About This Vehicle
  • Odometer:  66,300
  • Engine:  1995 cc DOHC Fuel Injected 4 cylinder
  • Body Style:  Convertible
  • Transmission: Manual 5-Speed
  • Exterior Color: Gold
  • Interior Color:  Tan
  • VIN:   ZFAAS00B3B8179727
Price:  SOLD
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If you turned back time and were shopping for a sports car in 1981 the choices were pretty slim and unexciting.  The stalwarts of the sports car industry were suddenly going or gone already. But over at Fiat, they still had you covered with the wedgy little X19 and the old standby Fiat 2000 that stood the test of time from 1968-1985 never once getting a full over facelift, only some minor changes over the years to comply with safety standards as well as some nice mechanical upgrades.  Starting as the Fiat 124, then in 1979 changing to the Fiat 2000 and then in 1982 the Pinnifarina Azzura. 1979 marked the biggest change in running gear moving from the 1766 cc in-line 4 cylinder to an upgraded 1995 cc under the new hood with larger bulges. Fiat buyers got what British sports car buyers would’ve killed for: a five-speed manual transmission, disc brakes at all 4 corners and dual overhead cams. Fast forward to today, now 35 years since this particular 1981 Fiat spider 2000 was built and it is no wonder that these awesome sports cars are garnering the collector attention they deserve. To celebrate Fiats 50th Anniversary a special champagne colored Limited Edition model was produced. Only 1000 units were released each one with special badging and numbered in sequence. LE models also came with a keychain indicating the production number of the car and the 50th anniversary.
I acquired this amazing 1981 Fiat Spider 2000 Limited Edition from a gentleman in Alabama who was the 2nd owner. He owned this car since 1988 and purchased it from the original owner, also from Alabama. If you know Fiats, you can appreciate it being a Southern car because it means this car lived a dry, sunny, rust free life unlike so many of them. When he bought it in 1988 the car had 54,000 miles and currently has just 66,300 miles. He kept the car garaged throughout his 28 years of ownership averaging about 400 miles a year. This was his date night car and he and his wife only took it out in sunny weather in the Spring and Fall but always properly maintained it during the rest of the year.  This is a fantastic car with a great history and is sure to make someone a super fun little convertible that will continue to rise in collectibility and value. I will do my best to provide enough large images, a video of the car running and an honest description to help you decide if this is the special car for you. If so, and you do not want the next car guy or gal to scoop it up before you do,  feel free to give me a call to discuss how we can make that happen as I do have it advertised on several other websites in addition to my own. Sit back and enjoy!!
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As I mentioned previously, this Limited Edition ’81 Fiat Spider lived its whole life in Alabama and was always garage kept. As a result it lived a rust free life! The body on this car is in absolutely beautiful condition and received one professional repaint by the 2nd owner in 2006.  These Limited Edition cars were all originally painted in a champagne gold color. When the owner had it repainted he wanted it to be a slightly brighter tone of gold then it was originally and as you can see it is a gorgeous color.  It was an overcast day when I took many of the pictures but you should be able to see how nicely the paint sparkles in the few shots where the sun was popping out.  The body panels are all original and this car was never in any accidents.  Body is extremely straight and body panel fit is just as it was from the factory.  The only minor flaws I noticed on the body was a very small scratch about 1/4″ on one fender and a really tiny ding near the gas filler door. It is possible I may have missed a rock chip or two but overall the paint and body look fantastic!! Bumpers look excellent. Emblems all look excellent. Chrome molding along the lower body lines has some minor blems.  All of he glass looks great and power windows function well.  Of course it is still wearing the original Limited Edition badges with the production #108 etched in them. This Fiat is definitely nice enough to take to the local shows and will most likely win its share of trophies. It is a car you can get in and drive and enjoy while it continues to rise in value.  Although it is not flawless, it is about as nice as it gets for a highly original 35 year old classic sports car.  Check out the walk around photo tour of the body below:
 photo 101_0493_zpsg72uxhy9.jpg photo 101_0494_zpsynzcmeew.jpg
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Hopefully the next lucky owner of this Spider 2000 will drive it with the top down as much as possible, however it is nice to know that this car just received a brand new high end Canvas convertible top. The 2nd owner almost never put the top up and as a result of him storing it in the lowered position the rear window was badly discovered and there was a slight separation in the vinyl which is why I had this new higher quality canvas top professionally installed.  The tan color is a great compliment to the gold exterior. This top operates easily up and down and works smoothly. The rear windows are integrated in to the top and function great up and down. I also had a brand new convertible boot cover made that gives the car a nice finished look for when the top is down.  Have a look:
 photo 101_0551_zpsvebgas2c.jpg
 photo 101_0550_zpsmdkyqkk2.jpg
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Complimenting the beautiful gold exterior is a stunning, brand new tan interior.  When I received the car the 2nd owner had seat covers over the original front seats which were split in several spots and definitely showing their age. The Limited Edition cars originally had a custom colored interior and the reproduction seat covers that are on the market did not match the rest of the interior well at all so I had my upholstery guy make a custom set of front and rear seat covers in the original pattern to match the rest of the original interior panels. As you will see the seats look fantastic and are very comfortable.  Original door panels look great and the Limited Edition cars had the brown along the top of the door panels. I also had all new carpeting put in at the time we did the new seat upholstery. The original dash pad looks fantastic and does not have any cracks in it which is rare on these. The simulated wood grain on the dash all looks great. All of the gauges and courtesy lights appear to be working correctly. The clock appears to be working still although the lense is a little cloudy. The original rear view mirror is also a little cloudy but would be inexpensive to replace if desired. The door chime bell still works! Overall the interior looks fantastic. Take a look inside:
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So, hopefully we have established that this is a beautiful ’81 Limited Edition Spider 2000 inside and out.  With just 66,300 original miles it also runs and drives great too!!! These Fuel injected 1995cc DOHC 4 cylinders are a lot of fun to drive especially mated to the 5-speed manual transmission.  I rarely needed to drop it in to 5th gear but when cruising the highway you will also get pretty good mpg in 5th.  Handling is smooth and tight and braking is a breeze thanks to the 4 wheel disc brakes.  I drove the car about 20 miles in 95 degree heat and she runs nice and cool.  The motor seems strong with good compression and oil pressure. I did not notice any leaks. This little Fiat is riding on the original wheels that are in great condition and I installed a brand new set of radial tires. As you can see the engine compartment is nice and clean and you would be proud to pop the hood at the shows and cruise ins. Nice tone from the original single exhaust. Make sure you listen to the video that follows to hear it start up and running.  
Of course, the undercarriage is also rock solid with no rust issues. A light spray of black rust preventative was done but it is not covering any rust on the southern bell.  Inside the trunk is also rock solid and original. In fact you can see some of the original color gold inside the trunk which is the only area that was not re-sprayed at the time of the repaint. Spare tire is tucked under the trunk mat. All of the VIN number stampings and plates are still intact and match of course.  This Limited Edition also still wears its original numbered badging on the dash plate, and body panels and the original Key fob with the production number is also included. 
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Hopefully you can see that this 1981 Limited Edition Fiat Spider 2000 is a fantastic car with very low miles and is ready to drive and enjoy!  If you want to make sure you do not miss out on this one feel free to call me to discuss how we can make that happen before the next car guy or gal scoops it up. In addition to being a licensed classic car dealer I am also a Transport Broker and can assist you with a great rate on Open or Enclosed Transport anywhere in the country (www.transporttime.com). I also welcome overseas buyers! 
I am more than happy to answer any questions a serious buyer may have. If you are a serious buyer and want to scoop this beauty up before the next car guy or gal does feel free to give me a call at 770-359-8400 to discuss how we can make that happen!
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