion is also simple thanks to the new Power brakes that have been completely redone.  Awesome stance thanks to a 3 1/2″ Rancho lift with all new springs and shocks.  Both fuel tanks work as designed and have had new sending units installed. Optima battery with custom Bronco battery hold down. This Bronco runs cool thanks to a newer radiator.  This Bronco rides on an almost brand new set of polished 15×10 wheels wrapped in a sweet set of  Pro Comp MTZ Mud Terrain tires that ride extremely quiet and smooth even at 70 mph. Of course a matching spare is also mounted.  This Bronco is set up to be extremely highway friendly but of course will fully engage in 4wd mode if you ever decide to venture off road.  Undercarriage is nicely detailed and the original floorpans are in amazing condition and are rock solid with no evidence of any rust or rust repair….very rare to find!
I know I already mentioned it but I have to repeat just how awesome this Bronco runs, drives and handles the road!!! This is an awesome time of year to cruise around in one of these Broncos!!
 photo 100_6738_zpsee2056d7.jpg
 photo 100_6919_zps3599ffce.jpg
 photo 100_6920_zps04812c3f.jpg
 photo 100_6921_zps2c5aa2c9.jpg
 photo 100_6922_zps74d8ebe9.jpg
 photo 100_6923_zpsf3c3829e.jpg
 photo 100_6924_zps15a4caa6.jpg
 photo 100_6925_zps70079a68.jpg
 photo 100_6926_zpsb0d81607.jpg
 photo 100_6927_zpsa3f42a0a.jpg
 photo 100_6959_zps88ecb04f.jpg
 photo 100_6829_zpse96778ff.jpg
 photo 100_6831_zps8dea6ab2.jpg
 photo 100_6832_zps9558e63c.jpg
 photo 100_6833_zpsf14aeb5d.jpg
 photo 100_6834_zps3787da6e.jpg
 photo 100_6835_zpsce2f3b13.jpg
 photo 100_6836_zps35805509.jpg
 photo 100_6837_zps41e23034.jpg
 photo 100_6839_zpse909bb41.jpg
 photo 100_6840_zpsedacc4f4.jpg
 photo 100_6845_zpsd3f586c6.jpg
 photo 100_6846_zpsdf6de094.jpg
 photo 100_6847_zps423640ea.jpg
 photo 100_6848_zps3241539d.jpg
 photo 100_6849_zpsd5b60194.jpg
 photo 100_6850_zps589805bd.jpg
 photo 100_6851_zps49013d0c.jpg
 photo 100_6842_zpsd15fbd1f.jpg



 If you have any questions feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 and I will do my best to answer them.  If you are a serious buyer lets talk on the phone and discuss it. I will be happy to negotiate a deal so we can get this beautiful car in to your garage as soon as possible.  In addition to being a licensed Classic Car Dealer I am also a Transport Broker and will be happy to assist the buyer with a great rate on Enclosed or Open Transport anywhere in the US at the buyers expense or to any port for overseas buyers.