About This Vehicle
  • Odometer: 24,500
  • Engine:  2.8L V6
  • Body Style: Coupe
  • Transmission:  Manual
  • Exterior Color:  Red
  • Interior Color: Gray
  • VIN:  1G2PG119XJP219560
Price:  SOLD
 photo 100_4798_zpszxxzrauq.jpg
Regardless of whether you are an avid Pontiac Fiero Enthusiast, owned one back in the day, or knew someone who owned one, it is hard to argue that the 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT is going to be one of the most iconic Pontiac Collectible cars of its era.  Among other things, the Fiero was the first Pontiac 2 seater since the 1938 coupes. We all know Pontiac used to “Build Excitement” and there are sure to be some exciting years to come for smart collectors who buy a low mileage, high quality,  ’88 Fiero GT!
This is the 12th 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT I have owned so while I am not an expert, I have really enjoyed meeting and taking with the folks who appreciate these awesome mid-engine pocket rockets.  The gentleman I purchased this one had it for 2 years and had thought he would be keeping it quite a bit longer but as much as he loved this Fiero, he also fell in love with a woman late in life and decided that he could really use the money for his upcoming wedding. He had a good friend who owned one of these when they were in high school and searched quite a while to find a super low mileage, 5-speed, GT that would be a great investment that he could also drive and relive his youth. He found this one at a dealership in Ohio who had taken it on trade from the second owners. It only had 23,600 miles on it when he got it and it was in amazing, near flawless condition. It stayed garaged and under cover when not in use and he only put a little under 1000 miles on it during the 2 years he owned it.  Needless to say this Bright Red GT is still in near flawless condition and is definitely a great investment that can also be driven and enjoyed and will be welcome at any car show or cruise-in. I will do my best to provide you with enough large images, a video of it running, and an honest description to help you decide if this Fiero should be in your garage. As with all of my classics I do have this Fiero advertised on my website and several others. If you want to scoop it up before the next car guy or gal does feel free to call me to discuss how we can make that happen. In addition to being a licensed Classic Car dealer I am also a transport broker and can get you a great rate on open or enclosed transport anywhere in the Country. I also welcome overseas buyers. Sit back and enjoy!!
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Pontiac only produced 6849 Fiero GT models in 1988 and of those only 3799 were 5-speed manuals. This particular Bright Red car is even more rare as it was special ordered without the rear spoiler and without a sunroof. The sleek little body definitely has Ferrari-like styling and it is not surprising that these are often used to build Ferrari Replicas. The paint and body are in spectacular, near flawless condition!! This Fiero has never been in any accidents and I do have the clean Carfax report I can provide to anyone interested. I believe the car wears all of its original paint although it may be possible that the front bumper has been repainted and I only say that because it is almost too nice to be original but might be. There are no scrapes under the front nose which is common to find. I did not really see any scratches or chips to mention so to be safe I will say the body is near flawless as it is possible I missed a tiny rock chip or flaw. I have owned 12 of these and the body on this one is as nice or nicer then any of the previous ones. The wing windows look great and are free of some of the micro cracks these are known to develop. The flip up headlights operate smoothly. The Bright red paint has a beautiful shine and was recently detailed and has a great coat of wax on it. This car will certainly win its share of trophies for those of you who enjoy the shows. I think it is fair to say this Fiero GT really looks showroom new. Here is a photo tour of the body:
 photo 100_4797_zpse93walsc.jpg
 photo 100_4788_zpsiaxkeba1.jpg
 photo 100_4720_zpsutwtfiio.jpg
 photo 100_4698_zpsilzfskql.jpg
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 photo 100_4708_zpszqw3f9vn.jpg
 photo 100_4704_zpsvfd2cmde.jpg
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Complimenting the Bright Red Exterior is the gray cloth interior that also looks pretty much showroom fresh. When you plant yourself in the drivers seat you will truly feel like you are back in the Pontiac dealer showroom and this car still even has some of that new car smell left.  The door panels, seats, dash, steering wheel, center console, and headliner all look almost perfect with no signs of wear. The only spot that shows any wear is a small spot on the driver side factory floor mat that shows just minor wear. This Fiero was ordered with the drivers seat lumbar adjustment. It still has the factory radio that is working and the A/c is blowing nice and cold. Power windows work well and all of the factory gauges appear to be working correctly. This low mileage Fiero was obviously pampered and the interior speaks volumes about the quality of this particular car. Take a look inside:
 photo 100_4744_zpsec64dgkg.jpg
 photo 100_4745_zpsr33libzy.jpg
 photo 100_4746_zpsy2tycjwk.jpg
 photo 100_4747_zpsmhkiyuit.jpg
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 photo 100_4749_zpseotacdmh.jpg
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 photo 100_4755_zpsir6deqmv.jpg
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 photo 100_4758_zpsscgrvo9u.jpg photo 100_4759_zps7gflhcug.jpg
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The Fiero’s mid engine design was chosen as a way to reduce aerodynamic drag and improve vehicle weight for greater fuel efficiency and for its handling, traction and braking benefits. The 1988 model is considered the most desirable for many reasons. Numerous changes were made to the ’88 model, the most significant being the completely redesigned suspension to realize the full potential of the mid engine layout. These also came from the factory with 4 wheel power assisted disc brakes with two piece brake calipers and upgraded rotors. The GT model gave you the 2.8L V6 with 42 more horsepower than the 4 cylinder, upgraded suspension, wider tires, and vented disc brakes on all four corners. 
Lets not forget that this particular car has just under 24,500 miles!!! It truly feels like it has just been broken in and drives as good as new!! The Gertrag 5-speed manual transmission shifts super smooth and adds to the fun factor of driving this little pocket rocket. The previous owner did put a new master and slave cylinder in July 2015 and a new battery in May, 2016. Exhaust breathes through the original dual tip exhaust outlets and has a great tone. There are no leaks, strange noises or mechanical issues that need to be addressed. The Diamond spoke original black wheels had the original Eagle GT tires on them when I got the car but for safety I felt it was important to put new tires on and went with a great performance set of Kelly AS radials in the correct staggered sizes with 205/60/15 in front and 215/60/15 in back. They drive super quiet and grip the road amazing and have under 10 miles on them. I will include the original Eagle GT tires if the next buyer would like them. The undercarriage looks fantastic and it is obvious this Fiero did not see any winter driving. I have the original owners manual and both sets of keys. This Fiero is truly a blast to drive….make sure you also watch the video that follows to hear it start up and running. As you will see in the pics below the engine bay and front trunk area look showroom new and ready to show off. All of the body panels still have their original vin stickers. There is also a custom fit car cover that comes with the car. Check it out:



 photo 100_4765_zps67jbpnyn.jpg
 photo 100_4766_zps6pxrfnxh.jpg
 photo 100_4767_zpsaumhicd6.jpg
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Hopefully at this point you can see the amazing condition this rare future collectible is in. I am confident that the next lucky owner will have an absolute blast driving it and will be thrilled when it arrives. If you want to put this ’88 Fiero GT in your driveway feel free to give me a call at 770-359-8400 to discuss how we can make that happen! I welcome overseas buyers and I can get you a great rate on open or enclosed transport anywhere in the US. 


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