About This Vehicle
  • Odometer: 27,000
  • Engine: 302 V8
  • Body Style: SUV
  • Transmission: Auto
  • Exterior Color: Candy Apple Red
  • Interior Color: Parchment
  • VIN: U15GLY05982
Price: SOLD
 photo 100_3591_zpsforzphb9.jpg
Although this gorgeous Candy Apple Red ’77 Ford Bronco may look like a fully restored classic it is actually even better!! It is a super low mileage, unrestored, survivor that spent its whole life in North Carolina with just 2 owners that has excellent documentation and is truly one of the finest original Early Broncos you will find! This Bronco is joy to drive with automatic transmission, power steering and power front disc brakes!
The 1977 Bronco in many ways represented the best of the breed. There were very few changes from the previous year; the most important one for enthusiasts being the introduction of the heavy duty 9″ rear end housing. The most obvious exterior change was the introduction of gas tank doors replacing the previous exterior mounted caps, in line with the introduction of doors on the F-Series and Econoline vans. The rear marker lights were mounted vertically to give clearance for the doors. Some previously standard items, such as a passenger’s side seat and padded instrument panel, were made optional this year. Unique to the ’77s is a 14.4 plastic gas tank.
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Every now and then a true gem comes on the classic car market….this is one of those times! We recently acquired this 1977 Ford Bronco from a gentleman in Goldsboro, NC who purchased it from the original owners widow about 3 1/2 years ago.  This Bronco was purchased new at C.L Snipes Motors in Goldsboro, NC and was owned by the same gentleman until he passed in 2011. As you will see below we have a great collection of original documentation from the day he bought it including the original odometer statement showing it had 175 miles on it when he purchased it on June 28, 1977.  As indicated by mileage recorded in the original owners manual the Bronco was driven quite sparingly through 1984 when it had 19,784 miles. From 1984 to 2002 it was used even less frequently accumulating another 5000 miles as evidenced by the mileage recorded on the NC inspection stickers.  From 2002 until 2011 less then 1500 miles were put on it bringing the odometer to just over 26,000 miles when the 2nd owner purchased it.  This Bronco was always garage kept and always maintained properly by the original owner. The 2nd owner was a true Bronco enthusiast and had owned quite a few of them over the years. He stated this was the cleanest original he had seen and I would make the same statement.  He originally bought it thinking he would let one of his daughters drive it, which she did, but then he located another Early Bronco that needed to be restored and his daughter decided she wanted to do the restoration with her Dad so that it would become her Bronco. He was thrilled that she wanted to do a project together so he decided it made sense to sell this awesome, original, ’77 to fund the new project.  What was really cool about the story was that he had grown up in Goldsboro, NC where the dealership this Bronco was originally sold was located. He had bought quite a few cars from them over the years. He actually knows the original salesman who sold this Bronco to the original owner and verified some of the history of this Bronco. 
Before I continue, I know there will be some Bronco purists out there thinking that this is not an all original Bronco. Well, in some regards they are correct but let me explain. Evidently the original owner preferred the look of the fender flares and cut rear fenders that people were doing to these Early Broncos and had the dealership do the work and install the Stroppe Fender flares as soon as he bought the truck. The 2nd owner installed a 2 1/2″ suspension lift kit and put a brand new set of Mickey Thompson 33×12.5×15 All Terrain Tires on a beautiful set of power coated wagon wheels with chrome trim rings and center caps. He also had a great sounding dual exhaust system professionally installed.  So, while these items are not original to the Bronco when it came directly from Ford, I think you will find they really look outstanding.  Most importantly, you will see that this Bronco has never had any accidents or rust. It is one of the cleanest, original bodies you will find and the previous owner believed it still had all of its original paint.  I am not sure this is the case as the hood appears to possibly have been painted at some point. But, it is fair to say it has almost all of its original paint.  Overall I think the title of survivor is very fitting of this classic.  Perhaps most importantly this Bronco runs and drives like new!! It is definitely the best running and driving Bronco we have had and I am confident the next lucky owner will be truly thrilled…maybe that will be you???
I will do my best to provide enough large images and a video of the Bronco running to help you decide if this is the one you have been waiting for. As with all of our listings, we do have this Bronco advertised on several other sites so if you are a serious buyer and would like to purchase it before someone else does feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 to discuss a price that will put it in your garage!
Here is a look at some of the original documentation we have along with the MARTI Report we ordered to verify the originality of this sweet, collectible, time capsule. 
 photo 100_3667_zpszfvfzoyl.jpg
 photo 100_3668_zpsgyri3ljr.jpg
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 photo 1977 Ford Bronco MARTI report_zpsfyi6pzdz.jpg
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The body on this Candy Apple Red ’77 Bronco is in amazing original condition.  I want to again point out that this is an unrestored truck even though the pics will probably lead you to believe it has been professionally restored. It is a testament to the low mileage and tremendous care it received.  Since it was never restored or repainted you will find some minor flaws that are often referred to as patina. These include some minor chips in the paint, a few flaws in the original decor group stripe, a few hairline cracks on the fender flares and a few spots in the paint where the paint has worn thin from being buffed and polished over time.  I believe you will see the one area on the front drivers side fender where the paint has thinned.  Other then these very minor, purely cosmetic age blemishes this is about as straight and solid of a Bronco as you are going to find. If you are familiar with these old Broncos you know that a few of the problem spots are in the seams of the rear quarter panels, the tailgate areas, and the doors will tend not to fit great over time, especially if the trucks have been off-roaded. You will not find any of these issues on this Bronco!!! The doors close beautifully and line up great! This Candy Apple Red beauty was ordered with the Special Decor Group which included the tape stripe, the flat black grille treatment, and the chrome moldings around the windshield and side window frames. It also came with the hard top painted the same as the body color. The hard top has probably never been removed and is in beautiful condition. I climbed up and looked at the rain gutters which typically accumulate rust and this one is like brand new! For those of you who would rather drive this Bronco topless, adding a roll bar and bikini top are easy and fairly inexpensive.  All of the glass is in great condition. Chrome bumpers look excellent with only minor signs of age. As you can see a rear tow hitch was added early in its life.  As you will see there are Sport emblems on the front fenders. Research shows that since 1977 was the last year for this body style, Ford actually placed these emblems on quite a few Broncos that did not have the full sport package.   When we got this Bronco we considered repainting it but after driving it and looking at all of the originality and history we decided that this one deserved to be left alone. It looks fantastic the way it is and can easily be taken to the local shows and cruise-ins where it will most likely win plenty of trophies if that is what you enjoy.  Even better, as the values of these Early Broncos continues to rise this one will escalate even faster due to the amazing original condition, low mileage and history.  Take a look around the body:
 photo 100_3520_zpsoik8in6k.jpg
 photo 100_3524_zpslnmcqb3a.jpg
 photo 100_3525_zpsq2r9tmwn.jpg
 photo 100_3527_zpsxsy7o2tx.jpg
 photo 100_3528_zpssouibqhd.jpg photo 100_3526_zpsojolvyew.jpg
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 photo 100_3550_zpsg7vjtef5.jpg
 photo 100_3587_zpstgewecmj.jpg
The interior is equally as impressive as the exterior! This Bronco still wears its original Parchment knitted vinyl bucket seats and they truly look close to brand new.  Interesting to note that in 1977 the passenger and rear seat were actually considered optional.  The original door panels, headliner, sun visors, black floor mat, etc. all look amazing. Again, a testament to the super low miles and care this Bronco received.  The dash pad is original and looks like new. The dash itself is in great condition and all of the original gauges are crystal clear and function correctly. The original trim tag is still on the glove box door and of course matches exactly to the MARTI report. You will also see the original vin sticker in the drivers door jam. One interesting note is that this ’77 does not have an auxiliary fuel tank. We were told that while all ’77’s did have 2 fuel filler doors the auxiliary tank was still optional. You will note there is not a switch on the dash for the secondary tank gauge nor a switch under the drivers seat to switch to the aux tank. The aux tank door is actually bolted closed and we were told this is all original and we believe it to be true.  All of the lights, fan motor, and other interior options are working properly.  You will note a minor crack in the steering wheel which was extremely common.  Otherwise the interior is in close to mint condition. Have a look inside:
 photo 100_3594_zpsktpgo9dl.jpg
 photo 100_3598_zpsd4tpxga9.jpg
 photo 100_3599_zpsmj3wypv9.jpg
 photo 100_3600_zpsxbqnucxa.jpg
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 photo 100_3606_zpssgsplp8r.jpg
 photo 100_3605_zpshawhyky9.jpg
 photo 100_3607_zpsp1zfiovf.jpg
 photo 100_3613_zpsqwwwpyv4.jpg
 photo 100_3611_zps8uwrhlc2.jpg
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 photo 100_3618_zpsxlvu1vrp.jpg
 photo 100_3619_zpscr2pu43w.jpg
 photo 100_3621_zpsf673lbs1.jpg
 photo 100_3589_zpsgtpgrqar.jpg
This is a great time to repeat that this 1977 Ford Bronco has just under 27,000 original miles!!!!
Lift the hood and you will see that the engine compartment looks just as it did when this Bronco was new. It has not been detailed or dolled up for pictures. The beauty is that you can see exactly what you are getting and will notice many of the original factory stampings and stickers still in place in addition to the original jack mounted on the top of the drivers side inner fender. As you will see this Bronco does not have any rust issues in the typical spots in the engine bay where these trucks tended to accumulate rust problems. This Bronco truly runs and drives as good, if not better, then it looks!!! The original owner had the truck maintained at the dealership and the original owners manual tracked much of the servicing until it got filled up.  When the 2nd owner bought it in 2011 he had the original carburetor rebuilt, replaced some hoses and belts, put on new plugs and wires and replaced all of the brake lines.  He had bought it for his daughter to drive so he wanted to be sure that she was not going to be stranded on the side of the road. He also added a quality 2 1/2″ suspension lift kit and it was done the right way with all new springs, shocks, offset bushings, drop pitman arm etc. He also added the brand new set of 33×12.5×15 Mickey Thompson Baja All Terrain tires that have under 1000 miles on them. He also had a set of Wagon wheels custom powered coated and then machined for the correct center caps and trim rings. These look awesome and you will not see them very often. This awesome Bronco is an automatic and has power steering and power front disc brakes. It runs and drives like new!!! It is comfortable to drive at any speed and tracks and stops straight with no issues. After all, it only has 26,975 miles on it!!!!
The undercarriage of this Bronco is as dry and rust free as you would expect.  The 2nd owner pulled the original black interior mat out to just to see how clean the floorpans were and as you will see in the pics below they were in amazing original condition. The rear area still had the original sound deadener mat in it. The undercarriage was lightly sprayed with undercoating at the time the new lift kit and dual exhaust was added. The original 14.4 gallon main fuel tank is in place.  So what will you need to drive and enjoy this Bronco?? Just turn the key and go…it needs nothing!!! Be sure to listen to the video that follows to hear this Bronco start up and running.
 photo 100_3622_zpsssop0bis.jpg This  photo 100_3623_zpshexkbdry.jpg
 photo 100_3624_zps8hpt64pi.jpg
 photo 100_3625_zpsfyf2p3sg.jpg
 photo 100_3626_zpsmx3m6p3s.jpg
 photo 100_3627_zpsofskd0uv.jpg
 photo 100_3630_zpsmud2eovq.jpg
 photo 100_3631_zpsocu7xsfl.jpg
 photo 100_3632_zpsyvszsio6.jpg
 photo 100_3633_zpsucxmrrgg.jpg
 photo 100_3634_zpsctmt7gtv.jpg
 photo 100_3635_zps7wa6g0z5.jpg
 photo 100_3636_zpszou4dkf4.jpg
 photo 100_3637_zpswqbjt6y8.jpg
 photo 100_3642_zpslqv9opwb.jpg
 photo 100_3643_zps3kv7zsml.jpg
 photo 100_3644_zpsszwd4hwf.jpg
 photo 100_3645_zpstksmjku6.jpg
 photo 100_3646_zpswwjwe6kw.jpg
 photo 100_3647_zpsohprapwq.jpg
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At this point hopefully you can see what an amazing Bronco this ’77 is. It is truly a rare opportunity to buy one of the lowest mileage ’77 Bronco’s on the market that is truly a survivor that is ready to be driven and enjoyed. Or, this would be a great one for the investment collector to display and show while it continues to rise rapidly in value!!!! 

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If you have any questions feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 and I will do my best to answer them.  If you are a serious buyer lets talk on the phone and discuss it. In addition to being a licensed Classic Car Dealer I am also a Transport Broker and will be happy to assist the buyer with a great rate on Enclosed or Open Transport anywhere in the US at the buyers expense or to any port for overseas buyers.
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