About This Vehicle
  • Odometer: 44,400
  • Engine:  5.6 Litre V8
  • Body Style: Convertible
  • Transmission:  Automatic
  • Exterior Color:  Ivory
  • Interior Color: Tan
  • VIN:  WDBBA48D9KA097022
Price:  SOLD 
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This gorgeous Light Ivory 1989 Mercedes 560 SL represents the end of the V8 R107 Chassis cars that represented a cultural icon that quietly and confidently told the world that it’s driver and passenger had “arrived”.  Now almost 30 years later these 560 SL’s are attracting a new customer base that not only recognizes their quality and styling but also their collectibility.  As a result you will find quite a few of them on the market at any one time. Most are higher mileage and do not have great history and documentation and as a result might look good in pictures but in person will be disappointing and will cost the unsuspecting buyer a ton of money in repairs. The way to buy one of these beauties is to find a low mileage, well cared for example that has the service records and documentation to back up its ownership history. I think you know where I am headed with this….This particular car is one you want to own if you are an educated buyer who wants a 560 SL that is not only a joy to drive but will also be a great investment in todays collector car market. 1989 was the final and lowest production year for these cars and is the most sought after year as a result.
This car started life in Devon, PA where is was sold by Mercedes of Devon. It was traded in back to the dealer in 1999 with 27,708 miles on it and was sold locally to a family in Villanova, PA. They used the car primarily in the Spring and Summer at their summer home in the Hamptons of New York. It was then sold to a gentleman in Columbus, GA in 2004 with just 30,700 miles on the odometer. He owned the car until 2011 when it was sold to the current owner here in Alpharetta, GA with 36,000 miles on it. The current mileage is just under 44,400 miles!! Each owner took great care of this beautiful roadster and I have a thick file documenting all of the service records and mileage history. The current owner and his wife enjoyed the car on sunny day drives or to the golf course. He was planning on keeping the car for quite a while and before the Spring time he had over $3000 in maintenance and repairs performed to make sure it was ready for a drive of any distance. Well, after enjoying it this past summer he realized it was time to let it go to the next lucky owner….maybe you??! 
I will do my best to provide enough large images, a video of the car running, and an honest description to help you decide if this is the one you have been searching for. I also have the car listed for sale on my website and several others so if you want to scoop it up before the next car guy or gal does feel free to give me a call to discuss how we can make that happen.  In addition to being a licensed Classic Car Dealer I am also a bonded transport broker and can assist you with getting a great rate on transport, open or enclosed, anywhere in the country. I also welcome overseas buyers and can assist in getting the car to the port of your choice. Sit back and enjoy!!
To me the Mercedes 560 SL is one of the most classy luxury roadsters of its time, and the Light Ivory color of this ’89 accentuates that class.  The body and paint are in overall exceptional condition and I have the clean carfax report for serious buyers to show there were no accidents. The paint still has a great shine and body panels are extremely straight with no dings. Of course, given that it was driven 44,000 miles there are some minor flaws like a small scratch over the passenger rear well, a small blemish on the lower drivers door that was touched up, and a small spot on the front of the drivers fender where it may have been spot painted at one time and their is currently a very small blemish that looks like it was in the paint prep process.There is also a small crack in the black rubber of the lower valance on the passenger side and a few minor chips that were touched up on the panel behind the convertible top which is typically caused when the hard top is removed. Lastly I did notice a couple of very small dings in the top of the chrome of the front bumper  As you will see in the pics below none of these flaws are immediately evident and will only be seen upon very close inspection. I like to disclose as much as possible when describing my classics and most of my buyers feel that the cars they buy from me exceed their expectations! I believe that most of the car still wears its original paint which looks great! All of the chrome trim looks great. Front and rear bumpers look great. Grille looks great and a couple of badges attached to the front, along with the European front License place add to the authentic German heritage of this classic. Very nice windscreen for use when the top is down was added. All of the glass is in great condition and power windows function well. A classy deep red pinstripe accents the body lines nicely. The body is absolutely rust free and this Mercedes will be more than welcome at any local car show or cruise-in if that is what you enjoy. Check out the photo tour of the body below:
 photo 100_4087_zps9vzuzhfh.jpg
 photo 100_4073_zpsk0ftup5e.jpg
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Hopefully the next lucky owner enjoys this roadster with the top down but it is also nice to know that the dark brown canvas convertible top still looks like new with crystal clear windows. The rich brown color is a great accent to the Light Ivory exterior.  And, for those in colder climates the factory hard top is also in fantastic condition with just one minor ding on one of the chrome moldings. It will also come with the rolling hard top stand and of course also the original tools used for securing and releasing both tops. Here are some pics with both tops:
 photo 100_4122_zpstmovr8ze.jpg
 photo 100_4124_zpsxi3lo0y2.jpg
 photo 100_4119_zpstkzwjqek.jpg
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Complimenting the gorgeous Light Ivory exterior is a beautiful Palomino leather interior.  Seats are in fantastic condition with very little wear. Door panels and visors look great and carpeting still looks fantastic. Nice set of Mercedes carpeted floor mats and a brand new set of carpeted floor mats and a nice set of used Cocoa mats are also included. Dash pad looks great with no cracks. The burl wood on the center console looks fantastic with no cracks. Original steering wheel has almost no sign of wear and this car is equipped with drivers side air bag. Doors open and close like a vault. The original Becker Radio is included but was replaced with a very nice , high end Alpine Stereo system with Blue tooth.  It was professionally installed and speakers were neatly mounted under the rear panel behind the front seats. There is a slight stain in the rear panel carpeting but other than that the interior is truly near flawless. All of the lights and gauges are working properly and the A/C was serviced and is blowing ice cold! Even the original first aid kit is still in place. Check it out:



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 photo 100_4139_zpswyqzpjci.jpg
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 photo 100_4142_zpse9lyhszy.jpg
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With just under 44,400 original miles this 560 SL runs and drives superb. The 5.6L V8 is known to be powerful but this is a fairly heavy car and built for the luxury ride you expect from Mercedes. No creaks or rattles and this roadster loves to cruise on the highway and does not mind it if you put your foot in to it every now so she can show you what she can do. One thing I mentioned early on was how important it is to buy a 560 SL that has been well maintained. Well, this one has recently had a ton of maintenance work so that you will only need to tun the key and go. About 1300 miles ago the following service work was done. Complete tune up including new pugs, wires, rotor and distributor. New engine and transmission mounts. Valve cover gaskets replaced and new shifter bushings installed. Mobil One Synthetic oil change and brake fluid flush. Brand new Michelin Defender tires installed. At 38,000 miles the entire A/C system was gone through with a new compressor and drier installed and completely charged up all new o-rings. The A/C blows very cold!!! The automatic transmission shifts smooth. Steering is tight and brakes feel great. This car handles the road beautifully!! Engine bay is very clean overall. All of the original Vin plates and stampings are in place. 
The undercarriage looks great with factory undercoating still showing and no rust issues. Inside of trunk is very clean and original spare is still in place along with original tool kit. The original wheels are in great condition with no curb rash and as mentioned the Michelin tires have only a little over 1000 miles on them.  A trickle charger is also installed in the trunk to keep the battery charged during long storage periods. This car also comes with all of the original factory manuals and a folder full of service history and receipts that document the ultra low mileage of this Ivory beauty.
I have attached a short video tour below so you can also hear this 560 SL start up and running. 

 photo 100_4159_zpsxrdvt5e5.jpg
 photo 100_4160_zps6zgi2ya1.jpg
 photo 100_4161_zpsmocxdgdb.jpg
 photo 100_4162_zpsyqx5yyep.jpg
 photo 100_4163_zpsh5sbfbhx.jpg
 photo 100_4164_zpssjijendo.jpg
 photo 100_4158_zpsfupsqmep.jpg
 photo 100_4157_zpscqswsmcg.jpg

 photo 100_4200_zpsln8ugrbs.jpg

 photo 100_4168_zps9bga7pgz.jpg
 photo 100_4169_zpsosjdxt33.jpg
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 photo 100_4176_zpsvtifkyye.jpg
 photo 100_4177_zpsh6aejjry.jpg
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 photo 100_4192_zpst5z7as0e.jpg
 photo 100_4187_zpsnru8axmf.jpg
 photo 100_4186_zpsdefpvjb3.jpg
 photo 100_4049_zpsdulj4di9.jpg
 photo 100_4133_zpszmhpalso.jpg
 photo 100_4201_zpsyjctemx9.jpg

Hopefully at this point you can see that this low mileage,  1989 Mercedes 560 SL is in exceptional condition and ready to be enjoyed while also making a great investment! As with all of my classics it is advertised on several other websites in addition to my own. This particular car is in my showroom on consignment. I encourage serious buyers to call me at 770-359-8400 to discuss any questions you may have.  In addition to being a licensed classic car dealer I am also a transport broker and can assist in getting you great rates on enclosed transport anywhere in the country. I also welcome overseas buyers and can assist in getting this car to the port of your choice. 
 I will gladly answer any questions.  If you are a serious buyer give me a call and I would be happy to discuss with you over the phone.
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