About This Vehicle
  • Odometer: 50,150
  • Engine: 1995 cc DOHC 4 Cylinder
  • Body Style: Convertible
  • Transmission:  5-Speed Manual
  • Exterior Color:  Black
  • Interior Color: Black
  • VIN:  ZFRAS00B3F5506115
Price:  SOLD


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If you have been thinking about adding a super fun, very collectible, great little Italian Roadster to your garage then this 1985 Fiat Pininfarina Spider 2000 might just be the one you have been searching for. Produced almost exclusively for the North American Market, although sold occasionally in some European Countries, the Fiat 124/Spider 200 is becoming a very sought after roadster among car enthusiasts looking for an affordable sports car that can be driven and enjoyed as well as make a great investment. Designed by Italian stylist and coach builder Pininfarina, the Fiat 124/Spider 2000 rivaled the MGB and Alfa Romeo as the worlds longest running sports car. In 1982 Pininfarina, who had always assembled the bodies since production began in 1966, took over sole responsibility for the the entire assembly, distribution, and marketing of the car. 1982 was the last year they wore the Fiat badge and production ceased in 1985. The 1985 models are extremely sought after and had the lowest production numbers. This Triple Black Beauty is one of those rare final production year cars. 
This ’85 Pininfarina was previously owned by a very well known micro-car collector here in the Atlanta, GA area who actually had a micro car museum. He auctioned off his entire collection in 2013 but his love for cars continues. He bought this ’85 Pininfarina in 2014 and kept it for a few years before deciding to let it go to the next lucky owner….maybe you!!? The car had spent a good part of its life in Florida and Georgia and as a result lived a much better life than most with a very solid body and undercarriage. The mileage is very low at just over 50,100 miles and it runs and drives great. I will do my best to provide enough large images, a video of the car running, and an honest description to help you decide if this is the one you have been looking for. As with all of my classics I do have this car advertised on my website and several others. If you want to scoop it up before the next car guy or gal does feel free to call me to discuss how we can make that happen. I am also a transport broker and can assist in getting you a great rate on transport anywhere in the US. I also welcome overseas buyers and can assist in getting the car to the port of your choice. 
The paint and body on this ’85 Pininfarina are very nice and would be what I would consider to be driver quality plus in condition. The car appears to have been repainted one time probably about 20 years ago and as a result is starting to show its age in spots. As you will see in the pics it has plenty of luster and reflection still but up close you will find various chips and imperfections that keep it from being a show car. Several of the scratches and chips have been touched up.  Overall the body is extremely straight and there are no signs of previous body damage or accidents. I do have the clean Carfax report for serious buyers who would like to see it. Most people will be thrilled with the condition of this beauty but if you are looking for a perfect show car it will need to be repainted which will be reasonable and easy since the body is so nice with no rust issues. Bumpers look excellent and chrome trim and badging all looks very nice. Glass is all in great condition and power windows work well. Very cool design on the sideview adjustable mirrors that come through the vent window glass. Passenger side is a little loose and we will try to correct that.  Overall this is a fantastic looking example of a great little sports car that you can have a blast driving with the sun in your face and wind in your hair. It will be welcomed at the local shows and cruise-ins and I am sure you will gather all the attention you could want when driving this one around. I think the photo tour of the body below will show you what you want to see: 
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Hopefully the next lucky owner will enjoy this Italian Roadster with the top down as often as possible but it is nice to know that this Pininfarina does also have a very high quality Black Haartz canvas convertible top that goes up and down with ease and seals up nicely. The rear window is very clear and there are no holes or rips in the top. It looks like it was probably replaced fairly recently. The car does look pretty darn good with the popup as well as you will see in the pics below. When the top is down you can attach the original boot cover which is still in very nice condition. Check it out:
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Finishing out the Triple Black theme of this roadster is the black leather interior. I am not positive, but it is very possible that the seats could be original given the low mileage on this car. Sort of hard to believe given how nice the condition is but very possible. The drivers seat material is a little loose in the seat portion but still very comfortable and no rips or tears and very little wear overall.  Passenger seat looks like it was barely ever sat on. The dash pad looks awesome with none of the typical cracks you usually see near the vents areas. The gauges and wood in the dash and console look great. I did notice one small chrome screw missing in the dash but parts and accessories are actually quite easy to find for these cars when needed and there is a great enthusiast following for them. The original steering wheel looks great with little to no wear. Original wood shifter knob and the center console is in great shape. This ’85 does have Air conditioning which seems to be working and blowing cool so it may just need to be charged up. I am not sure if this was factory installed or dealer installed but it looks like it belongs for sure. Nice Kenwood aftermarket am/fm/cd with USB port was added neatly in the dash.  Door panels and carpeting are in great shape as well and a nice set of Fiat of carpeted floor mats finish out the interior. All of the gauges and lights appear to be working correctly. The interior is in great condition overall….take a look:
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Under the awesome double hump design of the hood of this Pininfarina is the spirited 1995 cc DOHC 4 cylinder fuel injected spunky motor that has just over 50,100 miles on it. Mated to the 5-speed manual transmission this car has some fun low end and higher end torque but is by no means consider really fast. While the weather was still warm I was able to take it our for a spirited test drive with the top down and she was a blast to drive through all 5 gears and pulled nice and strong. You will have no problem keeping up or passing folks on the highway and the sport suspension makes it a blast to drive along curvy roads. Braking is a breeze thanks to the 4 wheel disc brakes. Although I do not have previous maintenance history it is safe to say this car was well maintained and there are no unusual noises, smoking or leaks from the motor. Nice tone from the Ansa Exhaust that was added. Engine bay is very clean and you will be proud to pop the hood at the shows and cruise ins. The original wheels are in very nice condition overall with just a small spot on one wheel that is slightly bent probably from hitting a pothole at one time. An original matching wheel is in the trunk. Tires have plenty of tread life but due to age might need replacing at some point if you plan on driving long distances.  The undercarriage looks great with no rust issues thanks to its life in the south and the same goes for the trunk area which has original carpeting. Make sure you watch and listen to the video to hear this little Pininfarina start up and running. 
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Hopefully at this point you can see that this final production year ’85 Pininfarina Spider 2000 convertible is really a great looking car that will be a blast to drive. With the new Fiat Spider out on the market the interest for these classics continues to rise and their values will undoubtedly continue to rise as well making them a very smart investment right now. If you have any questions or would ike to discuss how you can scoop this sweet roadster up before the next car guy or gal does feel free to give me a call at 770-359-8400. I welcome overseas buyers and can help any buyer with a great rate on transport anywhere in the US. 
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