About This Vehicle
  • Mileage: 32,500
  • Engine: V8
  • Body Style: SUV
  • Transmission:  Auto
  • Exterior Color: Red
  • Interior Color: Parchment
  • VIN: U15GLC31154
Price: SOLD
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 photo 100_4560_zps0e32697b.jpg
If you have been searching for a top quality Classic Bronco that truly stands out among the rest then get ready because this could be the one!!!  Do you want a Bronco that has lived a rust free life? Well, this one spent its time in California until the previous owner brought it to Kentucky 11 years ago where it was absolutely babied. Would you like one that has been fully restored to a very high level that you can proudly take to any car show or cruise in and probably come home with trophies every time? No worries, this one looks as good in person as it will in the pictures that follow. Do you want one that not only looks fantastic but is also just as fun to drive?  This Super Bronco has had over $9000 spent on the motor alone and was built to perform!!! You get the best of both worlds…stop light to stop light, neck snapping power plus a Bronco that is built to cruise and show!
There is no denying that these Early Broncos are becoming highly sought after in the collector car market and rightfully so! These convertible 4-Wheel Drive rigs are a blast to drive and truly attract all the attention you can handle on the road and at the shows and cruise-ins. Many of you have probably seen the last 5 Early Broncos that we have listed in the past few months and noticed that each of them sold very quickly.  This one will be no exception and truly stands out from the rest!! Do not hesitate if this one catches your eye!! 
(If by chance this one is not the color you are looking for then hang in there because we have recently acquired 5 other Early Bronco’s that are also top quality classics that we will be listing for sale soon.  You will see a triple black one below that will be listed soon!)
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This Super Bronco gets along really well with other Ponies so if you would like to consider a pair of classics keep an eye out for the beautiful ’67 Mustang Convertible in one of our other auctions!! 
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We recently acquired this Sweet Bronco from a gentleman in Kentucky who purchased it 11 years ago from California where it had spent its entire life he believes. He was searching for a rust free classic Bronco that would be the platform for the ultimate Bronco that he had envisioned for years.  While he had a high end restoration being done to the body and interior, he also contracted to have a high performance motor built by Ford Performance Solutions in Anaheim, CA.  The end result is truly outstanding and the 9 year old restoration looks like it could have been completed just months ago.  The 351W was stroked out to a 377 and puts out an estimated 400 horsepower….no comparison to the stock 302 that you will find in most other Broncos!  This Super Bronco will put a smile from ear to ear on the face of any muscle car guy or gal when they punch the accelerator!!!  I will do my best to provide enough large images and a video so you can hear this powerhouse running to help you decide if this is the Bronco that should join your stable!! As always, serious buyers can call me at any time if you want to put this Classic Bronco in your garage before the next guy or gal does! Sit back and enjoy!!
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The body on this ’76 Bronco is in amazing condition! I’m sure that this is partially due to the fact that it spent most of its life in California before the previous owner purchased it 11 years ago and had it transported to his home in Kentucky.  He indicated the body was virtually rust free and extremely straight and solid except the tailgate had a dent so he had that replaced when it was restored.  The restoration was a frame off restoration done in 2004. An awesome two-tone paint scheme was chosen using 2 original Ford Colors, Rangoon red and Wimbledon white.  The original hood was replaced to accommodate the motor that was being built that would turn this Early Bronco Classic in to the Super Bronco it still is today. This was an original Ranger Package so it has the added chrome trim around the body and grill which looks awesome.  To give this Bronco a sleeker look the door window frames were removed but I do have them and they could be bolted in if desired by the next owner. Since this Bronco was really built to be a topless, fun in the sun Rig, I think it looks great without the door frames.  Bumpers look new and all of the chrome trim looks excellent. The body lines and gaps on this Bronco are top notch and body panels are extremely straight!  The doors open and shut easily and line up great and do not bow out at the bottom like you will see on so many other Early Broncos. While the body looks amazing I will not call it flawless. I did notice a very small chip in the paint on the inside drivers side door jam that can only be seen when the door is open and there is a very small hairline crack in the paint on the passenger side front fender  near the head light bezel. The Roll Bar is painted black but has been wrapped in Parchment white pads to match the interior.  This Bronco comes with a bikini top and a hard top could be added but we did not get one with this truck.  This Red and White Super Bronco is show ready and will catch all the attention you can handle no matter where you go!! Here is a photo tour of the body:
 photo 100_4514_zps4a4879f1.jpg
 photo 100_4520_zps9869a411.jpg
 photo 100_4525_zpsb64633a6.jpg
 photo 100_4558_zpsa41cf9a6.jpg
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 photo 100_4532_zpsd7ee7821.jpg
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Complimenting the Rangoon Red and Wimbledon White exterior is a great, stock looking Parchment white interior. Original front and rear seats were recovered and look great. Door panels and dash pad also look excellent.  A complete carpet kit was recently added giving the interior a great finished look. Rear interior panels also complete the look of this sweet Bronco. Dash is uncut and original with original gauges which all seem to be working correctly although the speedometer may be reading slightly off.  The original radio hole was filled with metal and a great sounding Sony Am/Fm/Cd system is now nicely hidden in the locking Tuffy Center Console.  Speakers are neatly mounted beneath the rear seat. Original steering wheel wrapped in leather looks great. Dual Shifters from Wild Horses control the 4WD which works great.  All new wiring harness was installed at time of restoration. The only thing missing is the wiper motor and wipers which can be easily purchased from any of the Bronco Parts supply houses.  Nice set of Toms Bronco floor mats complete the interior. As you will see in the pictures below the interior looks awesome and is show ready just like the rest of the Bronco. Have a look around:
 photo 100_4585_zpsfab25615.jpg
 photo 100_4586_zps4bb26adf.jpg
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HERE IS WHERE THE FUN REALLY BEGINS!!!! Under the hood of this relatively stock looking Bronco is a professionally built 351W V8 that was stroked out to a 377  putting out an estimated 400 horsepower!!! Most of the Classic Broncos on the market may look great but the fact is that the original 302 V8 they were born to be work horses but not for speed. Well if you love the look of these Bronco’s but would also love to have something that provides some serious driving fun then this is the one!!!! I have the receipts for the build on the motor that was done by Pacific Performance Products, also known as Ford Performance Solutions out of Anaheim, CA. The motor was built in 2004 but there are less then 3000 miles on the motor since then so it has just barely been broken in. There is no doubt this motor was built right and provides some serious neck-snapping power. Roush heads, Hydraulic Roller cam and lifters, Demon carb and  much , much more!!! C-4 Automatic transmission was completely built to handle the power and shifts strong and smooth.  Transfer cases were also completely rebuilt. Holley Electric fuel pump helps deliver the fuel and MSD ignition fires this Bronco right up. Only the main rear tank is in use. Once fired up this high performance Bronco breathes out a set of headers and through the dual flow masters that provide some serious muscle car rumble out the dual exhaust.  Make sure you listen to the video below!! A set of traction bars was added to reduce wheel hop with all of the horsepower this Bronco has and this Bronco truly launches great and handles the road with ease.  Power steering is effortless and this Bronco tracks straight and true unlike so many lifted Broncos out there. This Bronco sits up nicely with about a 3 1/2 inch lift kit. Front and rear suspension was also redone at the time of restoration.  Power front disc brakes making stopping a breeze and you will notice that the Power brake booster was nicely upgraded using Wilwood components.  Bottom line is that this Bronco has some serious ground pounding power that will provide all the fun you may want from stop light to stop light but can also be taken out on the highway and driven wherever you want to go. I have a video below so you can hear it start up and running:
 photo 100_4566_zps33599627.jpg
 photo 100_4567_zps8da0f9a2.jpg
 photo 100_4568_zps707b95ca.jpg
 photo 100_4569_zps27761f56.jpg
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As you will see in the pictures below the undercarriage is rock solid with no rust issues! It has been nicely detailed for show purposes as well. Floorpans are rock solid and appear to be original which is also a testament to the rust free life this Bronco lived in California. This Super Bronco rides on a great set of 15″ American Racing Wheels wrapped in 33x 12.5 x 15  Goodyear All Terrain tires that have great tread left. Here is a look underneath:


 photo 100_4616_zpsa682bd02.jpg
 photo 100_4617_zps2cdaaff2.jpg
 photo 100_4618_zpsd57191ce.jpg
 photo 100_4619_zps15204b71.jpg
 photo 100_4620_zps4b49b297.jpg
 photo 100_4621_zpse25dc9b6.jpg
 photo 100_4622_zps8845ad94.jpg
 photo 100_4623_zps8da7cad3.jpg
 photo 100_4625_zps2e7aa138.jpg
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 photo 100_4628_zps2b03ef59.jpg
 photo 100_4630_zps098d999c.jpg
 photo 100_4631_zps7990125b.jpg
 photo 100_4633_zps604237f9.jpg
 photo 100_4634_zpsca3cfb7a.jpg
 photo 100_4635_zps7445d004.jpg
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 photo 100_4555_zps6f1d6c41.jpg
 photo 100_4556_zpsfcf18556.jpg
 photo 100_4557_zps8e429f42.jpg
Hopefully you can tell from the pics and videos that this Bronco stands heads and shoulders above most. It was built right and has had some serious $$$$ put in to the restoration and build. If you follow any of the Classic Car Auction that run across the country you have probably noticed how hot these Early Broncos have gotten. Rightfully so as they are a blast to drive and draw a crowd wherever they go. This Red and White beauty will make it’s next owner smile from ear to ear when it arrives in their driveway….shouldn’t that be you??
If you would like to discuss a price that can put this Bronco in your garage before the next car guy or gal gets it then feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 to discuss it.  I will be happy to negotiate a deal with serious buyers
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 If you have any questions feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 and I will do my best to answer them.  If you are a serious buyer lets talk on the phone and discuss it. I will be happy to negotiate a deal so we can get this beautiful car in to your garage as soon as possible.  In addition to being a licensed Classic Car Dealer I am also a Transport Broker and will be happy to assist the buyer with a great rate on Enclosed or Open Transport anywhere in the US at the buyers expense or to any port for overseas buyers.