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2010 Dodge Challenger SRT8 – SOLD

About This Vehicle
Odometer: 2,636
Engine: V8
Body Style: Coupe
Transmission: Manual
Exterior Color: Black
Interior Color: Black
VIN: 2B3CJ7DW6AH121261
Price:      SOLD
 photo 100_3435_zps344075f6.jpg
 photo 100_3389_zpsf498e5c5.jpg
 photo 100_3385_zps47c9bd63.jpg
This 2010 SRT8 combines the bold styling of the modern day, Hemi Powered, Dodge Challlenger Muscle Machine with a jaw-dropping custom, all metal, wide body, lowered with a modern day track appeal that gives this blacked out Challenger an aggressive stance that  handles the curves heads and shoulders above a stock SRT8. 
This particular Challenger was ordered absolutely loaded with every option except a sunroof. Of course it has the 6.1 Liter SRT Hemi V8 pushing out 425 Horsepower and this one is mated to the Tremec 6-speed Manual transmission. Ordered with the Customer Preferred Package 21x and SRT Option Group II. This modern muscle, luxury machine has all the goodies inside including 13 speaker Kicker sound system with 200 watt sub woofer and 322 watt kicker amplifier,  white face instrument gauge, Navigation, heated power seats and much more.  Added performance from the Track Pak with 3:92 gears, and on and on…..this SRT8 is loaded!!!!
We recently acquired this amazing street machine from the original owner who lives just a few miles from our business.  He is a high level executive who travels internationally and has owned quite a few classic and modern super cars.  He purchased this 2010 Challenger SRT8 in October 2009 and had a vision to create a unique custom that would not only stand out visually but would also perform and sound better then most of the other SRT8 Challengers he had seen at the local shows.  About 18 months later his sexy, black beauty was complete…..mission accomplished. Of course a ton of money went into the custom metal fabrication, custom wheels, custom exhaust, etc. but his hard work allowed him to afford the modifications with an open wallet realizing he would never recoup the money spent. Any true car guy or gal who has done a custom build understands that this is not the motivation for creating the car of your dreams. He waited for those gorgeous sunny days to take his pride and joy to various cruise-ins and shows in the Atlanta area but he quickly realized that his busy schedule meant that this work of art was rarely getting driven and spent more time under the custom cover in his garage then it did on the asphalt. This is quite obvious when you see that there has been less then 2900 miles put on this car since new!!  He decided it was time to let someone else enjoy this Black Beauty…maybe you!!!?
 photo 100_3944_zps41abe994.jpg
 photo 100_3480_zps0880cd19.jpg
 photo 100_3477_zps8bc9acc3.jpg
I will do my best to provide enough large images, a video so you can hear this modern muscle machine running, and an honest description to help you decide if this 2010 Challenger SRT8 should be in your garage.  Here is a short list of the custom work that was done:
  •  Professional All Metal Wide Body Fabrication widening the rear 9 inches and the front 3 1/2 inches
  • Door handles shaved with remote door poppers
  • Lowered 3 inches in the rear and 1 1/2 inches up front with Hothckiss Lowering kit
  • Hotchkiss suspension upgrades
  • Custom MHT wheels 20×13 in rear and 20×9 up front 
  • Corsa exhaust with DMH exhaust cut outs controlled with remote or hidden switch
The body on this Challenger is near flawless. After the expensive, all metal, custom wide body fabrication was done the car was stripped of the original factory Brilliant Black Crystal Paint and a Gloss Black PPG Base/Clear Paint was professionally laid down and looks amazing. This Black does not have the blue metal flake that the original had giving it less glitter but definitely more of a stealth look.  The door handles were shaved and electronic poppers installed. Of course there is a secret switch if needed and external battery connectors were added under the rear if ever needed.  Marker lights and lenses were blacked out and windows are tinted.  The work that was done was done right and overall the body is close to perfect but to be safe lets say there might be a minor chip or flaw that I may have overlooked.The sexy, hour glass figure of this Wide Body SRT8 will certainly turn heads everywhere you go, and she will surely win trophies at the shows. But make no mistake this car was still built to be driven and enjoyed!! Here is a walk around photo tour of this baby:
 photo 100_3439_zps3204229e.jpg
 photo 100_3440_zps05ecbb40.jpg
 photo 100_3436_zps7dd26eb8.jpg
 photo 100_3433_zpsd020ce83.jpg
 photo 100_3427_zpsf9e69675.jpg
 photo 100_3426_zps7b7259b0.jpg
 photo 100_3424_zps07c152f6.jpg
 photo 100_3408_zpsd1ee160f.jpg
 photo 100_3409_zps3e866ffd.jpg
 photo 100_3410_zpsfa012f2f.jpg
 photo 100_3392_zpsd15a394f.jpg
 photo 100_3444_zps7e200c06.jpg
 photo 100_3443_zpsf6c9fb9b.jpg
 photo 100_3442_zps7e57d801.jpg
 photo 100_3396_zpsb94f4c51.jpg
 photo 100_3397_zps258dff64.jpg
 photo 100_3403_zps282c226f.jpg
 photo 100_3399_zps5e237bc5.jpg
 photo 100_3423_zps8fa9a85b.jpg
 photo 100_3422_zpsa5f45d04.jpg
 photo 100_3420_zpse7414d09.jpg
 photo 100_3421_zps81d73c21.jpg
 photo 100_3964_zps12017958.jpg
 photo 100_3968_zpsf878893b.jpg
 photo 100_3387_zps4be457dc.jpg
The interior still smells showroom fresh and looks brand new and basically flawless. The Leather and suede seats are accented with red leather stripes and show virtually no wear. The rear seat was never used and with under 2900 miles the front seats have barely been sat on. This was a non-smoking car! Of course the seats are heated and the drivers side has an 8 way power switch for the ultimate in driver comfort. Touch screen factory navigation and upgraded kicker SRT CD/DVD/MP3 stereo with added sub in the trunk. This system is amazing for music lovers. Tilt and telescopic steering wheel, steering wheel audio controls, connect phone with voice command and many more options surround you inside this luxury muscle car. Factory 6-speed shifter was upgrade with a Hurst Pistol Grip shifter for that retro look and original shifter is also included. Windows are all tinted for extra privacy and to keep the cabin cool. There is a small flaw on the tint on the lower drivers side of the windshield where a sticker was peeled off.  Basically the interior is brand new and fully loaded…have a look:
 photo 100_3459_zps778c7999.jpg
 photo 100_3460_zps8bf11644.jpg
 photo 100_3461_zpsa48bdc68.jpg
 photo 100_3462_zps3df5b5f1.jpg
 photo 100_3458_zps7130b6df.jpg
 photo 100_3455_zps53a6b061.jpg
 photo 100_3456_zpse90cbdbc.jpg
 photo 100_3457_zps22e5c760.jpg
 photo 100_3464_zps92819bea.jpg
 photo 100_3465_zps6a30d667.jpg
 photo 100_3466_zps4980d14e.jpg
 photo 100_3467_zps851c6818.jpg
 photo 100_3468_zps04777cd5.jpg
 photo 100_3470_zpsf3f30bf8.jpg
 photo 100_3471_zps7c534c10.jpg
 photo 100_3952_zps5636a2aa.jpg
One push of the On/Off Starter button on the dash unleashes the thunderous roar from the 6.1 Liter Hemi pushing out 425 Horsepower. The original owner knew he was not going to be racing this car so he thought 425 hp was enough to enjoy so the motor is completely stock. The 6-speed is definitely the way to fly and this baby will set you back in your seat just like the 440 Challenger from the 70’s did but this one adds luxury, safety and handling to the package.  This SRT8 was also ordered with the Optional Track Pak with 3:92 gears in the rear. It also has the Hill holder assist which is a pleasure when starting on a hill. A great Hurst/Billett Pistol Grip Shifter was added and controls the Tremec TR-6060 6-Speed Manual transmission. Running through the gears is crisp and you can drop this baby in to 6th gear on the highway and get an amazing 26-28mpg on the highway or run it hard stop light to stop light and have the time of your life. While there are no mods under the hood other then an added stabilizer bar, there are lots of goodies under this Challenger. The slammed stance comes thanks to a Hotchkiss lowering kit and suspension has been tightened up and upgraded with Hothckiss suspension components that were all professionally installed by the dealership at a cost of almost $4000. One of the benefits of the wide body modification is the ability to fit wider wheels and tires. The owner chose a custom made set of MHT wheels which cost close to $9000 with Nitto tires. The rears are 20 x 13 and tires are 315/35/Zr20 and fronts are 20 x 9 with 275/40/zr20 tires.  The addition of wider wheels and tires as well as the lower center of gravity offers a true rush as this SRT8 will confidently take corners like never before!!! An amazing sounding Corsa exhaust was custom fitted and to add to the fun factor and increase horsepower a bit when desired custom DMH exhaust cut outs were added behind the catalytic converters.  You can control this with a remote control or with a switch hidden inside the center console.  Make sure you listen to the video that follows to hear this baby running!!! High end custom cover is also included!
Remember this Challenger has under 2900 miles on it…so it has barely been broken in…. Check it out:
 photo 100_3504_zpsb67306db.jpg
 photo 100_3506_zps14b50abe.jpg
 photo 100_3507_zpsb4c24244.jpg
 photo 100_3508_zps68f8416d.jpg
 photo 100_3488_zps11c5f7e3.jpg
 photo 100_3430_zps38a875e5.jpg
 photo 100_3492_zps4565c383.jpg
 photo 100_3494_zps79ce9b8f.jpg
 photo 100_3495_zps5455478a.jpg
 photo 100_3496_zpsc01b5e68.jpg
 photo 100_3498_zps18148ac1.jpg
 photo 100_3437_zps3fa2ae33.jpg
 photo 100_3472_zps5b773202.jpg
 photo 100_3473_zpsddef2c00.jpg
 photo 100_3474_zps0ea6c975.jpg
 photo 100_3475_zps1026ae57.jpg
 photo 100_3511_zps8ffc3d72.jpg
 photo 100_3476_zpsab27562a.jpg

This Custom Wide Body 2010 Challenger SRT8 truly looks even more impressive in person then it does in the pictures!! It is an amazing car to drive!! Keep in mind that this is a one owner car with under 2900 miles on it. There has been over $35,000 spent on the custom modifications and goodies which means the lucky new owner is going to own this car at a fraction of the replacement cost.  He or she will also have the pleasure of owning a truly unique piece of Modern Muscle car history that is sure to be a future collectible.  You will be the envy of everyone when you pull up in this Black Beauty!!!  We are advertising this amazing car on several other sites so if you just have to have it feel free to give me a call to discuss a price that will put it on a transporter to your driveway before the next car guy or gal scoops it up.  I can be reached at 770-359-8400, 7 days a week.

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 photo 100_3413_zps988499cf.jpg
 If you have any questions feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 and I will do my best to answer them.  If you are a serious buyer lets talk on the phone and discuss it. I will be happy to negotiate a deal and so we can get this beautiful car in to your garage as soon as possible.  In addition to being a licensed Classic Car Dealer I am also a Transport Broker and will be happy to assist the buyer with a great rate on Enclosed or Open Transport anywhere in the US at the buyers expense or to any port for overseas buyers.