About This Vehicle
  • Odometer:   4,450
  • Engine: 4.6 L SVT Cobra V8
  • Body Style:  Convertible
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Exterior Color: Silver
  • Interior Color:  Black
  • VIN:  1P9PA1826XB213014
Price: SOLD
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I have had the unique pleasure of owning a total of 8 Panoz Roadsters. I say unique because there were only a total of 44 Pre-AIV Roadsters built and only 176 AIV Roadsters sold to the public. Of those, I have owned 1 Pre-AIV and 7 AIV models.  Fair to say I think these cars are pretty amazing and fit right in with any of the classic and collectibles in my showroom.  This particular Silver ’99 AIV is in near flawless condition and has just under 4450 pampered miles.  1999 was the final year of production for the AIV and just 55 were produced that year with 14 of them being Silver. Each of the Panoz Roadsters I have sold have gone to individuals who are real car people who have either owned or currently own quite a few cars including muscle cars, Hot Rods, and other exotics. The first AIV I sold was a to guy in Virginia who had a garage full of cool cars including a Viper, Shelby Cobra, Prowler and more. The week after he got the AIV he sent me an email saying the PAnoz was now the family favorite. He still owns that car today! I can assure you that if you enjoy owning a unique, investment quality, performance piece of automotive history, then you need to take a serious look at this Panoz AIV!! What better time of year to enjoy this car on a drive through the mountains, along the beach, or just about anywhere with the wind in your hair and sun in your face.  I will do my best to provide enough large images, a video of the car running and an honest description to help you decide if this AIV belongs in your garage.  Keep in mind that I do have this car advertised on my website and several other sites so if you want to make sure you scoop it up before the next car guy or gal does feel free to call me to discuss how we can make that happen. Sit back and enjoy!!
I recently acquired this Silver beauty from a collector who deals primarily in Italian Sports Cars.  He had also gotten the Panoz bug years ago and this was the second one he owned.  He had planned on keeping it for years along with another one he had but was running out of space and money for his primary business so he decided to let it go for the next lucky owner to drive and enjoy.  This AIV was originally sold at the end of 1999 to some folks in Florida who kept the car until 2008 when they sold it to a couple in Georgia.  The Carfax report shows the car only had 4159 miles at that time and now, 8 years later only has a little over 4400 miles on it.  This should give you an idea of the type of care and usage the car had.  As a result the paint and body are in near flawless condition.  Of course the Carfax report shows that were never any accidents.  The only flaws I noted were a small scratch on one of the rear fenders that was touched up and a couple of unavoidable rock chips that are extremely small.  As you will see, the rear fenders are protected with a rock guard material as the open front fender design tends to kick up loose gravel. All of the chrome on the suspension looks great and the stainless bumpers look great. The styling on the body is gorgeous and looks classy from every angle with just the right amount of muscle letting others know that this baby is built to perform. I think the walk around photo tour of the body will show you what you need to know. 
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The AIV roadster is a car you should plan on driving with the top down as often as possible!!! However, if needed, there is pretty cool convertible top that gets stored in a custom bag that can be installed quite easily.  At some point the original top to this car got lost and I had Panoz, located here in Georgia, make us a brand new one.  It also has side window inserts that have never been used and to be honest these were not known to be a car you want to be driving in the rain very long as the top did not seal up perfectly and you can expect to get a little wet. But lets be realistic,  this roadster is like a Shelby Cobra and deserves to be driven on the sunny days or cool evenings topless so that you get the full experience. It does still look pretty cool with the top on so here are a few shots for you:
 photo 100_1215_zpsuhgrfeq2.jpg
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Complimenting the glistening Silver Exterior is a comfortable and simplistic black interior. The black bucket seats have a custom red and light gray stripe and looks close to brand new. Leather wrapped dash is neatly laid out and the center console has a carbon fiber insert. The Nardi D shaped steering wheel gives the driver a little more room and is race inspired. Nice sounding AM/FM/CD player neatly mounted in the dash with speakers neatly hidden below the dash.  The ’99 has a small storage compartment between the seats that was not offered on the earlier years. Ice Cold A/C that was recently serviced. All of the gauges and lights are functioning correctly and are neatly laid out. Nice set of custom Panoz floor mats finish out the interior.  Take a look inside:
 photo 100_1293_zpsaffhyw8a.jpg
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While this AIV is certainly a nice piece of eye candy, there is no doubt that this car was designed and built to perform and handle like a true high end sports car.  Climb in the cockpit, turn the key, and enjoy the ride of your life!! This particular car has really just been broken in with just under 4450 miles. Each Panoz AIV roadster has the same hand assembled Ford SVT Cobra engine and Borg Warner T-45 5-speed transmission originally introduced in the 1996 Mustang Cobra. This 305 horsepower, all aluminum, modular 4.6 L V-8 had the DOHC 32 Valve configuration. Brakes came from the Mustang Cobra as well with 13 inch vented twin piston discs up front and 10 inch vented single piston discs in the rear. All Panoz AIV Roadsters have 4 wheel independent suspension with the 8.8 Ford limited slip differential. All have the large bore aluminum chassis rails with an aluminum backbone frame and mild steel tubular subframes. The bodies were super plastic formed (SPF) aluminum with fiberglass fenders and hood scoop. Weighing in at a lightweight 2500 lbs this Panoz will get you from 0-60 in the 4 second range and do the 1/4 mile in the low 13’s all the while handling like it is on rails. Brand new front tires and the rear tires are close to new.  Here is a brief breakdown of the specs:
CONSTRUCTION:  HAND BUILT ( 350 Man hours), Aluminum Intensive Vehicle (AIV), 70% Aluminum frame, engine, gas tank, seats, radiator and wheels. 
MOTOR: 4.6 L Cobra SVT aluminum hand built DOHC 32 Valve V8
POWER:  305 hp, 300 lb/ft. torque
TRANSMISSION:  Borg Warner T45 5 speed manual
DIFFERENTIAL:  Ford 8.8″ limited slip differential, 3.27:1 final drive ratio,
STEERING:  Quick Ratio power rack and pinion
SUSPENSION: 4 Wheel independent, adjustable coil over shocks
WHEELS:  BBS RK Aluminum
TIRES:  245/40/ZR18 up front and 295/35/ZR18 in back
BRAKES:  Ford Mustang Cobra 13″ front and 10″ rear vented disc brakes
WEIGHT:  2570 lbs. 
PERFORMANCE:  0-60= 4.5 seconds, 1/4 Mile= 13.3 seconds, braking distance 60-0= 110 ft
This AIV roadster is performing beautifully with no issues. I personally drove the car about 30 miles and it drives and handles amazingly.  The great thing about this modern hot rod is that it can be serviced at any authorized Ford SVT dealership or service shop.  The trunk can hold some small overnight bags if needed and this car does come with all of the original manuals. Make sure you also listen to the deep throaty sound from the stock factory exhaust in the video that follows. 
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Hopefully you can see that this 1999 Panoz AIV is not only in near flawless condition, with extremely low mileage,  but is truly a rare and unique investment opportunity in a modern hot rod that is sure to continue to go up in value. Panoz recently unveiled their newest street car that is built to order and is well over $100k. If you are a true car guy or gal you should definitely own a Panoz at some point in your life…why wait??!!! As with all of my classics I do have this car advertised on my website and several other sites. If you want to make sure you scoop this beauty up before someone else beats you to it feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 to discuss how we can make that happen.  In addition to being a classic car dealer I am also a transport broker (www.transporttime.com) and can get you great rates on enclosed transport anywhere in the country. I also welcome overseas buyers!
I am more than happy to answer any questions a serious buyer may have. If you are a serious buyer and want to scoop this beauty up before the next car guy or gal does feel free to give me a call at 770-359-8400 to discuss how we can make that happen!
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